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1. Your Other Side 04:14
2. Damned 03:49
3. You're lost, I'm free (Pentagram cover) 02:30
4. Four Grey Walls (Abscess cover) 02:17
5. Wicked Woman (Coven cover) 02:59
6. No Rest for the Wicked (The Coffinshackers cover) 02:45
Total playing time 18:34


Deadmask are like the Johnny Cash and June Carter
of the Spanish underground. Stubborn and solitary
in their vision of doom, the duet of Dopi and
Nuria has given birth to an uncommon band in our
country. Dopi is well known in the underground
scene for his obstinate abuse of drums in the
horror grinders Machetazo. Nevertheless, he always
has enjoyed St. Vitus, The Obsessed or Trouble.
Any Machetazo fan will remember their cover
versions of St. Vitus and Black Sabbath, but Dopi
has another not so well-known background in the
doom genre. In the last eight years, he has
participated in some unfinished sludge/doom
projects like Abismo or Invictus. Worship The Sun
had a little more luck, and they recorded an
unreleased album. Also it was Wicked, a
tribute-band to the Ozzy era of Black Sabbath,
which gave a single concert back in 2005. In this
band Dopi met Nuria Otero, a great fan of 70s dark
rock, and once singer and leader of the punk rock
band Electricats. Dopi and Nuria allied during
2007 to create Deadmask, a duet where she sings
and where he plays drums, bass and guitar. During
the recording sessions in the Treboada Studios of
Paco Liaño, Dopi did an excellent job on drums but
also on guitars, offering the lead guitar labours
to two guest musicians: Dis from Sister Moon, and
Miguel, an old folk in Wicked. In Electricats,
Nuria showed she really knows how to sing and her
attitude, so I hope nobody expects here an
accessible band fronted by an inoffensive little
princess: Deadmask are pure fervour to classical
doom and dark 70s rock.

Their debut MCD, "Under Luciferian Wings", has
been released by the Austrian label Psychedoomelic
Records. Wrapped in a cool digipack designed by
Alonso Urbanos, the record contains a total of six
tracks. A third part of them are composed by
Deadmask, and the remainder four are cover
versions. Anyway, Deadmask has unite and
impregnate all of them with a satanic aura that
maintains the equilibrium among the power of the
doom, the epic of heavy metal and the elegance of
rock, with moments of intense nastiness. "Your
Other Side" and "Damned" are two good credentials
as composers, two cult songs to riff and the most
desolated hard rock. "Your Other Side" is perhaps
the most melodic track of the album, with powerful
riffs and excellent lead guitars by Dis. "Damned",
in contrast, is monolithic and gloomy, dragging
and emanating a poisonous smell to 70s rotten
doom. A highlight! The "You' re lost, I' m free"
cover version of Pentagram sounds current and
spectacular, and in "Wicked Woman", of the obscure
pioneers Coven, Nuria rocks particularly hard.
These four themes contain what you can expect
fordoom band, but in "Under Luciferian Wings",
Deadmask feature two less predictable cover
versions: the punk rock "Four Grey Walls" of
Abscess, that they play as a band of thugs armed
with chainsaws, and the "Not Rest for the Wicked"
cover of the country-punks Coffinshakers, an
acoustic number that closes the record. In this,
they are accompanied by the fretless bass of
ex-Machetazo’ Carlos Cadaver. It is a stellar huge
moment: Nuria transmit the defeated lyrics of Rob
Coffinshaker, while Dopi accompanies her with a
tanned with whisky and herb throat.


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Я не говорю по-русски!
Замечательная команда, большое спасибо
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Deadmask - Under Luciferian Wings (EP) [2008]

mp3 / 320kbps / 107mb

01. Your Other Side
02. Damned
03. You're Lost I'm Free
04. Four Grey Walls
05. Wicked Woman
06. No Rest For The Wicked


всего 6 песен, из них 4! каверы на хитовейшие группы, мне понравилось.
о да
06. No Rest For The Wicked - Это кавер на The Coffinshakers
OᑎᒪY Oᑭᑌᔕ EᑭOᑎYᗰOᑌᔕ Iᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪ GᕼOᔕT
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А можно не на айфолдер? С него третью неделю скорость 2кбпс. Пока не оборвется совсем.
I know something about
opening windows and doors

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