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This is not a stricktly Dubblestandart topic...I'll post here their collabs with Lee Perry and Subatomic Sound System...

About Dubblestandart:


Dubbelstandart are a pair of Viennese dub producers who luckily got hooked up with Lee Scratch Perry and Prince Far I for a couple of wicked collaborations last year. Those original releases on Subatomic Sound are collected here with additional remixes from RSD, G Corp and Tom Watson. RSD presents two prime versions of 'I Do Voodoo', a rolling uptempo mix with twisting percussion and smart rave synthlines, or a Deep version with smacking halfstep snares and a slow grinding flow. Tom Watson provides a truly dread version of Prince Far-I's 'Wadada' with extra dubstep subs besides a kickdrum driven wobblers mix of 'We All Have To Get High' feat Devon D. Subatomic Sound and G-Corp both provide heavily intoxicated versions of 'Chase The Devil' feat. Perry again, with the former opting for swollen lumberskank rhythms and the latter churning up a double timed stepping monster. For all fans of the current On-U sound remix series and the War Dubs series.


Well folks, what a year!

Releasing RETURN FROM PLANET DUB feat. Lee Perry, David Lynch & Ariup, playing shows in Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Austria, touring 2 times in a year the US including a “once in a life time” show with the dudes from Subatomic Sound System, Mr. Jahdan Blakkamore, Treasure Don and the master himself Lee Scratch Perry @ Central Park NYC last July, we still have to say: “This year ain’t over yet!” We proudly present: Jahdan Blakkamoore/Matt Shadedek/Subatomic Sound System & Dubblestandart all together for one exclusive show here in Vienna/Austria - Thursday Dec 10th @ Fluc Wanne. This is also our warm up show for the Dubblestandart India Tour 2009 starting Dec 16th. “…and yep”: Subatomic Sound System will be with us on the road!

What else is on our mind: Have u seen the Blackboard Jungle Dub Documentary? The sold out 12inch Vinyl Chase De Devil/12inch and the Blackboard Jungle Dub 12inch releases featuring Lee Perry/Jahdan Blakkamoore produced together with Subatomic Sound System from NYC. Lucky ones might still find a copy. David Lynch/Rob Smith & Subatomic Sound System will also be on our next Dubstep 12inch versioning Jean Michel Jarres Oxygen Part 4 into modern dub. Selling out 2 editions of our double album RETURN FROM PLANET DUB holds us in check to keep our feet’s on the ground and continue our serious work in the field of contemporary Dub. Lion Dub from Brooklyn is currently working on a drum & bass remix for I DOO VOODOO feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun(from former She Says). Concent Productions from NYC/Tokyo will soon release a Japan Exclusive Remix CD with the best of Dubblestandart in the mix. More info soon… Subatomic Sound System will soon release their first world wide long player in 2010.Sounds from the melting pot from NYC. Our Sister Ariup with whom we had the pleasure to tour in Europe & Canada back in 2006 and who is also on our last 2 albums recently released the long awaited Slits Album Trapped Animal. And last but not least we haven’t been lazy, so get ready for the next Dubblestandart album hitting stores in early 2010: DUBBLESTANDART/MARIJUANA DREAMS of course on Collison Records. Now enough of that braggy shit, enjoy urself and perhaps our sounds, have a great new year’s party and an amazing 2010. Peace Paul Zasky Troublecompressor Headquarter 2009

MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/dubblestandart
Band Website - http://www.dubblestandart.com

Band Members:
Paul Zasky - Bass Guitar
Robbie Ost - Keyboards & Live Dubs
Ali Tersch - Drums
Herb Pirker - Guitar

You can find info about Subatomic Sound System here @ wiki -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subatomic_Sound_System
+ http://www.myspace.com/subatomicsound and http://www.subatomicsound.com/

So..all I managed to gather is this:

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2008 [ONUDP50] Lee Perry vs The Moody Boyz - God Smiled
Label: On-U Sound
Catalog#: ON-U DP 50
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Style: Dub, Dubstep
1. God Smiled
2. Dub Take

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2009 [CCT3019-2] Dubblestandart,Lee Scratch Perry & Ari Up - Return From Planet Dub
Label:Collision: Cause Of Chapter 3
Format:2 x CD, Album, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Reggae
Style:Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Downtempo, Breaks

Disc 1
1. Chase The Devil feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun
2. Let'Em Take It feat. Lee Perry
3. Blackboard Jungle feat. Lee Perry
4. Fungus Rock feat. Lee Perry
5. I Foo China feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun
6. Give Thanx & Praises (Megaton 3) feat. Lee Perry
7. Deadly Funny - Oxygen Pt. 4 feat. Lee Perry
8. I Do Voodoo feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun
9. Surrender Dub feat. Ari Up
10. Idiots Dub feat. Ari Up
11. Kingston Dancehall Dub feat. Ari Up
12. Evil Burma Dub

Disc 2
1. Oxygen Part 4 (feat. David Lynch)
2. Let'Em Take It feat. Lee Perry (Dub)
3. Chase The Devil feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun (Dub)
4. Island Girl feat. Ari Up and Lee Perry (Defending Rights & Justice)
5. Blackboard Jungle feat. Lee Perry (Dub)
6. Fungus Rock feat. Lee Perry (Dub)
7. I Foo China feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun (Dub)
8. Chase The Devil feat. Lee Perry (G-Corp RMX)
9. I Do Voodoo feat. Lee Perry (Rob Smith RMX)
10. Wadada - Means Love (feat. Prince Far I & Trueman Chewstick) Tom Watson RMX
11. Blackboard Jungle (feat. Lee Perry) (Subatomic Soundsystem RMX)
12. We All Have To Get High (feat. Devon D) Tom Watson RMX
13. Lovemaschine (Feat. Supermax & Trueman Chewstick Subatomic) Dubblestandart Rmx

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2009 [EHR 1202] G. Corp Meets Lee Perry And Dubble Standart - Dubstep Devil
Label:Elephant House Recordings
Catalog#:EHR 1202
Format:Vinyl, 12"
A   Dubstep Devil 
B   Version

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2009 [ONUDP52] Lee Perry W. Samia Farah Vs. Kode9 - Yellow Tongue
Label:On-U Sound
Catalog#:ONU DP52
Format:Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Promo, Limited Edition
Released:May 2009
Genre:Electronic, Reggae
Style:Tribal House, Dub, Dubstep
A   Yellow Tongue 
B   Yellow Tongue (Version)

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2009 [SS010] Subatomic Sound System & Dubblestandart Meet Lee Scratch Perry & Jahdan Blakkamoore - Blackboard Jungle Vol. 1 Respect The Foundation
Genre: Bass, Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Dancehall
Catalog#: SS010
Label: Subatomic Sound USA

1 Respect The Foundation (7" Mix)
2 Respect The Foundation (12'' Alternate Mix)
3 Respect My Dub (12'' Alternate Mix)
4 Respect The Foundation (7" Radio Mix)
5 Respect The Foundation (12" Radio Mix)
6 Blackboard Jungle Documentary (Promo Radio Mix Bonus Track)

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2009 [SS011] Subatomic Sound System & Dubblestandart Meet Lee Scratch Perry & Jahdan Blakkamoore - Blackboard Jungle Vol. 2 Respect My Shit
Genre : Bass, Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Dancehall
Catalog#: SS011
Label : Subatomic Sound USA

1 Respect My Shit (Dubplate Mix)
2 Respect My Shit (12"Alternate Mix)
3 Respect My Shit (Blackstrumental Mix)
4 Respect My Shit (Dubplate Radio Mix)
5 Respect My Shit (12"Radio Mix)

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2010 [ONUDP55] Lee Perry,Dennis Bovell & The On-U Soundsystem vs Pempi - Ironman,Ironman [Tetsuo Dub]
Label:On-U Sound
Catalog#:ONU DP55
Format:Vinyl, 12", Promo, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Reggae
Style:Dub, Dubstep

1 Ironman
2 Ironman Tetsuo Dub

Notes:Limited Edition of 300 copies.

and this one is amazing..
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Dubblestandart - Chrome Optimism w David Lynch & Lee Perry (album radio mix).mp3

I think this ain't the same version,but its similar :]

and the links ofc:
In this one
are ONUDP50,CCT3019-2
+ in this one
- EHR 1202,ONUDP52,SS010,SS011
& in this one
- ONUDP55,Dubblestandart - Chrome Optimism w David Lynch & Lee Perry.mp3


PS: I suggest that to all the "War Series" and dub/reggae/dubstep lovers thumb.gif ez.

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Forthcoming on the full length Dubblestandart album. thumb.gif

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7 September, 2010
320 / WEB


1. Chrome Optimism (Kush Arora's Tropical Bass remix)
2. Chrome Optimism (feat Bakir - Antiserum & Oxygene part 4 remix)
3. Chrome Optimism (Ming vs Subatomic Sound System remix)
4. Chrome Optimism (Liondub's BK Steppers remix)
5. Chrome Optimism (Subatomic Sound System's Outerspace War remix)
6. Chrome Optimism (Dub Gabriel's Chrome Upsetter remix)
7. Chrome Optimism (Dave Q's Dub War remix)
8. Chrome Optimism (April White vs Subatomic Sound System Euphoric Chrome remix)
9. Chrome Optimism (Dubblestandart dub mix)
10.Chrome Optimism (Tony Dubshot's Cosmic Explosions dub)
11.Chrome Optimism (original mix radio edit)

BIG UP ra_ven ! :]
nice one for these - cheers!
badabo badabo badabo badabay peenamanama

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Label : Collision
Style : Reggae
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps/44,1kHz
Reldate: 09.24.2010
Street : 09.24.2010
Songs : 14

Release Notes:amazon.com

01. marijuana dreams (feat gugabriel & trigga) 05:32
02. dem cant stop we from talk (feat anthony b ) 03:45
03. vampire informer (feat elephant man) 04:12
04. they became one 05:07
05. build to last dub (feat gugabriel & trueman chewst 05:38
06. saints go marchin through all the popular tunes (f 06:09
07. some will be dread (feat lee perry) 04:43
08. chase the devil (feat lee perry & gudrun - sin cit 05:35
09. voodooism (dub) 05:47
10. optimism oxygen (feat david lynch & lee scratch pe 05:36
11. vampire informer (dub) 05:38
12. marijuana dreams (dub) 05:36
13. dem cant stop we from talk (dub) 03:59
14. chrome optimism (subatomic soundsystem dubstep rem 05:06

72:23 min

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thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH happy.gif
can anyone please reup DUBBLESTANDART-Marijuana_Dreams-WEB-2010-?????
no one can help ????? sad.gif
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vbr http://rusfolder.com/20228379

in 320 http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?d01=Hw85fIu

hey djekultra, have you ever considered using www.google.com ?? rolleyes.gif
Thanks smile.gif ....but wtf is google ?????? biggrin.gif
+ 1000 !!!!!

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