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Coil - Backwards
Cold Spring release this October
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Надеюсь что всё остальное издадут в будущем году.
Coil - Backwards (2015)

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experimental, industrial

Says Danny Hyde, "This album is the essential bridge between LSD< and the later Musik To Play In The Dark series. It is an essential conduit, to understand the journey that was taken. It was to be released... it should have been released... but because of issues with grey men it wasn't. It is now, so enjoy."

1 Intro
2 Backwards
3 Amber Rain
4 Fire Of The Green Dragon
5 Be Careful What You Wish For
6 Nature Is A Language
7 Heaven's Blade
8 CopaCaballa
9 Paint Me As A Dead Soul
10 AYOR (It's In My Blood)
11 A Cold Cell
12 Fire Of The Mind


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До октября далеко, но появился из ниоткуда, источник не пишут
спектры вроде 320, но какие то 320 особенные
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Автор: Кинан Дэвид
Название: Эзотерическое подполье Британии
Жанр: Биография, мемуары
История групп Coil, Current 93 и Nurse With Wound, а также рассказ о культурной атмосфере андеграундной Британии 1970-2000-х. ГГ — музыканты, художники, писатели, оккультисты, кинорежиссеры и кошки.

Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
Цитата: (egoretop)

всё, понеслась, готовьте бабос, коллекционеры....
Coil - 2015.Backwards (FLAC)

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01. Intro (00:52)
02. Backwards (06:48)
03. Amber Rain (05:45)
04. Fire Of The Green Dragon (04:43)
05. Be Careful What You Wish For (03:49)
06. Nature Is A Language (05:39)
07. Heaven's Blade (08:20)
08. CopaCaballa (05:41)
09. Paint Me As A Dead Soul (06:49)
10. AYOR (It's In My Blood) (03:10)
11. A Cold Cell (06:22)
12. Fire Of The Mind (07:07)

417.16 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
The moment we've all been waiting for... Coil's Backwards project finally issued on double vinyl via Cold Spring –
Over twenty years since its initial creation the near mythical album Backwards finally sees the dark of night with a stunning double vinyl issue from Cold Spring. Following on from the considered classic Loves Secret Domain the duo of John Balance and Sleazy started work on Backwards in 92 and continued to work on it until 96 where it was completed in the studio of Trent Reznor but laying adamant and criminally unavailable of vinyl until now thanks to Danny Hyde. Different vastly from the remixed incarnation 'The New Backwards' from 2008, this edition features the original versions of haunting much adored Coil tracks including A Cold Cell with its tales of life in a prison cell of shaved headed inmates drinking dirty water and wishing to be saved from the death penalty to Fire Of The Mind which is presented here as originally intended by the group. According to Hyde Backwards is the bridge between LSD and the Musick To Play In The Dark series and as a whole stands up as a incredibly intricate labyrinth of electronics, found sounds and more classical structures to create something that sounds like not much else before. For anyone with even a passing interest in the group will be aware, any Coil related vinyl editions change hands for ridiculous money on the second hand market so now's your chance to own a piece of UK industrial history and for anyone unaware of the dark and frightening world of Coil this is the perfect entrance into something that will stay with you for years to come.
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Coil - 2015.Live In Moscow (15.09.2001)

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01. Something / Higher Beings Command (08:45)
02. Amethyst Deceivers (06:32)
03. What Kind Of Animal Are You? (08:53)
04. Blood From The Air (05:25)
05. The Green Child (07:56)
06. Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil (17:11)
07. (Untitled) (09:00)

320 144.07 Мб
FLAC 352.38 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Цитата: (slowkiss)
Coil - 2015.Live In Moscow (15.09.2001)

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Простите, первая реакция просто.
Coil - 2015 Reissues Threshold Archives 1,11 GB
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