This music is an impressive mix of human's madness, anger, apathy, pain and machine's power, supremacy. The "hard" and "active" version of Clinical Torment... Coldhearted march of the new world order, same as Man Machine Industry.
Album: Transhuman, 2005
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great work, i love it too, thank you for industrial metal!!!
Exellent! Have you anything else of this group?
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It has only this album and EP 2003 (where you can find just the same songs in bad quality, cause they're f...ed demo and nothing more). If you want to know smth else, go to ...
The same thing:

Cyanotic - Transhuman (2005)
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01 Frequency In Cycles
02 Order Out Of Chaos
03 Insurgance
04 Transhuman
05 Deface
06 Suspension Of Disbelief
07 Axiom
08 (Ex)actuator
09 Sensory Deprivation
10 Beta Blocker
11 Antithesis
12 Higher States Of Consciousness

Cyanotic - Transhuman (2005) (
Cyanotic - Transhuman (2005) (
Cyanotic - Transhuman (2005) (
vbr 256kbs
отличная группа!

Mutual_Bonding_Through_Violation-2003 нужен кому-нибудь?
DeadFist, нужен конечно, заранее спасибо smile.gif
Cyanotic - Mutual Bonding Through Violation (2003)

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01 Static Interpretations 01:16
02 Order Out Of Chaos 03:42
03 Antithesis 04:13
04 Suspension Of Disbelief 04:06
05 Deface 04:38
06 Higher States Of Consciousness 05:16
07 Suspension Of Disbelief (Ceoxime Remix) 04:13
08 Deface (Iammynewt Remix) 05:09

Total:44,8 MBB / 32:33 min
Хм, отличная группа, эдакая смесь dnb и Dark индастриала. Надо качнуть альбом, а то у меня только 4 песни, группа явно заслуживает большего внимания.
Скинье отдельно треки 11 Antithesis и 12 Higher States Of Consciousness с альбома Transhuman.
Спасибо..правда альбом 2005 года, мне больше понравился!!!+1
Cyanotic - Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me)
Track from: The Virus Has Been Spread Tribute to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT

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