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Crooked I originally got his start appearing on compilations released by Big C-Style's record label, 19th Street Records, such as 19th Street LBC Compilation and Straight Outta Cali .He also appeared on the soundtracks to movies such as Ride and Caught Up, where he collaborated with Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz, and The Luniz . At the time, Crooked I was signed under Virgin Records, who handled distribution for 19th Street Records. It's not completely known why Crooked I didn't stay on Virgin Records; some say it had to do with Noo Trybe - their "urban" division - folding, and Crooked's even said it had to do with one of their top employees committing bad business practices behind the scenes. Either way, Crooked I and Virgin Records no longer did business together as of 1999, and he was once again looking for a new record deal.Djays And Mcees Did You Eva 1998

While on Death Row , Crooked I appeared on a number of compilations, such as Too Gangsta For Radio and Dysfunktional Family , and appeared on various releases, such as Tha Dogg Pound's 2002 , Ja Rule's The Last Temptation , and 2Pac's Nu-Mixx Klazzics . He also recorded two albums, Untouchable and Say Hi To The Bad Guy, both of which were unreleased due to various label issues and industry politics. He did manage to release a mixtape along with Death Row's then in-house producer, Darren Vegas, called Westcoastanostra Vol. 1 in the Summer of 2003.
By 2004, Crooked I's album had not been released, Suge Knight was constantly in and out of jail, and Crooked I's contract had expired by late 2003. He left Death Row in early 2004 to start his own label, Dynasty Entertainment. It wasn't long after that when Crooked I signed a distribution deal with Treacherous Records/Universal, but more legal trouble from Death Row surfaced, and Crooked I had to stop production for his then titled album, Mama's Boy, which was actually going to be the name of Crooked's second release under Death Row Records. Later on the title of the album changed to Mama's Boy Got a Loaded Gun. In the meantime, Crooked I released the online mixtape, Young Boss Vol. 1 through his official website. The mixtape received critical acclaim throughout the underground Hip-Hop circuit, garnering an impressive "XL" rating by the Hip-Hop publication, XXL Magazine . The Boss Is Back 2005

At the start of 2006, Crooked I changed the title of his debut album from Boss Music to B.O.S.S. (Beginning Of Something Serious). He also started his own successful weekly freestyle series in April of 2007 titled Hip-Hop Weekly, where he raps over popular beats, and releases them on the internet every Wednesday. Life After Death Row was re-released in the Spring of 2007 in a new jewel case with working bonus features, since they didn't work properly on the original release.Young Boss Vol. 3 was finished as of January 2007, but due to legal issues, Crooked I and DJ Warrior of the Cali Untouchables are unable to release it. Their intention was to release it in stores with nationwide distribution and they signed a contract for this. They're currently in litigation with this company to release the mixtape.
Crooked I, along with DJ Felli Fel and DJ Nik Bean, released St. Valentine's Day Bossacre on February 14th, 2008. Although it's called a mixtape, it consists of all new tracks by Crooked I, much like Young Boss Vol. 2, and boasts guest appearances by Royce Da 5'9 Eastwood, and Roscoe Umali, with production from DJ Felli Fel, Rick Rock, Komplex, and MG [B]Evolution Of A Boss (2CD) http://rapidshare.com/files/50812353/Crook...6-ERB.part1.rar

Hip-Hop Weekly
While fans patiently await the release of B.O.S.S. (Beginning Of Something Serious), Crooked I has started the Hip-Hop Weekly series via the internet. Every seven days he releases a new freestyle over a recycled mainstream beat. His ability to personally connect with online hip hop fans through his Hip-Hop Weekly series is evident since he has been known to fulfill beat selection requests as well as give shout-outs over any given track to fans who requested it via his myspace page. The Hip-Hop Weekly series began in April of 2007, and will continue to April of 2008.
All freestyles can be download here
Hip Hop Weekly - 2007

St. Valentine's Day Bossacre
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01. St. Valentine's Day Bossacre Intro
02. The Boss
03. Dj Nik Bean & Dj Felli Fel Speak
04. Finer Things (Prod. by Felli Fel)
05. Freedom ft. Fred Knuxx (Prod. by X-plosive)
06. Crooked Don't Dance (Prod. by MG)
07. What that Mean (Prod. by Rick Rock)
08. Bossacre Skit #1
09. Boss Biter
10. Real Boss Life
11. Valentine's Day Delivery
12. My Life 2.0 (Prod. by Komplex)
13. The Music Industry (Remix) Ft. Termanology, Royce Da 5'9, Akrobatik & Consequence
14. Wake They Game Up ft. Yukmouth
15. Cal-if-or-ni-a ft. Mr. Silky Slim, Roscoe Umali, & Mash (Prod. by BH)
16. Bossacre Skit #2
17. Act Like You Know ft. Mic Moses (Prod. by Meech Wells & Tha Pusher)
18. St. Valentine's Day Bossacre Outro

The rest of information...

PS: В декабрьском номере XXl Mag, Crooked I был включён в число 10 MC's по мнению редакции являющихся
Leaders of the New School
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It's sound crazy...does anybody know Crooked I?
The Shit ! thumb.gif
Человеки дешевле и надёжней роботов. Не нужно тратиться на покупку, ремонт и техобслуживание. Если плохо работает, то просто выбрасывается. К тому же человекам не требуется энергия или топливо - сами как-нибудь чем-нибудь заправятся. Их везде полно и не жалко, почти безобидны и абсолютно беззащитны.
кто нить знает трэк лист к этому альбому "B.O.S.S Music" ?? насколько мне известно он 2005г. но на 100% не уверен, т.к. ниче толком по этому альбому найти не могу.
может кто в курсе ?
Я чувствую тхнину .. Копайте здесь!!
кто нить знает трэк лист к этому альбому "B.O.S.S Music"

Crooked I - Boss Music
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1. Boom Boom Clap
2. My Life
3. Watch What You Do
4. I've Suffered Enough
5. Nobody Understands Me
6. I Love The Ghetto (w/ Tracy Lane)
7. Gotta Get That Money
8. Gun Down (w/ The Game & Jim Jones)
9. Gangsta Rap (w/ Scarface)
10. Crook In Me
11. I'm The Muthafuckin W (w/ One-2)
12. Drunk Driving In My Glass House (w/ Swoop & Tha Realest)
13. Niggaz Got Game
14. DJ's And MC's
15. Get Off The Block (w/ Phobia)
16. You Ain't The Homie (w/ Tha Dogg Pound)
Yeah that shit on fire thumb.gif
so you already know you're getting the latest "Hip-Hop Weekly" freestyle, number 47 to be exact. 5 Hip-Hop Weekly's left ya'll, enjoy it while it's here! This week Crooked raps over Jim Jones' latest single "Love Me No More"

With the end in sight for Crooked I's acclaimed "Hip-Hop Weekly" series, the Long Beach microphone terror is undoubtedly looking to go out with a bang. This week, he rips Scarface's classic "Mary Jane" instrumental, and the results are ridiculous. Check it out below.

а можно перезалить его альбомы на другие фаилообменники???
Crooked I is a few days late this week for his "Hip-Hop Weekly", due to a trip to New York from which he just came back. Better late than never though, Week 49 was definitely worth the wait as it finds Crooked jumped on another DJ Premier beat!

Crooked I is back with the second to last Hip-Hop Weekly freestyle, the 51st to be exact. He jumps on The Game's new single Big Dreams"  on this one, which is produced by Cool & Dre.


PS: Я думаю сравнение не в пользу The Game wink.gif
It's truly incredible that 52 weeks have passed since Crooked I brought us his first "Hip-Hop Weekly" Freestyle over 50 Cent's "Straight To The Bank" beat. One year and over 50 freestyles later, it's time for the last "Hip-Hop Weekly", number 52, for which Crooked I teamed up with DJ Skee and put together something special for the fans.

The track was premiered on Power 106 last night, and Crooked flows over "Real Muthafuckin' G'z", "Down Down Down", "Who Shot Ya", "Picture Me Rolling" amongst others, and even jumps on Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!
Все фристайлы которые Crooked выдавал каждую неделю в течении года здесь
Hip Hop Weekly (1-52)
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Watch how it was...

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