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"Time Will Tell"
"C'mon Kid"
"Pray For Tucson"
"Prague (Revive Me)"
"Heavy Heart"
"Years From Now"
"Rankers & Rotters"
"Meet Me At The Lanes"

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"The Great Depression"
"We Could Be Kings"
"Autism Vaccine Blues"
"Same Disease"
"Father's Son"
"Stockholm Syndrome"
"Becoming Secular"
"The Shine"

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"With You"
"The Flinch"
"My Mistake"
"The Mermaid"
"Shaky Jesus"
"Divine Lorraine"
"Dirty Fucker"
"The Ride"
"Helluva Home"
"Wild Love"
"Bury Me in Philly"

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The Loved Ones

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2012 — Pray For Tucson
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1. Pray for Tucson
2. Years From Now
3. We Are the Blood [the Trouble cover]
4. First Will and Testament [Strike Anywhere cover]

2012 — Pray For Tucson
Отлично! wink.gif

xen0m0rph Сплит не попадался? rolleyes.gif
ыы) забыл спросить! ща напишу письмо феликсу
Dave Hause - Time Will Tell 7"(2012)

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1. Dave Hause - Time Will Tell [02:57]
2. Dave Hause - Meet Me At The Lanes [04:00]
3. Dave Hause - Ghosts On The Boeardwalk [03:17]
4. Dave Hause - Odessa [01:55]

http://rusfolder.com/31843658 / http://rghost.ru/39436022

DAVE HAUSE’s Time Will Tell will be the fourth in a monthly series of 7” releases on various independent labels. HAUSE, the front-man for Philadelphia-based punk band THE LOVED ONES, has teamed up with Chunksaah, Side One Dummy, Jade Tree, and Bridge Nine Records among others. Each release will feature HAUSE covering two songs from the respective label’s catalog as well as two alternate takes of HAUSE originals. Time Will Tell features covers of THE BOUNCING SOULS’ “Ghosts On The Boardwalk” (title track off its 2009 release) and DETOURNEMENT’s “Odessa” (from its 2009 release Screaming Response.) Alternate versions of “Time Will Tell” and “Meet Me At The Lanes” from DAVE’s first full-length will also appear on the release.  Vinyl Color: N/A (LTD 250)


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http://rghost.ru/39949626 / http://rusfolder.com/32256566

Dave Hause - Vienna (Austria), Arena (Big Hall) (2012-09-02) (flac)

01 Damascus (incomplete)
02 Heavy Heart
03 Jane
04 Autism Vaccine Blues
05 Time Will Tell
06 Prague (Revive Me)
07 The Shine
08 C'mon Kid
09 100k (incl. "Coma Girl"-Snippet by Joe Strummer and "Constructive Summer"-Snippet by The Hold Steady)
10 Resolutions


Я дико запутался во всех его релизах. Может кто-то шапку нарисует или выложит одним архивом?
I was a young boy that had big plans
Now I'm just another shitty old man
I don't have fun and I hate everything
The world owes me, so fuck you
crash2l В теме есть все релизы, кроме сплита с коброй скилс cool.gif
и 7ки с SideOneDummy

вот тут вся дискография расписана
Dave Hause - C'Mon Kid (2012) @192
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01. C’mon Kid
02. Prague
03. Joining The Army
04. Oh, There’s Legwork

Dave Hause’s “C’mon Kid” is the latest offering in a series of 7” EP’s spanning a variety of independent labels, including SideOneDummy, Bridge Nine, Chunksaah, and Jade Tree. Each record in the series has featured two alternate versions of Hause originals and two covers of songs from the label’s catalog. The title track “C’mon Kid” and “Prague” are backed with Dave’s renditions of Lucero’s “Joining The Army” and None More Black’s “Oh, There’s Legwork” on the b-side.

Dave Hause - 2012-10-29 - Vienna (Austria) (flac)

01 Intro
02 Heavy Heart
03 Jane
04 Autism Vaccine Blues
05 Prague (Revive Me)
06 Rankers & Rotters
07 C'Mon Kid
08 Time Will Tell
09 Meet Me At The Lanes
10 Resolutions


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