Dawn of Midi

Dawn of Midi - Dysnomia [2013]
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01. Lo (6:04)
02. Sinope (6:52)
03. Atlas (6:37)
04. Nix (3:38)
05. Moon (5:04)
06. Ymir (4:26)
07. Ijiraq (5:22)
08. Algol (4:16)
09. Dysnomia (4:15)

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thumb.gif Очень эксцентрично!
How, exactly, does one define Dawn of Midi? Composed of bassist Aakaash Israni, drummer Qasim Naqvi and pianist Amino Belyamani, who have roots in Morocco, India and Pakistan, the group that is superficially a piano trio is far from anyone’s definition of jazz with this album. “Dysnomia” has a single, locked-groove composition that spirals through nine tracks and 47 engrossing minutes.

The closest analogue may be the Necks, a category-defying Australian trio that built a following around long-form improvised sets. But where the Necks’ sound features an in-the-moment ebb and flow, Dawn of Midi is dedicated to perpetual forward motion, a rigorously composed blend of minimalism and trance music.

The record’s moving parts first lock in place on “Io,” a head-bobbing mix of upright bass and muted piano from Belyamani, who plays his instrument’s inner strings as much as its keys. Gradually, yet insistently, the composition evolves into a seesawing ballet of rhythm on “Atlas,” a hectic “Nix” and the spacious melody of “Moon,” which gives way to the percolating “Ymir.”

Echoes of the shape-shifting patterns of Terry Riley and the more experimental tributaries of EDM ring throughout, but the record’s propulsive, knotty tension carves out its own identity. It’s a mysterious, vital sound with a pull all its own.

— Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times

спасибо! интересные музыканты. для любителей Nik Bärtsch, Don Li, The Necks, Plaistow и иже с ними самое то. а нет ли у кого First (2010) и Live (2011)?

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Ничего особенного, там нет никакого фри джаза в его прямом понимании.
jijijij, послушай их первый альбом - вот там был первоклассный фриджаз, не представляю, какая муха их укусила. Т.е. где-то они сами признавались, что этот альбом вдохновлён такой электронной штукой, как джук, который они и попытались исполнить на свой лад.

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Цитата: (D.James)

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Reup would be great!!
Definitely, a reupload would be very great!

And by the way - i just had a great time reading the answers to the question "which genre is this?" at the YT page

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reup pleeease!
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