Band Members
Brett Bamberger - bass
Matt Lupo - 7 string guitar
Mike Somers - drums
Jeff Speidell - 6 string guitar

From The Aquarian Weekly:
Brett Bamberger, Mike Somers, and Jeff Speidell may only be three young men who play bass, drums and guitar but when they come together as East of the Wall (in much the same manner as the individual robot lions came together to form Voltron), they are truly something special. Playing a fiercely progressive and ambient style of rock, the band is an instrumental powerhouse whose onstage fanaticism is enough to rile the dead. Somers, who used to be in The Postman Syndrome, sits behind his kit like it's where he was born. Bamberger (also ex-Postman Syndrome) and Speidell thrash around the front of the stage, each contained only by the need to stamp his foot down on one of the multitude of effects pedals on the floor before him. While it's a style that might be too weighty for those looking for a casual evening at a show, the intellectualism ingrained in the music of East of the Wall is considerably balanced out by their emotional performance of it. With recorded output forthcoming, this young band should prove nothing short of exciting to watch as they grow and mature further as players.


East of the Wall – S/T EP (2006)
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btr-192, length 32:00, size-44,0
1 . I
2 . II
3. III
4. IV
ss link
Да, красивая музыка. Да и в друзьях у них на myspace достойные
да, очень симпатичные перцы, хотя и не выдают чего-то сверхинтересного. Очень похожи на сам the postman syndrome)



касательно друзей: ищу day without dawn, ни у кого не завалялось?
can anyone reupload this album pls?
а новый никому не попадался?
перезайлете плз на айфолдер альбом

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Artist: East Of The Wall
Album: Farmers Almanac
Label: Forgotten Empire Records
Playtime: 40:07 min
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Rip date: 2008-09-21
Street date: 2008-00-00
Size: 57.58 MB
Type: Advance
Quality: 186 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -


- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Meat Pendulum ( 2:20)
02. Winter Breath ( 7:13)
03. Century of Excellence ( 6:09)
04. Switchblade Knife ( 5:11)
05. Clowning Achievement ( 4:52)
06. Unwanted Guest i ( 2:15)
07. Unwanted Guest ii ( 5:34)
08. I Am Crying Non Stop Hysterically ( 6:33)



один из релизов который действительно ждал с нетерпением, вечер понедельника выдастся отличным... joi6760 thx again and again and again!!
Ой) харашо то каГ)) thumb.gif
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ну стоит качать? интересный мюзик?
ну для этого же существует майспэйм....

*спэйс rolleyes.gif
kill your local meat dealer

Ежу понятно что стоит)
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??я себе соляки blink.gif
в общем: поматерели, пометалели, разочаровали sad.gif не ожидал от них такой музыки... есть тут своя прелесть, безусловно есть... видимо расслушивать надо, а это уже оставляет осадочек, ну если сразу не зацепило...
зато парни прогрессируют, не стоят на месте!! интересное развитие творчества

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