Ekoplekz - Entropik E.P. (2015)

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Artist: Ekoplekz
Label: Planet Mu
Catalog: ZIQ357
Released: 03.03.2015
Type: EP
Style: Electronic, Bass, Experimental, Leftfield


01. Entropy Flash (12:43)
02. Entropy Symphony (15:55)

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Ekoplekz - Reflekzionz

May 18 2015 - Planet Mu - ZIQ358

01. A Caustic Romance
02. Quakers Road Skank
03. Seduktion
04. Repeater (How Did It Feel?)
05. Downtone
06. Midnight Cliffs
07. Tremulant
08. Dubnium 268
09. Canon's Marsh
10. Black Calkz
11. Saturation (Full Rinse)
12. Day In May

Press release / samples: http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ358

Reflekzionz is experimental Bristol musician Nick Edwards' third album for the long-running UK label in the past year, following Four Track Mind and Unfidelity. Like its title implies, the record sees Edwards in a more wistful mood, and as with his recent Mu work it sheds some of the less accessible elements of his best-known work ("radiophonic sci-fi sounds, ancient drum machines and... post-punk bass or guitar" according to the label) in favour of more melodic sounds.

Planet Mu says that Reflekzionz "focuses on invoking a blurry, saturated false-memory of the leftfield electronica that was the soundtrack to his life in the early to mid-1990s," and pays tribute to influences like AFX and Cluster. As usual, you can listen to clips over at the Planet Mu website.
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FACT mix 491: Ekoplekz

FACT fave Nick Edwards turns in a soupy blend of abstract electronics.

Rising to notoriety thanks to his popular (and now defunct) Gutterbreakz blog, Nick Edwards adopted the Ekoplekz moniker in the late-2000s, and since 2010 has released an inhuman amount of material for a variety of prestigious imprints.

Last year, he settled into the Planet Mu stable, dropping two full-lengths – Unfidelity and Four Track Mind – and this year he’s continued the winning streak with a phenomenal EP (Entropik) and a new album – entitled Reflekzionz – ready to drop on May 18.

Edwards’s FACT mix is an expectedly labyrinthine journey, dragging the listener through an expertly-selected set of dusty off-world electronics, mischievous low-end rumblings and hoarse electro from the likes of regular collaborators Mordant Music, Nochexxx and of course Edwards himself.


01. Ekoplekz – Outro: Entropy Symphony (Planet Mu)
02. Jonathan Meades – Pedigree Mongrel (excerpt)(Test Center)
03. Hacker Farm – Dead Beatz (unreleased)
04. Scarab – Procession Towards The Unknown (Mordant Music ReMMix)(Mental Groove)
05. IX Tab – I M Wh U Mk Ov M (Twiggwich)
06. Charles Hayward – Searchlight Tattoo (Samarbeta)
07. Kemper Norton – Ship Canal’s Remix For Gerard Winstanley (Front & Follow)
08. Laura Cannell – Song Of Repentance (Replekz) (Brawl)
09. Baron Mordant – East Hill (Cavendish Music)
10. Nochexxx – Last Club On Da Left (Type – forthcoming)
11. Dolly Dolly & Gloria Gloucestershire – Contak (unreleased)
12. Honey Bane – Violence Grew (rejected Replekz)
13. eMMplekz – Queer Vibe (Mordant Music)
14. Ekoplekz – Severn Beach (Wrangler Remix – exclusive)

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“Planet Mu has been a beacon on my musical radar for a long time”: Stream Ekoplekz’s new album, Reflekzionz
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Ekoplekz - Reflekzionz not leaked yet?
Shipping Now! Bristol’s Nick Edwards readopts his Ekoplekz moniker for his third full length on Planet Mu (OFFICIAL) the outstanding Reflekzionz:
While he’s maintained a focus on the dub-driven blueprints he builds from so brilliantly, Edwards has gone retrospective with this LP bringing together a number of the influences that built his own sound. From the shapeshifting opener 'A Caustic Romance' (no prizes for guessing who that one is inspired by), to the bleeping fragmented techno on 'Canon’s March', this LP is a homage to the scruffy leftfield electronica that Edwards lived on in the 1990s.

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Ekoplekz - Reflekzionz [Planet Mu][ZIQ358] (2015) 320
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Release date: 18 May 2015

1. A Caustic Romance
2. Quakers Road Skank
3. Seduktion
4. Repeater (How Did It Feel?)
5. Downtone
6. Midnight Cliffs
7. Tremulant
8. Dubnium 268
9. Canon's Marsh
10. Black Calkz Play
11. Saturation (Full Rinse)
12. Day In May

Listen/Buy: planet.mu
Download: rusfolder.com

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Artist: Ekoplekz
Title: Reflekzionz
Genre: Electronic
Rip Date: 2015-05-18
Runtime: 53:02
Songs: 12
Size: 125M
Quality: 320kbps 44.1kHz
URL: http://play.google.com


1. A Caustic Romance 04:05
2. Quakers Road Skank 02:56
3. Seduktion 05:49
4. Repeater (How Did It Feel?) 03:21
5. Downtone 07:00
6. Midnight Cliffs 03:32
7. Tremulant 04:10
8. Dubnium 268 04:50
9. Canon's Marsh 05:20
10. Black Calkz 03:50
11. Saturation (Full Rinse) 03:42
12. Day In May 04:27
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отличная пластиночка.
Цитата: (-zeRo-)
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да да. хороший альбомчик получился. thumb.gif
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Artist : Ekoplekz
Title : Reflekzionz
Cat. Num. : ZIQ358CD
Genre : Electronic
Label : Planet Mu
Tracks : 12
Source : CD
Quality : V0
Store date : ages ago
Rip date : May-20-2015
URL : http://www.discogs.com/


01. A Caustic Romance 04:06
02. Quakers Road Skank 02:57
03. Seduktion 05:49
04. Repeater (How Did It Feel?) 03:21
05. Downtone 07:00
06. Midnight Cliffs 03:32
07. Tremulant 04:11
08. Dubnium 268 04:51
09. Canon's Marsh 05:21
10. Black Calkz 03:51
11. Saturation (Full Rinse) 03:43
12. Day In May 04:28


53:10 min
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Phlekz ‎– 2015.Off

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A1. Off (05:00)
A2. Brownfield Dub (02:46)
A3. Drenched (04:38)
A4. Purple Patch (03:40)
A5. Abhorrent (23 Yips) (03:21)
A6. This Wrekage (05:10)

320 56.26 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
eMMplekz ‎– 2016.Rook to TN34

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01. Britain's Got Talon (01:56)
02. Guetta Life (03:34)
03. Membrane (02:05)
04. Less Trap More Clap (03:45)
05. Gloomy Leper Techno (03:29)
06. Ancient Weather Riffs (03:57)
07. Slag Heap Snow Angels (04:25)
08. Hello, Mordant Music (02:50)
09. Nostalgia for Early Plugins (03:20)
10. Dot to Dot Detritus (03:35)
11. People Are (So Fucking) People (06:52)
12. Painfully Teal (03:51)
13. Hastings (04:38)

bandcamp discogs

320 100.98 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
eMMplekz @ www.ursss.com 2013/09
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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Ekoplekz on Mu! Bioprodukt (ZIQ386) will be available on June 16th
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