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Erasure - I Could Fall In Love With You (CDM Promo 2007)

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BITRATE:......VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE:.......47.0 MB

01. I Could Fall In Love With You (monteverde extended mix) 06:26
02. I Could Fall In Love With You (jermy wheatly extended) 06:00
03. I Could Fall In Love With You (monteverde dub mix 1) 06:45
04. I Could Fall In Love With You (monteverde dub mix 2) 05:39
05. I Could Fall In Love With You (jermy wheatly radio mix) 04:01


Pass: synthpop

Thanx - http://synthpop.nnm.ru/

ARTiST: Erasure
TiTLE: Light At The End Of The World
TiME: 39:23 min
SiZE: 58,2 MB
RiP DATE: Apr-07-2007
RELEASE DATE: May-21-2007
WEBSiTE: erasureinfo.com

Track List:

01. Sunday Girl 04:35
02. I Could Fall In Love With You 04:16
03. Sucker For Love 03:59
04. Storm In A Teacup 04:04
05. Fly Away 03:22
06. Golden Heart 03:13
07. How My Eyes Adore You 03:21
08. Darlene 03:38
09. When A Lover Leaves You 03:52
10. Glass Angel 05:03

Release Notes:

Erasure - the iconic British pop duo of Andy Bell
and Vince Clark who've sold more than 20 million
albums worldwide have announced they are set to
release their new single "I Could Fall in Love With
You" through Mute this spring. The song is taken
from their new album Light At the End Of the World
due out May 22. Coming after 2006's Union Street, an
acoustic album of drastically rearranged
lesser-known Erasure songs that was recorded with a
full band and underlined the enduring quality of the
material - Light At the End Of the World is a potent
return to classic, totally electronic Erasure form
as last heard on 2005's Nightbird (Mute).

Light At the End Of the World was written and
recorded at a private home in the U.S. in Maine
which Clarke and Bell - alongside producer Gareth
Jones (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave) - converted into a
recording studio. It was here over a month's time
during the fall of 2006, they wrote and recorded ten
new songs.

Light At the End Of the World confirms Erasure's
status as one of the U.K.'s most successful
songwriting duos of all time. With over 32 top forty
consecutive hits to date, this new collection of
songs will surely continue Erasure's already
outstanding legacy.

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