Crooked I - 2006 - Life After Death Row [320kbs]

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Crooked I - Planet C.O.B 2010

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01 Thinkin Out Loud
02 Independent (Prod. Rick Rock)
03 Can I Talk To U (Prod. Grinch)
04 Let Me Buy U A Drink (Feat. Vaugn Anthony) (Prod. Tabu)
05 Music Is My Life (Feat. Brian Rivers) (Prod. Komplex)
06 Everythang (Prod. Dirty Dunnz)

Эксклюзивный трек "Ghetto Love" с альбома "Hood Star" теперь достyпен не только на iTunes
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Одна из несомненных и чистых радостей есть отдых после труда (И. Кант)
Tridoggknight - TRIple DOminator Got Greatness to King the NIGHT
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Crooked I - "Tha Untouchable Eye" compilation

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01. Black Pussy
(feat. Dresta & MC Eight)
02. Gangsta Gangsta
(feat. Tray Deee, Sho Shot & J-Money)
03. Livin N Tha Hood
04. Djays & Mcees
05. Real Thugs
06. Rap Killer
(feat. Techniec, Tray Deee, Lil Tip, Lil J & J-Money)
07. One Ninein
(feat. Da Low Lifes)
08. Poor Man Cry
(feat. Barrington Levy, Daz, Soopafly & Snoop Dogg)
09. Can I Git Bucc
(feat. Daz & Soopafly)
10. Uh Oh
(feat. Silva Satin)
11. Step Up
(feat. Kurupt, Daz & X-Zibit)
12. Dont Test Me
(feat. Tray Deee & J-Money)
13. Girl
(feat. Luniz)
14. Stay Out Of L.A.
(feat. Sho Shot, Coco Loc, Lil Tip & Shorty K)
15. Do Your Thing
(feat. Hit & Roc)
16. Crookz N Doggz
(feat. Snoop Dogg)
17. Bang On Em
(feat. Daz & Lil C-Style)

Dees compilation containz Crooked I traxx recorded in
under Noo Trybe/Virgin Records
Dogg Pound Recordz
(subsidiary of Death Row Records)
az 20% owner of the label.

DownLoad: My Webpage
Все на сосут мой толстый йух

Crooked I - Million Dollar Story EP 2011

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01. Everyday [05:05]
02. Villain (feat. Sally Anthony) [03:55]
03. OkBye [03:58]
04. G's Stay Low [04:00]


Crooked I – Say Hi To The Bad Guy (Ultimate Edition) [2011]

01. The B-Side (produced by : Darren Vegas)
02. Haters (produced by : Darren Vegas)
03. Live At The Row (produced by : Darren Vegas)
04. Gangstaology
05. Slap Back
06. I’m So Crooked I (feat. Gangsta Gurl) (produced by : Darren Vegas)
07. G’d Up & Banged Out (produced by : Big Hutch)
08. Death Row’s Back
09. Fuck ‘Em (add vocs : Kurupt) (produced by : Big Hutch)
10. Suge’s West Coast (feat. Kurupt, Eastwood & Ray J.) (produced by : Darren Vegas)
11. Bitch (feat. Too Short, Eastwood & Ray J.) (add vocs : Virginya Slim)
12. Murderin MC’s
13. Boss Me Up (feat. Kurupt, Eastwood & Roscoe)
14. Thug & His Wife (feat. Michel’le) (produced by : Darren Vegas)
15. Me & My Dogg (feat. Eastwood, Ganxta Ridd, Ray J. & K-ci)
16. Take The Title (feat. Eastwood & Ganxta Ridd)
Bonus Track : Takeover

Crooked I Presents - Planet C.O.B. Vol. 2

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01. Crooked I – Pac & Biggie
02. Coniyac feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. – COB Bosses
03. Sauce Tha Boss feat. Julius Luciano – California Swag
04. Iceman – Look Up
05. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. – Brand New
06. Tha1 feat. Matt Le-on & Miles High – High Life
07. Coniyac – Keep The Club Rockin
08. Sauce Tha Boss feat. Julius Luciano – Diamonds
09. Karelezz feat. Crooked I & Advice – Die Slow
10. PWT feat. Crooked I – Displacement
11. Iceman feat. DJ F-Plus – Callin Me
12. Crooked I feat. Keana – We Made It
13. Coniyac feat. Crooked I – Green Zone
14. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. – All Day
15. Crooked I – All I Know
16. B.O.S.S. & A Gangster (Digital Pre-Order Bonus)


Crooked I – In None We Trust – The Prelude EP 2011

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01. Ssuut x 2
02. Pocket Full Of Money
03. Roll Call feat. G. Malone, Coniyac, Jay Rock, Mistah Fab
04. Diamond In The Back feat. K-Young
05. Drum Murder feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G.
06. No Competition
07. Goin Bad feat. KeyAna
08. Game Time (Bonus Track)



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Artist : Crooked I
Title : In None We Trust (The Prelude EP)
Genre : Rap
Label : C.O.B. Records
Catnr : n/a
Type : EP
Ripped : Dec-27-2011
Released : Dec-20-2011
Source : Web Store
Quality : VBRkbps
Size : 54,5 MB


For a brief spell during the late '90s, Crooked I was
signed to Virgin. The Long Beach MC appeared on Virgin and
Virgin-affiliated compilations like the Caught Up
soundtrack ("Girl," with Luniz) and C-Style's 19th Street
LBC Compilation ("Gangsta Gangsta", "Bounce to This"). Not
a free agent for long, Crooked subsequently fell in with
Suge Knight and signed to Death Row, appearing on the Too
Gangsta for Radio compilation ("Death Rizzo" and "Gangsta
Rap," which also featured Treach and Scarface) and the
Dysfunktional Family soundtrack (contributing to nearly a
third of its tracks). Though at least one Crooked I
mixtape surfaced during the MC's time on the label, a pair
of albums - including "Say Hi To The Bad Guy", slated for
a 2002 release - did not. Departed from Death Row by early
2004, Crooked went independent, launching his Dynasty
Entertainment label, but legal obstacles prevented him
from releasing yet another title of his own. Mixtapes,
DVDs, and features continued to pile up, with B.O.S.S.
(Beginning of Something Serious) - at long last, his first
official album - prepared for a 2008 release date.

New digital EP from Crooked I titled "In None We Trust -
The Prelude", out now on C.O.B. including guest
appearances from Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B.,
Horseshoe G.A.N.G., Coniyac and K. Young.

t r a c k l i s t

01. Ssuutt x2 [04:53]
02. Pocket Full Of Money [03:26]
03. Roll Call (Feat. Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Conyac & Mistah F.A.B [04:48]
04. Diamond In The Back (Feat. K-Young) [04:30]
05. Drum Murder (Feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G.) [04:28]
06. No Competition [04:23]
07. Goin' Bad (Feat. KeyAna) [04:29]

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DGC Death Row Records Ultimate Edition?
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Crooked I - Psalm 82:v6 (2012)

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Страна: USA
Год издания: 2012
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Размер: 163 мб

Official mixtape!


1.Psalm 82 v6 Intro (Produced By Quest)
2.G's Us - ft. Roc Marciano (Produced By Komplex)
3.G.A.N.G Up (Grind And Never Give Up) - ft. Medi (Produced by G Rocka)
4.Monsters - ft. Slaughterhouse & Colin Monroe (Produced By Boi-1da)
5.Nikki (Produced By Tito Ali)
6.Niggaz Winnin - ft.Trae The Truth & Melody Angel (Produced By G Rocka & Medi)
7.Fuck U Pay Me - ft. Twista & K-Young (Produced By Tight Mike)
8.And She Don't Even Know - ft. Soopafly & Kobe (Produced By Pitchshifters)
9.Let the Beat - ft. KeAna (Produced By The Renaissance)
10.Ratchet Heauxs (Produced by I-Nine)
11.Roll Call 2 - ft. Bad Lucc, Coniyac, Locksmith & Mykestro (Produced By Aktive)
12.3 The Hard Way - ft. Kurupt & Ras Kass (Produced by Aktive)
13.Team COB - ft. Horseshoe Gang & Iceman (Produced By G Rocka & Medi)
14.Real Niggaz - ft. Freeway, Rick Ross (Produced By Komplex)
15.Never forget - ft. Eddie Fontaine (Produced By Snaz)
16.It Feels Good As A MF (Produced By Komplex)
17.Praise GOD (Produced By Tabu)
18.BBBB ft. Tena Jones (Produced By Tabu)

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