дэт грипс на минималках
а уж 18 минут эмбиента piano burning - самое немыслимое, что случалось в хип-хопе
гениально, блеать
REQ clipping with Christopher Fleeger - Double Live
gonna try and grab one if I can
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This is not a standard live album. All the audio was recorded during Clipping’s 2017 tour, but the microphones weren’t pointed at the band. Instead they were in toilets, taped to ceiling pipes, tied to trees, worn by roadies—hidden all over venues. The results were then synchronized and edited over more than a year. Double Live is an impossible performance heard by hundreds of disembodied ears—part live album, part tour document, part musique concrète piece. Offered in a stunning industrial picture-disc package.

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clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned (2020)

01. Intro
02. Say the Name
03. Wytchboard (Interlude)
04. '96 Neve Campbell (feat. Cam & China)
05. Something Underneath
06. Make Them Dead
07. She Bad
08. Invocation (Interlude) [with Greg Stuart]
09. Pain Everyday (feat. Michael Esposito)
10. Check the Lock
11. Looking Like Meat (feat. Ho99o9)
12. Drove (Interlude)
13. Eaten Alive (feat. Jeff Parker & Ted Byrnes)
14. Body for the Pile (feat. Sickness)
15. Enlacing
16. Secret Piece

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