Evian Christ, the anonymous producer whose unannounced series of straight-to-YouTube ambient footwork positioned him as the most exciting new artist of the year, has revealed his name—Joshua Leary, as many speculated—and finally shared high-quality MP3s of those songs. Christ resides in the UK, apparently; he’s 22 years old. While there are no new productions in the set, entitled Kings and Them, all tracks have been remastered and shine brighter than ever. If you downloaded one of the gunky YouTube rips floating around, it’s worth the upgrade. Songs like “Go Girl,” which douses Baby Bash’s 2010 song of the same name with a bucket of oily, electrified slop, now have enough bitrate space for all the beat elements to breathe. Sounds great as ever—better even. And maybe the best news: Leary has signed to Tri Angle, that unparalleled breeding ground for dark electronics, for whom he’s already working on his next release. - The Fader


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Evian Christ - Kings And Them EP [2012]


01 Drip
02 MYD
03 Go Girl
04 Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap
05 Horses In Motor
06 Snapback Back
07 Thrown Like Jacks
08 Fridge, Crank, Gun

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Evian Christ - Kings And Them EP [2012]
New link: Mediafire
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Evian Christ - Payo Rent
"Payo Rent", was made around the same time as the genesis of Evian Christ's free collection Kings and Them, but hasn't surfaced until now. - Pitchfork

Interview with Pitchfork.com:

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Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna [Evian Christ Remix] - Stream

Its out on iTunes!
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(Evian Christ Remix)


Don't worry about the kbs, it bumps
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                      (Evian Christ Remix)                     


                  Don't worry about the kbs, it bumps

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It sounds almost the same really, but I erased my link.
thanks for the 320 mane.
Evian Christ Mix - Xfm 26/05/12
For those who want to download it:
Evian Christ - XFM Guestmix 26-05-2012
192kBits/s - 20:48 - Zippyshare

Ofty305 – ‘Moisture’
Ice Edwards – ‘Flat Soda Chasing’
Evian Christ - ‘MYD’
Kiki Hitomi - Thrown Like Jacks/Venus In Furs
Evian Christ - Thrown Like Jacks V Horses In Motor
Evian Christ - Fridge Crank Gun
Evian Christ - Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap
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Evian Christ – Kings And Them 320, new link please!
Special musick for special people.. http://lifequiet.wordpress.com/
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Evian Christ – Kings And Them 320, new link please!

New link: Zippyshare

Vinyl is out on Tri Angle Records:
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