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please reup "Live At Dubloaded"

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Stalag Zero / Distended Dub (DRUNK020) >>> http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/12060601/file.html
Ekoplekz - Westerleigh Works EP

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Nick Edwards (aka Ekoplekz) - Plekzationz (Editions Mego) (2012)

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Ekoplekz - Westerleigh Works EP

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Ekoplekz - Westerleigh Works EP / 320 / ya disk

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Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2
Artist: Ekoplekz
Title: Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2
Label: Punch Drunk
Cat. Nr: DRUNK029
Style: Electronic
Date: 08/10/2012
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
Source: WEB
Tracks: 14
Size: 92.92 MB

# Track Title Time
01. On Vanishing Land (Intro) 1:01           
02. Pendulum Waltz 3:21           
03. Ringstone Round 1:48           
04. Ultra Warble 3:23           
05. Skala Shadow 2:53           
06. Silver Rain 2:42           
07. Abyss Ababa 5:50           
08. Neutronik III 2:21           
09. Kelvin Flats 3:50           
10. Sub Continent 1:41           
11. Effluvia 4:29           
12. Induction Channel 2:00           
13. Trubshaw Test 4:08           
14. On Vanishing Land (Outro) 1:00           

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Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2 (2012)

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Tod Dockstader - BellstompPond Dance Boingo Background (Mordant Music & Ekoplekz Remixes) [Mordant Music] [MM056] (2012)

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eMMplekz - IZOD Days (Mordant Music) (2012)

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Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
can someone plz re up some ekoplex and nick edwards stuff on something different than uploaded plz??

especially drunk020
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01. Don Preston – Analog Heaven #4 [Sub Rosa. 2012]
02. Conrad Schnitzler – Endtime Part 19 [M=Minimal, 2012]
03. Nate Young – Cast A Circle [NNA Tapes, 2011]
04. Headboggle – Ambientemusique
05. Chris Watson – El Divisadero [Touch, 2011]
06. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – The Center [Spectrum Spools, 2012]
07. Mark Van Hoen – Holy Me [Editions Mego, 2012]
08. R/S – Chicago II [Pan, 2011]
09. Ben Vida – Zizzlerz [Pan, 2012]
10. Pete Um – Mortal Song [Grist, 2012]
11. King C – Cocaine Safari [Vandalizm, 2011]
12. Shackleton – Seven Present Tenses [Woe To The Septic Heart!, 2012]
13. Sensate Focus – Untitled [Sensate Focus, 2012]
14. Transportation AAD – Last Train To Lexington [Darkestral Recordings, 2011]
15. NHK’Koyxeи – 638+ [Pan, 2012]
16. Carter Tutti Void – V4 [Mute, 2012]
17. Mordant Music – Post-MorteM [Mordant Music, 2012]
18. Vatican Shadow – Shooter In Same Uniform As The Soldiers [Type, 2012]

“Secret Thirteen Mix 024” is a sublime musical compilation, recorded live only from vinyls that were recently released by some notable artists such as Chris Watson, Mark Van Hoen, NHK, Vatican Shadow amongst the other dexterous talents.

The author of the mix is an experimental electronic music artist Nick Edwards (born 1969), widely known as Ekoplekz who lives and works in Bristol, England. Started to explore sound in the late 80′s by using primitive hardware-based audio studio environment, direct to four-track cassette, Edward hasn’t lost his creativeness principles till these days. In the early 90′s Edward has released a couple records and suddenly disappeared from the underground scene. He successfully came back after a decade as a prolific music blogger Gutterbreakz (active 2003-2009). In 2010 Edward returned as a musician and live performer, even formed a few musical projects like EKOCLEF. In short active period as Ekoplekz, Edward has released a solid amount of records and cassettes on various labels including Punch Drunk, Mordant Music, Further Records, Public Information, Perc Trax and Plant Migration. Edward’s formative influences range from early electronics and radiophonics to 70′s dub, industrial and krautrock, newer forms of leftfield dance music and the post-noise experimental vanguard. Regularly performing live improvisational music in the UK and Europe, Edward is becoming one of the mysterious persons in the intellectual scene. His latest release double cassette “Skalectrikz” for Mordant Music clearly shows Edward’s musical ideology, also he’s got a very promising forthcoming album (on September) on the respectful Editions Mego label.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 024” is a fundamental musical compilation that consists of 18 fateful records. The basis of the mix can be splited into two parts. First part is beatless and stands on the extensive atmospheres that are weaved with mesmerizing field recordings, avant-garde fragment sounds. Its developing is more cinematic than a casual radio playlist. In the second part rhythmical structures progressively blend in the vintage electronic melodious background till the wholeness connects into a robust ending. Motives of abstract, ambient, techno, house, experimental heard in the sequence create an authentic soundtrack which could be hardly explained by the genre. Author’s presence in the mixing process is more than transparent. Decision not to add any prepared audio effects and recording corrections creates liveliness listening experience. It is a mellow selection which doesn’t draw any specific theme, but reveals author’s long-matured musical vision by widely opening the doors of collected records library.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 024” is like a mystical Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract painting “Dark freshness” where figurative asymmetric lines shapes set up an enigmatic cosmic form that floats in zero gravity of infinite abyssal sphere.
Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
Ekoplekz returns to Editions Mego under Ensemble Skalectrik alias
Tirelessly prolific, Edwards had a productive (and, presumably, sleepless) 2012.

The Bristol producer notched up a release on Punch Drunk, collaborated with Nochexxx and put out material on Further, Public Information and Mordant Music. He also made his long-overdue debut on Editions Mego with the Plekzationz disc, which collected assorted lo-fi esoterica recorded over the last three years. The relationship with Peter Rehberg’s label will continue with a second eMego disc, released as Ensemble Skalectrik.

Ensemble Skalectrik is a relatively recent Edwards alias, and sees the producer experimenting with improvisational practice. It’s one of Edwards’ strangest creative outlets: last year’s Snuff Mill Tapes ranks among the most arcane work Edwards has committed to tape, and a chaotic release for Feral Tapes saw him tip his hat to Italian noise figurehead Maurizio Bianchi.

New LP Trainwrekz shows Edwards embracing his inner Philip Jeck and experimenting with processed turntable music. Recorded in November over the course of three sessions, Trainwrekz sees the producer manipulating old vinyl -  “mainly sound effects and easy listening albums” – using filters, loop pedals and equalisers. eMego promise “a highly personalized form of turntablism that incorporates elements of Chance, Drone, Dub, Hauntology, Musique Concrete and Free Improvisation.”

Hardware-spotters might be interested to know that Edwards used the following kit when making the album:

Alesis Nano Compressor, BASF Chrome cassette (x2), Belcat Delay, Chance, Danelectro ‘Reel Echo’, Ekdahl ‘Moisturizer’, Electrix ‘EQ Killer’, Electro-Harmonix ’The Worm’, Muza FD900 ‘M Ambience’, Nick Edwards, Rocktek 6 Band EQ, Stanton STR8-30 direct drive turntable (x2), Yamaha MT3X cassette multitrack and a selection of vinyl LP records.

Trainwrekz is due on Editions Mego on April 29.

1.1. Wrekwahn
1.2. Wrektoo
1.3. Wrekfree
2.1. Wrekfore
2.2. Wreksank
2.3. Wreksikz (for Louis Johnstone)
Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
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Ekoplekz - Devesham Dub 2013 / FLAC

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