Crooked I / KXNG Crooked

G-Funk / Rap / West Coast Hip-Hop / USA / Legendary Westcoast MC Crooked Intriago
Crooked I - Say Hi to the Bad Guy

01. Hood Star (feat. Tamara Savage)
02. I'm So Crooked
03. Boss Me Up (feat. Kurupt, Roscoe & Eastwood)
04. La La (feat. Eastwood)
05. So Damn Hood (Hutch Version) (feat. Sisqo)
06. Take The Title (feat. Eastwood & Gangxsta Ridd of Boo Yaa Tribe)
07. Suge's West Coast (feat. Kurupt, Eastwood & Ray J)
08. Lil Youngstaz (feat. Eastwood, Ray-J, Michel'le & Spider Loc)
09. Bitch (feat. Too Short, Ray-J, Eastwood & Virginya Slimm)
10. So Damn Hood
11. House Party (feat. Eastwood & Ray-J)
12. Dollas In My Hand (Keep It Gangsta)
13. Frontline (feat. Eastwood, Kurupt, Roscoe & Virgina Slimm)
14. Me and My Dog (feat. Ray-J, Eastwood & Ganxsta Ridd of Boo Yaa Tribe)
"That's some done deal shit, some Death Row shit, on Tha Row - you never know on some Suge Knight shit." Eastwood

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Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap (DVDRip)

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"All over the world,wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake “publicopinion” for the benefit of the bourgeoisie"
Pass: ThugLife
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01. Sound Off (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 5:51
02. Lyrical Murderers Ft. Kay Young (Produced By TheRealFocus) 4:04
03. Microphone (Produced By The Alchemist) 4:42
04. Not Tonight (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 3:39
05. The One Ft. The New Royales (Produced By DJ Khalil) 3:37
06. In The Mind Of Madness (Skit) 1:23
07. Cuckoo (Produced By DJ Khalil) 4:30
08. The Phone Call (Skit) 0:58
09. Onslaught 2 Ft. Fatman Scoop (Produced By Emile) 4:27
10. The Phone Call 2 (Skit) 0:56
11. Salute Ft. Pharoahe Monch (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 4:31
12. Pray (It’s A Shame) (Produced By RealSon) 3:53
13. Cut You Loose (Produced By Mr. Porter) 4:43
14. Rain Drops Ft. Novel (Produced By Filthy Rockwell) 5:00
15. Killaz Ft. Melanie Rutherford (Produced By Emile) 4:09

Crooked I
WestCoasaNostra (2003)

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    1) Intro
    2) Hood Near You
    3) Ya Really Don't
    4) Deathrow's Back
    5) Ya Know Whatz Up
    6) Quit Snitchin'
    7) Fucwidus


Young Boss Vol. 1 (2004)

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    1) Real Talk Intro
    2) ~censored~ ~censored~ 04
    3) It's More Than Music
    4) Dynasty 4 Life
    5) Zee & Me feat. Young Zee
    6) Boss ~censored~ Now
    7) Horse Shoes Go feat. Horse Shoe Gang
    8) 40 Barz
    9) Gunz R Us
    10) Renegade 04
    11) Price On Ya Head feat. Yac Da Xo
    12) Spit Fest feat. Horse Shoe Gang
    13) Run
    14) Phony feat. One-2
    15) Man Up
    16) Welcome To The LBC feat. The Dynamic
    17) Gangsta Phone Call (Interlude)
    18) Need It In My Life 04
    19) Long Beach To Brooklyn "feat." Jay-Z


Young Boss Vol. 2 (2006)

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    1) Intro
    2) Creased Khaki Flow
    3) Boom Boom Clap
    4) This Is How We Do This
    5) Low Profiles
    6) All I Ever Wanted
    7) Cali Boyz
    8) Suck A D Or Die Tryin' (Skit)
    9) Crazy Hoe
    10) The Kite
    11) Auphelia Payne feat. Sheena
    12) On One feat. Sauce The Boss
    13) Back To The LBC feat. K-Young
    14) 745 feat. Horse Shoe Gang
    15) ~censored~ You List (Skit)
    16) You Need A Blssin' feat. Jim Gittum
    17) Rebel Radio
    18) Rap 101
    19) The Biz feat. The Horse Shoe Gang
    20) Serious Biz feat. The Horse Shoe Gang
    21) Home
    22) Black Superman (Bonus Freestyle)
    23) My Lowrider feat. The Game, Techneic, E-40, Chingy, Lil Rob, Paull Wall, WC & Ice Cube (Bonus)


Evolution Of A Boss (2006)
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    1) Intro
    2) G'z Come Out At Night feat. Sho Shot, Diceman, Legacy & Lil C-Style
    3) Rap Killers feat. Tray Dee & Techniec
    4) Uh Oh feat. Silva Satin
    5) Did You Eva Think feat. R Kelly
    6) Still Tha Row (Original Mix)
    7) Me Against The World feat. 2 Pac & Young Red
    8) Leave Us Alone
    9) Dynasty 4 Life
    10) My Life
    11) Watch What You Do
    12) Mill Out The Deal
    13) The Kite
    14) Low Profiles
    15) Gangstas Holiday
    16) Respect Your OG's
    17) Str8 Bosses
    18) LA City Style
    19) Everyday (Remix)
    20) We Pop feat. RZA, E-40, Jayo Felony, WC, Method Man, Freemurda & ShaCronz
    21) Ridin' Dirty (Kao FULL Remix) feat. Chamillionare, The Game & DJ Quik
    22) Boom Boom Clap (Remix) feat. Horse Shoe Gang, Mykestro & Coniyac
    23) One Blood (Remix) feat. The Game, Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, WC & G Malone
    24) The Cypher feat. Horse Shoe Gang
    25) Who Dem Boyz feat. NameBrand
    26) Tap Dancin' feat. Chino XL
    27) Bucktown
    28) Collateral Damage feat. Pathom, Chino XL & Canibus
    29) The Truth
    30) Same Gang feat. Bishop Lamont, Spit Fiya, Spider Loc, Guerilla Black, G Malone, Young Hoggs, Big Wy, & Six Million
    31) G Music feat. Lil Bam & Jerzy J


Hip-Hop Weekly (2007-2008)

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    -WK 1: Straight To The Bank
    -WK 2: I'm Throwed
    -WK 3 - 1: Vibe Wit A B.O.S.S.
    -WK 3 - 2: Take You There
    -WK 4 - 1: 2nd Coming
    -WK 4 - 2: Tuck Ya Ice
    -WK 5 - 1: Umbrella
    -WK 5 - 2: We Taking Over
    -WK 6 - 1: Get It Shawty
    -WK 6 - 2: Amusement Park
    -WK 7 - 1: Cruisin
    -WK 7 - 2: Just The King
    -WK 8: Make Me Better
    -WK 9: Deep Cover
    -WK 10: You Know My Steez
    -WK 11 - 1: Boy Looka Here
    -WK 11 - 2: Go Getta (Remix)
    -WK 12: Big Sh*t Poppin'
    -WK 13: International Player's Anthem
    -WK 14: Pop Lock & Drop It
    -WK 15: Can't Tell Me Nothing
    -WK 16: My B*tch
    -WK 17: Oh My God
    -WK 18: Uh Oh
    -WK 18.5: Died In Your Arms
    -WK 19: Real Mutha Fu**in G's
    -WK 20: Big Spender
    -WK 21: Blueprint 2
    -WK 22: Doin' Dat
    -WK 23: C'mon Baby
    -WK 24 - 1: I'll Still Kill
    -WK 24 - 2: Big Brother
    -WK 25: Imagine
    -WK 26: One Mic
    -WK 27: Kill Us All
    -WK 28: No Stoppin' COB
    -WK 29: Certified (Quit Snitchin')
    -WK 30: Xxplosive
    -WK 31: COB 4 Life
    -WK 32: Leather So Soft
    -WK 33: Get Away
    -WK 34: I'm A G
    -WK 35: Dynasty
    -WK 36: Ten Rap Commandments
    -WK 37: Boyz N Da Hood
    -WK 38: Forgive Me
    -WK 39: All Eyez On Me
    -WK 40: Dey Know
    -WK 41: Best Rapper Alive
    -WK 42: Put You On The Game
    -WK 43: The Takeover
    -WK 44: Till I Collapse
    -WK 45: Ether
    -WK 46: Hit Em Up
    -WK 47: Love Me No More
    -WK 48: Mary Jane
    -WK 49: That White
    -WK 50: Back Down
    -WK 51: Big Dreams
    -WK 51.5: Lollipop
    -WK 52: The Finale


Boss Blends Volume 1 (2008)

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    1) Straight To The Bank feat. 50 Cent
    2) I'm Throwed feat. Jermaine Dupri & Paul Wall
    3) Vibe feat. Kurupt & Daz Dillinger
    4) Take You There feat. Lil Flip & Nate Dogg
    5) The Second Coming feat. Juelz Santana
    6) Tuck Ya Ice feat. Trick Daddy & Baby
    7) Umbrella feat. Rihanna
    8) We Takin' Over feat. Akon
    9) Get It Shawty feat. Lloyd
    10) Amusement Park feat. 50 Cent
    11) Cruisin feat. 8 Ball, MJG & 112
    12) Bob Marley (Skit)
    13) Just The King (Freestyle)
    14) We Fly High (Bonus)
    15) New York/California (Bonus)
    16) Only U/Gotta Get That Paper (Bonus)
    17) Get Dollaz/Leave Us Alone (Bonus)


Boss Blends Volume 2 (2008)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
    1) Make Me Better feat. Fabolous & Ne-Yo
    2) Deep Cover feat. Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg
    3) You Know My Steez feat. Gangstarr
    4) Boy Looka Here feat. Rich Boy
    5) Go Getta (Remix) feat. Young Jeezy & R Kelly
    6) Big ~love~ Poppin' feat. T.I.
    7) International Player's Anthem feat. Outkast & UGK
    8) Pop, Lock & Drop It feat. Huey, Bow Wow & T.I.
    9) Can't Tell Me Nothing feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy
    10) My ~censored~ feat. The Game
    11) Oh My God feat. Jay-Z
    12) Uh Oh feat. Ja Rule & Lil Wayne
    13) Died In Your Arms feat. Smitty & T-Pain
    14) Real Mutha ~censored~' G'z feat. Eazy E
    15) Summer Wit Miami (Bonus) feat. Jim Jones
    16) We Belong Together (Bonus) feat. Mariah Carey


Boss Blends Volume 3 (2008)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
    1) Big Spender feat. Freeway & Jay-Z
    2) Blueprint 2 feat. Jay-Z
    3) Doin' Dat feat. Clyde Carson & Sean Kingston
    4) Come On Baby feat. Saigon & Swizz Beatz
    5) I'll Still Kill feat. Bishop Lamont
    6) Big Brother feat. Kanye West
    7) Imagine feat. Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre & D'Angelo
    8) One Mic feat. Nas
    9) Kill Us All feat. Twisa
    10) No Stoppin' Carson feat. Bishop Lamont
    11) Certified feat. G Malone & Akon
    12) Xxplosive feat. Kurupt, Nate Dogg & Six-Two
    13) DPG 4 Life feat. Tha Dogg Pound
    14) Leather So Soft feat. Lil Wayne & Baby
    15) Black Superman (Bonus) feat. Jim Jones & ATL


Boss Blends Volume 4 (2008)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
    1) Get Away feat. Mobb Deep
    2) I'm A G feat. Lil Keke & Baby
    3) The Dynasty feat. Jay Z
    4) 10 Crack Commandments feat. Notorious BIG
    5) Boyz N The Hood (Remix) feat. Eazy E
    6) Forgive Me feat. Proof & 50 Cent
    7) All Eyez On Me feat. 2 Pac
    8) Dey Know (Remix) feat. Shawty Lo & Young Jeezy
    9) Best Rapper Alive feat. Lil Wayne
    10) Put You On The Game feat. The Game
    11) Candy feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc & Tha Dogg Pound
    12) Grindin' feat. Clipse & Pharrell
    13) On Fire feat. Lloyd Banks


Boss Blends Volume 5 (2009)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
    1) Takeover feat. Jay-Z
    2) Till I Collapse feat. Eminem & Nate Dogg
    3) Ether feat. Nas
    4) Hit Em Up feat. Eminem & D-12
    5) Love Me No More (Remix) feat. Jim Jones & The Game
    6) Mary Jane feat. Scarface
    7) That White feat. Fat Joe
    8) Back Down feat. 50 Cent
    9) Big Dreams feat. The Game & Horse Shoe Gang
    10) Lollipop feat. Lil Wayne & Static Major
    11) The Finale feat. DJ Skee
    12) Boss's Life feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon
    13) Westside Story feat. The Game & 50 Cent
    14) Stronger feat. Kanye West


St. Valentine's Day Bossacre (2008)

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    1) St. Valentine's Day Bossacre Intro
    2) The Boss
    3) DJ Nik Bean & DJ Felli Fel Speak
    4) Finer Things
    5) Freedom feat. Fred Knuxx
    6) Crooked Don't Dance
    7) What That Mean
    8) Bossacre (Skit) 9) Boss Biter
    10) Real Boss Life
    11) Valentine's Day Delivery
    12) My Life 2.0
    13) The Music Industry (Remix) feat. Termonology, Royce Da 5'9, Akrobatik & Consequence
    14) Wake They Game Up feat. Yukmouth
    15) Cal-if-or-ni-a feat. Silky Slim, Roscoe Umali & Mash
    16) Bossacre (Skit 2)
    17) Act Like You Know feat. Mic Moses
    18) St. Valentine's Day Bossacre Outro


The Block Obama (2008)

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    1) Intro
    2) Rapper's Ain't ~love~
    3) A Millie (Remix)
    4) Trafficin' Green
    5) I'm Cold feat. G Malone & Hard Head
    6) Hood Politics
    7) Straighten It Out feat. Sauce The Boss
    8) Hard On Da Blvd
    9) Stronger (Freestyle)
    10) Circle Gang feat. Horse Shoe Gang
    11) Freak (NC-17)
    12) W's Down
    13) New West Baby feat. Coniyac
    14) The Signs feat. One-2
    15) Lift Em Up feat. Nino Bless
    16) Feel On It (Freestyle)
    17) Swagga Like Crook
    18) What's Hip Hop
    19) Fast Money feat. Squala Orphan & Rsonist
    20) Welcome To My City
    21) I'm A Problem feat. S.C. (Bonus)


The Death Row Collection (2009)

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    01. Intro [Guess Who's Back]
    02. Livin' 'N Tha Hood
    03. I Love The Ghetto To Death
    04. Bang On 'Em (feat. Daz Dillinger & Lil' C-Style)
    05. Crook 'N Me (feat. Nate Dogg)
    06. Dollars In My Hand
    07. G'd Up & Banged Out
    08. Crookz 'N Doggz (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Tech N9ne)
    09. Did U Ever Think (feat. R. Kelly)
    10. Uh Oh
    11. They Fuc-Wid-Us
    12. Gangstalogy
    13. Welcome 2 Tha Row [Interlude]
    14. So Damn Hood (feat. Sisqo)
    15. Still Tha Row OG (feat. Virginya Slim)
    16. ~censored~ Got Game
    17. Death Rizzo [Remix]
    18. Nobody Understands Me (feat. Erykah Badu)
    19. Outro [Death Row's Back]


The D.O.C. Presents: Crooked I - The Inauguration (2009)

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    1) Seven Habits (Wake Up Show Freestyle)
    2) Rap Or Die (100K Battle Submission)
    3) Third Degree
    4) Elevate
    5) Crooked Don't Dance (Untagged)
    6) New West
    7) Not What You Think
    8) Onslaught
    9) Sounds Like Money
    10) What That Mean
    11) Take A Chance
    12) Checkin' U
    13) Voice Mail (Skit)
    14) All You Haterz
    15) I Remember (CDQ)
    16) Life As A Shorty (My Life 2.0 Untagged)
    17) From Now Till Then (Remix)
    18) Clik Clik
    19) Banger On My Lap
    20) Sunshine


The B.O.S.S. Board Presents: Crooked I - After Inauguration (2009)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
    1) Obama Intro
    2) I'm Still A MC
    3) Dream Big (Alternate Remix) feat. Akon
    4) Wack MCs feat. Slaughterhouse
    5) Sickology 101 feat. Tech N9ne & Chino XL
    6) Yes Sir feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
    7) 2 Of The Best feat. One 2
    8) I'm A Gangster feat. Yukmouth & Ray J
    9) Prove Them Wrong feat. Trey C
    10) Holding My Chain feat. Jay P
    11) Move On (Remix) feat. Slaughterhouse
    12) If You Ever Hear Me
    13) Everything feat. Chamillionaire
    14) Dear Tupac
    15) U Don't Want It feat. Lameez & Zo
    16) From The Blood Pumper feat. Tank & Kalibur
    17) Fight Club feat. Slaughterhouse
    18) Hero
    19) Swagga Like Us (EFX Mix)
    20) Crooked Go Hard
    21) Jackin' For Beats 2009 feat. DJ Wicked
    22) After Inauguration feat. Eastwood & Young Noble


Westside Slaughterhouse (2009)

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    1) Cali Untouchables Intro
    2) 3 Emcees feat. One-2 & Mykestro
    3) Onslaught 2 feat. Fatman Scoop
    4) Crazy ~censored~ feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.
    5) I'm Still A MC
    6) Microphone
    7) If You Ever Hear Me
    8) Funky Piano feat. DJ Revolution, Bishop Lamont & Stylistic Jones
    9) Slaughterhouse Is A Big Deal
    10) The One
    11) Run This Town feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.
    12) Third Degree feat. Scram Jones, Saigon & Nino Bless
    13) Warriors
    14) Rap Or Die
    15) 8/11 Part 2
    16) 8/11 Part 3
    17) Can't Tell Me Nothing (Jim Gittum Remix)
    18) My Last feat. K-Young, Kobe & Cashis
    19) We Outta Here
    20) 8/11 Part 1
    21) Solo (Remix) feat. Chamillionaire
    22) Sunshine


The Block Obama II (2008)

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    1) Circle Gang Anthem feat. Kobe
    2) On My Mama I'm A Boss
    3) American Me
    4) 3 ~censored~ feat. Knoc-turn'al
    5) Do It Like Me feat. Das
    6) Can I Talk To You?!
    7) You Should Be From COB feat. G.L. Smooth
    8) Dream Big feat. Akon*
    9) Dream Big (Remix) feat. Akon

This is his first commercial Release, so please buy it from iTunes or Amazon


One of his best songs, IMO:
Crooked I - If You Ever Hear Me (Prod. By King Tech)

First single of his first album, Beginning Of Something Serious(B.O.S.S.):
Crooked I - Dream Big (Ft. Akon)
Please buy this off iTunes/ Amazon

A Song, leaked by Crooked I, from B.O.S.S.:
Crooked I - I'm Still a MC (Prod. By Komplex)

Another song proposed to be on B.O.S.S:
Crooked I - N.W.A (New West Alliance)

A Letter to 2Pac, released on his birthday, remixed by Komplex. This is honestly one of the best tributes to 2pac, and should be part of any Crooked I, 2Pac, or hiphop collection:
Crooked I - Dear Tupac (Remix Prod. By Komplex)

From the up and coming Boss Boards 5
Crooked I - Till I Collapse (Remix Ft Eminem & Nate Dogg)

A Brilliant concept to this song, where P.W.T is a black man, bought up in the hood, and crooked I is a white man, bought up in a racist family. a very real and touching song with a brilliant structure, not to be misssed!
P.W.T - Displacement (Ft. Crooked I) (Prod. By Graysoundz)

Crooked I rips this Alchemist track very nicely, fresh off the Alchemist's new album, Chemical Warfare. Remember to cop it when it hits!
Alchemist - Acts Of Violence (Ft. Gangrene, Roc C & Crooked I)

A Song rumoured from Detox, where Crooked I has stated for fact, he will be ghost writing for:
Crooked I - Say Dre

Crooked I fans rejoice, we are back with yet another musical update to share. In this latest update we present a new song from Brooklyn's Ill Bill called "Die Hard" which features Crooked I and is produced by Statik Selektah. As expected, the song provides hard hitting rhymes that are sure to knock listeners unconscious. The song is from La Coka Nostra's latest mixtape titled "The Audacity of Coke" which is mixed by Statik Selektah and DJ Eclipse. The mixtape is a prelude to their upcoming project called "A Brand You Can Trust" which is expected to be released on July 14th. Several months ago, readers may remember hearing that Crooked I was recording a collaborative project with Ill Bill. It is unclear whether or not the project is still underway, but this song is clearly a preview of what would be possible from the two emcees. If you would like to obtain further information regarding Ill Bill's music please visit his official MySpace page. In the meantime check out the new song using the link provided below and keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.
Ill Bill - Die Hard (Ft. Crooked I)

Today we are very proud to announce the release of a new track from The "Treacherous Three" and Cookin' Soul. The new release by Crooked I is titled "Money Talks" and features One-2 and K-Young with production from Valencia's Cookin' Soul. There is little that can be said about this West Coast banger other than the fact that it's incredible. Crooked I and One-2 lace the smooth beat with cutting edge rhymes as K-Young pulls it all together with a radio friendly hook. Readers may remember us announcing this song several days ago as part of Cookin' Soul's upcoming project titled "1:00AM And Rising" which drops tomorrow as a free download. The project also features apperances from artists such as Joell Ortiz, Mickey Factz, 40 Cal, Grafh and many more talented names. Make certain that you check out Nah Right for the project's full release as it promises to be insane. If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding Cookin' Soul, please visit their official MySpace page. In the mean time, download "Money Talks" using the link provided below and keep it locked for additional music releases from The B.O.S.S. Board.
Crooked I - Money Talks (Ft. One-2 & K-Young)

Fresh out the studio, we are back with yet another heater from "The King of LA" to help promote the upcoming release from the Slaughterhouse machine. The new track is titled 8-11 and in the tradition of Hip Hop Weekly, Crooked I dismantles 50 Cent's latest single Ok, Your Right. Crooked covers every topic from corrupt politicians, police injustice and Slaughterhouse's conquest of Hip Hop. There is no doubt that listeners will be completely blown away by Crooked's witty punch lines and destructive charisma. Interestingly enough, Crooked opens the track by alluding to his interest in rebooting the legendary Hip Hop Weekly series. Although this point has not been officially confirmed, we are keeping our fingers crossed. In other news, fans can look forward to the official track listing and cover art to Crooked I's upcoming E.P. titled Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist dropping in the near future. Make certain to support that project when it drops on August 18th. In the mean time, check out the new song using the link included below and keep it locked for further updates regarding The Boss.
Crooked I - 8-11

That's right everyone, Crooked I is back with brand new music two days in a row. This afternoon Crooked I blesses fans with the follow up to yesterday's exclusive titled 8-11, a reference to Slaughterhouse's album release date. The second installment of the Slaughterhouse promotional campaign is presented to fans over an original track produced by Qwest. While this edition is more laid back than the original release, there is no doubt that fans will be satisfied by the track's content. With an effortless flow, Crooked I describes his rise to the top and conquest of the Hip Hop game. Additionally, Crooked I urges fans to pick up several copies of the upcoming release from Slaughterhouse to help support real Hip Hop music. Originally fans pondered whether or not the first 8-11 was the rebirth of Hip Hop Weekly. While that point is not officially confirmed by Crooked I, we'd like to make it clear that he is certainly interested in rebooting the series. Fortunately, there will be more than enough music to keep Crooked I fans satisfied this summer as he gears up for the release of Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist on August 18th. In the mean time, make certain to check out Crooked I's latest classic using the link included below. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board as we will deliver further updates regarding Crooked I and the Slaughterhouse movement.
Crooekd I - 8-11 Part 2

As Crooked I continues his mission to push #Slaughterhouse as a trending topic on Twitter, he has released a brand new gem to help support the movement. In the latest installment of the 8-11 series, Crooked I surprisingly delivers rhymes over Drake's smash hit Best I Ever Had. As requested by fans, Crooked I addresses the highly publicized controversy behind his recent Slaughterhouse tattoo. While kicking a smooth flow, Crooked I explains how he likes his "H's On The Side" using an entertaining and clever metaphor. It's great to see Crooked I flip a negative into a positive and fully embrace the hatred from opposers. We are hoping that this is not the last installment of the 8-11 movement as Crooked I has brought back memories of the legendary Hip Hop Weekly series. This already classic series of tracks has certainly helped push Slaughterhouse awareness to new heights. Do not forget to support real Hip Hop on August 11th, by picking up two copies of the highly anticipated Slaughterhouse album. In the mean time, make certain to download this track using the link included below and stay tuned for additional updates regarding Crooked I and Slaughterhouse.
Crooked I - 8-11 Part 3 (H's On The Side)

Это сообщение отредактировал adioz_mf
Человеки дешевле и надёжней роботов. Не нужно тратиться на покупку, ремонт и техобслуживание. Если плохо работает, то просто выбрасывается. К тому же человекам не требуется энергия или топливо - сами как-нибудь чем-нибудь заправятся. Их везде полно и не жалко, почти безобидны и абсолютно беззащитны.
Crooked I - Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist: The EP (2009)

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Качество: VBR / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Размер: 45,4 Mb


1. Intro (produced by Cosmos)
2. Mr. Pigface (produced by 21)
3. Shoulda Made a Phone Call Feat. K-Young (produced by Frequecy)
4. One More Time (produced by P.Silva)
5. Guess Who’s Back Feat. Snoop Dogg (produced by Scram Jones)
6. Cypher Feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G & Royce Da 5′9″ (produced by Komplex)
7. Woodstock Feat. Slaughterhouse & M.O.P (produced by Nottz)

Скачать | Download
Скачать | Download
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Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G.-Gangsta M.C(2009)

1. (00:01:55) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Intro [Explicit]
2. (00:04:07) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Boyz On Tha Block (feat. Kobe) [Explicit]
3. (00:03:50) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Here We Go [Explicit]
4. (00:04:42) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Pimp Shit [Explicit]

5. (00:04:26) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Circle Gang Anthem Pt. 2 (feat. Crooked I & Kobe) [Explicit]
6. (00:05:20) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Cypher 1 (feat. Kid Vicious, Mykestro & Coniyac Da X.O) [Explicit]
7. (00:02:33) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Interlude [Explicit]

8. (00:03:13) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Deadbeat West [Explicit]
9. (00:03:46) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Watch Ya Mouth [Explicit]
10. (00:03:44) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Freak Wit Me [Explicit]
11. (00:04:05) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Come In Tha Place [Explicit]
2. (00:05:16) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Cypher 2 (feat. Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9") [Explicit]
13. (00:05:46) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Long Beach Meeting (feat. Dynamic Certified & Karelezz) [Explicit]
14. (00:04:13) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me (feat. Crooked I) [Explicit]
15. (00:02:07) Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Outro [Explicit]


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Crooked I - We Outta Here

Джо НЛО!
Crooked I - Block Obama II (Circle Of Bosses) [2010] [RS]

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Crooked I - Block Obama II (Circle Of Bosses) [2010]
WEB | NO CUEs | MP3 VBR0 (Avg. 233kbps) => 64.6 MB
Genre: Hip-Hop

ÛÛ² 01. 4:19 Circle Gang Anthem (Feat. Kobe) [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 02. 4:29 On My Mama I'm A Boss (prod. By Rick Rock) [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 03. 5:25 American Me [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 04. 4:12 3 Bitches (Feat. Knoc-Turnal) [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 05. 3:59 Do It Like Me (Feat. Das [I-15] [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 06. 3:30 Can I Talk To You? [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 07. 4:11 You Should Be From C.O.B. (Feat. G.L. Smooth) ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 08. 4:28 Dream Big (Feat. Akon) [Explicit] ÛÛ²
ÛÛ² 09. 3:40 Dream Big Remix (Feat. Akon) [Bonus Track] [Explicit] ÛÛ²

Crooked I - Say Dr. Dre (Produced by Dr.Dre)

Это сообщение отредактировал Sergey-smsl - 08.06.10 в 17:44
Name: Locksmith, KamMoye, Crooked I, Tech N9ne, Tajai, RZA, Ras Kass, B-Real & DJ Revolution – 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem
Genre: Rap
Year: 2010
Video: AVC, 480 x 270, 478 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 111 Kbps
Format: mp4
Size: 59.3 mb
Duration: 00:14:00

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Что-то никто не интересуется новый релизом Crooked I от неприкасаемых Death Row...

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Исполнитель: Crooked I
Альбом: Hood Star
Жанр: Rap
Год выпуска: 2010
Формат/Качество: MP3/VBR V2
Продолжительность: 01:03:16
Размер: 76 Мв

1. Intro 2:07
2. So Crooked 4:14
3. Lil Youngsters (Feat. Ray J, Spider, Eastwood) 5:09
4. F**k Em 2:41
5. Haters 4:15
6. Live At Tha Row 4:00
7. F**k Wit U 5:10
8. Go Hard (Feat. Danny Boy, Spider) 5:02
9. West Coast (Feat. Kurupt, Eastwood) 4:39
10. House Party (Feat. Ray J, Eastwood) 4:36
11. So Damn Hood (Remix) (Feat. Juvenile, Sisqo) 4:24
12. B***h (Feat. Too Short, Eastwood, Ray J) 4:57
13. Cali Luv III 3:49
14. Hood Star 4:03
15. Me And My Dogg (Feat. K-Ci, Danny Boy, Eastwood, Ganxsta Ridd) 4:10

Сразу говорю, не мой RIP. Извините, если что angel.gif
Одна из несомненных и чистых радостей есть отдых после труда (И. Кант)
Tridoggknight - TRIple DOminator Got Greatness to King the NIGHT
Hood Star

Crooked I Presents: Horseshoe G.A.N.G.-Gangsta M.C(2009)

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