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1. Deflagration Of Hell 6:41
2. Excursioner Angel 8:09
3. Glimpses Of War, Part I & II 11:18
4. Energy - Not Orgasm 4:08
5. The Hierophants Of Light 4:24
6. Holistix - Links Between God And Human 7:57
Total Time: 42:37
1991 - Deflagration Of Hell [256 Kbs]

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1. Impassive Metal Sex 10:11
2. Angel Impact 5:34
3. The Fire Within My Cold Heart 12:33
4. Benevolence (Of The Fittest God) 7:31
5. Entrance (Part II) 2:55
6. Carrions Still Walkin' 4:26
7. Mantra 7:34
Total Time: 50:44
1993 - Benevolence [256 Kbs]

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01. Horses Give Birth To Files
02. Tolerance 1
03. Manual To Utilization
04. Tolerance 2
05. The Eagles Gift
06. Tolerance 3
07. Nonexistance
08. Tolerance 4
09. Chip Chop
10. End Of Tolerance
11. Deathmanners
1994 - Tolerance [256 Kbs]

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01 Benevolence - 92
02 Thomas 29 Needles
03 World Mirror
04 Morgue Restaurant
05 Gouge Free Market
06 Tender Lover
07 Pain Is The Language We Use
08 The Phlegethon Fish
09 Auto Gamic Drummers
10 Poison Free Market
1997 - Comprendido!...Time Stop!...And World Ending [256 Kbs]

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1. Erosion 6:54
2. Surgery II 9:44
3. Collapsing Surface 13:55
4. How Low... 8:08
5. You're Just A Toy 2:43
6. Static 7:05
7. Faint Retard 6:45
Total Time: 55:14
1999 - Erosion [256 Kbs]

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Deutsch Nepal - Erotikon (2006)

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Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI.166
Format: CD
Country: Sweden
Released: 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial
Size: ~77 mb

Deutsch Nepal is one of the few more Industrial bands that found a sound of its very own right from the start - which in this case was as early as 1990, the warm psychedelic tribals has always had an unsettling and hypnotic twist, and also become the bands trademark. The spellbounding feeling known from the numerous live performances has finally made the way into the studio and I dare to say this is the best Deutsch Nepal to date. Never has the sound been more accurate, never has the vocals been stronger.
Deutsch Nepal, is Lina B Doll, a well-known cult-phenomenon in the industrial underground scene, with several worldwide tours and collaborations with notorious artists such as Der Blutharsch, Brighter Death Now, Raison d'être he is just as famous as he is infamous. With several respected releases on various labels such as CMI (of course), Hauruck, Staalplaat and Old Europa Café, it is now with great pleasure we are finally able to present a completely new studio album. On Erotikon Deutsch Nepal blooms in full decadence. Dark seductive psychodelic industrial songs - it is retro all the way back to the Nico influences, it's addictive in every sexual way - and it leaves you with a complete new experience and a sensational taste of bodily fluids. Lubrication saves!

1. U.R. Blackhouse
2. Heartbomb
3. I Jast fokos an maiself
4. At the Court of Saba
5. Blowjob Parasite
6. Permobile Erotomatik
7. Rapist Park Junktion
8. Menage a troi...cent
9. Erotikon
10. M/S Elusive Pain

© Porta VII
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can you plz re-upload Erotikon to some other server? ifolder will be great
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Держи wink.gif
Download iFolder
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Можно еще раз залить на ifolder?
Great music.
The older things expired, please reupload them, if possible!
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Former member of Swedish industrial cult band Njurmannen, Lina Baby Doll (real name Peter Andersson) set up his own musical project in 1991. Inspired by the classic Amon Duul II song of the same name, Deutsch Nepal started with a deep and fascinating industrial ambient sound, enriched by hypnotic rhythms, voice samples and repetitive structures. Debut came in 1992 with the "Deflagration Of Hell" tape on Sound Source, sublabel of Cold Meat Industry, which was later reprinted on CD by Staalplaat. First CD release was "Benevolence" in 1993. Through various releases on Staalplaat, Cold Meat Industry and Old Europa Cafe, Deutsch Nepal has evolved his sound into a deep dark ambient music. Lina Baby Doll is active with lots of other projects, such as Frozen Faces, Janitor and Bocksholm. He has his own record label called Entartete Musikk.

Deutsch Nepal - Benevolence

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Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI.21
Format: CD
Country: Sweden
Released: 1993
Notes: Subtitled: Flogging Satan Alive
First edition came with stamp on jewel case with full title Benevolence: Flogging Satan Alive and release date


1 Impassive Metal Sex (10:09)
2 Angel Impact (5:35)
3 The Fire Within My Cold Heart (12:31)
4 Benevolence (Of The Fittest God) (7:29)
5 Entrance (Part II) (2:55)
6 Carrions Still Walkin' (4:25)
7 Mantra (7:34)

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Deutsch Nepal

я с них прозреваю с их роком и металлом... dry.gif
Deutsch Nepal - Dystopian Partycollection [mp3 VBR]

Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI180
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Sweden
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Experimental

Reviews: A collection of previously released material from obscure compilations and limited edition vinyls from notorius labels such as Der Angriff, WKN, CMI, Ars Benevola Mater, Slaughter Productions, Extremocidente or Autarkeia, most of which now unavailable!

1. Chatrine I from Above
2. Drugmother
3. City of Stone
4. Procession
5. Of Parasites and Disguises
6. Wroclow Anthem
7. Pôpoülé (feat. No Festival of Light)
8. Bird of Steel
9. Golden Sea Babtism
10. Problem
11. Neris of Tears

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а можно заново все альбомы повыкладывать, которые в первом посте? ну, или какие-то из них?
Да, точно-если есть возможность то перезалейте ктонибудь на айфолдэр...и карма очистится или нечто подобное)
Deutsch Nepal - 1991 - Deflagration Of Hell

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1 - Deflagration of Hell (6:42)
2 - Excursioner Angel (8:09)
3 - Glimpses Of War, Parts I & II (11:18)
4 - Energy - Not Orgasm (4:08)
5 - The Hierophants of Light (4:25)
6 - Holistix - Links Between God and Human (7:58)


Deutsch Nepal - 1993 - Benevolence

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1 Impassive Metal Sex (10:09)
2 Angel Impact (5:35)
3 The Fire Within My Cold Heart (12:31)
4 Benevolence (Of The Fittest God) (7:29)
5 Entrance (Part II) (2:55)
6 Carrions Still Walkin' (4:25)
7 Mantra (7:34)


Deutsch Nepal - 1994 - Only Silence Among The Filthy

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A1 Temples of Death (4:52)
A2 Only Silence Among the Filthy (6:46)
A3 The Since Long Lost Lust (5:02)
A4 9 O'Clock Mass (6:18)
B1 Tribe Assembly (5:27)
B2 In Search of Your Soul (6:37)
B3 Message 777 (1:53)
B4 Brainpiercing (1:58)
B5 Bowie Electric (5:01)


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