На сольники смотрю с прищюром,но только не на этот альбом,он просто великолепен
Justin Currie - "What Is Love For" (2007)
отличный приятный альбомчик! такой... с девушкой посидеть...
не пойму, вокал криса корнелла чтоли напоминает, такой вот с хрипотцой,
вообщем понравилось!

не знал что del amitri такие старые))) придется покачать их чуток)))
Пожалуйста выложите альбомы, кроме 2002.
Заранее большое спасибо!
Justin Currie - The Great War (2010) (320 kbps)

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1. A Man With Nothing To Do
2. Anywhere I'm Away From You
3. At Home Inside Me
4. You'll Always Walk Alone
5. Can't Let Go Of Her Now
6. The Fight To Be Human
7. Ready To Be
8. The Way That It Falls
9. As Long As You Don't Come Back
10. Everyone I Love
11. Baby, You Survived


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Шикарная группа и сольник просто сногсшибательный!!! ВСЕМ СОВЕТУЮ!!!
Justin Currie - The Great War (2010) (320 kbps)

re-up plz
Justin Currie - The Great War (2010)

всё, кроме great war поудалено.
Можно восстановить?
Sleepflower, could you reupl. the entiry discography?
thx!!!! wink.gif

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Artist: Justin Currie
Album: Lower Reaches
Bitrate: 240kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Ignition Records
Genre: Rock
Size: 61.30 megs
PlayTime: 0h 33min 52sec total
Rip Date: 2013-08-16
Store Date: 2013-08-16

Track List:
01. Falsetto 3:49
02. Every Song's The Same 2:30
03. Bend To My Will 3:37
04. Priscilla 3:31
05. I Hate Myself For Loving You 2:30
06. On A Roll 3:30
07. Into A Pearl 4:12
08. On My Conscience 2:50
09. Half Of Me 3:07
10. Little Stars 4:16

Release Notes:
Del Amitri was widely popular in the 80’s; Currie wrote some of their biggest
hits including Roll to Me, Always the Last to Know and Nothing Ever Happens.
They successfully released ten albums, with four of them reaching number one.

Waking Hours, which was released in 1989 sold over a million copies in just the
UK. Leaving the band behind Currie release his third solo album, on his own
label Endless Shipwreck through Ignition Records.

The opening track of the album is Falsetto, a smooth Pop Rock track with
hair-raising falsetto harmonies and eclectic guitar riffs sounding in the
background. Every Song’s The Same is another slightly upbeat Pop Rock ballad,
Bend To My Will contrasts with Every Song’s The Same, the song begins with a
fingerpicking guitar intro and husky vocals but then emerges into an upbeat hook
filled chorus.

Priscilla has a percussion fuelled introduction, keys and guitars surround
authentic vocals. This song could have easily been a Beatles track. I Hate
Myself for Loving you is a pleasant track, as is On a Roll. Into a Pearl has a
nice percussive beat behind poignant lyrics and an elegant piano melody.

On My Conscience sounds slightly country, with its upbeat rhythms and guitars.
This has to be the standout song on the album. Half Of Me is chilling and the
album closer Little Stars is delicate, gentle and melodious.

Little Stars is the gem of the album, it expresses vulnerability in Currie’s
voice that isn’t present as much in the other tracks. It is definitely a strong
collection of songs. Currie should have lots of success when it is released next

Currie guests on Song Writer Jimmy Webb’s upcoming duets album Within the Sound
of My Voice and he quotes ‘Justin Currie is probably a revelation to some people
in America. This is a voice you have heard somewhere and made a mental note to
try and find out where those unique and seductive shivers originate. I thank you
Justin for lending your great mastery and power to me.’

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Artist: Del Amitri
Title: Fatal Mistakes
Genre: Indie
Format: Album
Source: CDDA
Time: 45:47
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Store: 2021
Catalog: COOKCD780
Rip: 2021
Bitrate: 257 kbps
Size: 88.88 MB
Freq: 44.1 kHz
Encoder: Lame 3.100


01. You Can't Go Back 2:53
02. All Hail Blind Love 4:04
03. Musicians And Beer 2:46
04. Close Your Eyes And Think Of England 3:30
05. Losing The Will To Die 2:34
06. Otherwise 3:01
07. It's Feelings 2:42
08. I'm So Scared Of Dying 4:27
09. Mockingbird, Copy Me Now 2:24
10. Missing Person 3:19
11. Second Staircase 3:00
12. Lonely 3:28
13. Nation Of Caners 7:39

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