Failure - Magnified (1994)
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1 Let It Drip
2 Moth
3 Frogs
4 Bernie
5 Magnified
6 Wonderful Life
7 Undone
8 Wet Gravity
9 Empty Friend
10Small Crimes

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Failure To Perform “Comfort”, “Magnified” & “Fantastic Planet” In Full At July Shows, Reveal Vinyl Box Set

Failure will be performing their first three albums (“Comfort“, “Magnified” & “Fantastic Planet“) at a series of residencies in various cities in July. Additionally, the band will also be releasing their early works as a four-piece vinyl set dubbed “Failure: 1992-1996” on April 07th. That set will compile newly restored, re-mixed and remastered versions of the aforementioned trio of albums done by the band’s own vocalist/guitarist Ken Andrews. He commented:

“Almost everything people have heard from these albums has been sourced from 16bit digital files made in the ‘90s, which was state of the art at the time. But when we found out we were getting our hands on the original analog master tapes, and with all the confusion and lack of quality control on several of the previous iterations, we set out to create the definitive versions of ‘Comfort‘, ‘Magnified‘ and ‘Fantastic Planet‘. Everything has been sourced directly from first generation multitrack and stereo master tapes. This is us finally getting to present our early work the way we’ve always wanted to.”

Several previously unreleased b-sides from the sessions will also be included. Bassist/guitarist Greg Edwards added:

“Listening to the b-sides and outtakes from that first year of being a band takes me right back to playing the tiny stage at Jabberjaw in Los Angeles. t’s always surprising to me how much of the expansiveness and atmosphere of the later records exist in embryonic form on those earliest stripped-down recordings.”

Drummer Kelli Scott also spoke of the set:

“These new versions have all the magic from the originals, but now, instead of looking through a hazy pane of glass, the window has been completely opened and you can hear all the elements in their full glory.”

Pre-orders for the set can be found here. The bonus outtakes set to be included in the set include:

“Petting The Carpet”
“You’re Too Much”
“Rad Sack”
“Wake Up”
“Count My Eyes”
“Solaris 2014”

Dates for their aforementioned touring plans include:

07/09 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall (performing “Comfort“)
07/10 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall (performing “Magnified“)
07/11 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall (performing “Fantastic Planet“)
07/16 Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex (performing “Comfort“)
07/17 Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex (performing “Magnified“)
07/18 Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex (performing “Fantastic Planet“)
07/23 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (performing “Comfort“)
07/24 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (performing “Magnified“)
07/25 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (performing “Fantastic Planet“)

VIP ticket bundles for the tour are available via this location. General public sales for the tickets will go up this Friday, December 20th, at 10am local time, keep an eye out for tickets here.
Failure 1992-1996 Vinyl Boxset, now available in digital form!

So we have been seeing a lot of people requesting to buy just the digital versions of the new Failure Vinyl box set.

We heard you! So in the interest of entertaining everyone who is on lockdown, and does not have a turntable, and helping out other touring musicians who maybe just had their next 6 months of income cancelled, here it is!

20% of your purchase will go to Musicares COVID-19 Relief.

Purchase the entire box set (47 songs lovingly remixed and remastered by Ken Andrews) digitally from Hello Merch for $50 right now:

There is no gene for the Human Spirit
Any link to the remaster trilogy?
There is no gene for the Human Spirit
This is a total post production redux using the original 16mm Camera Negative. The song is also remastered from the original 1/2" analog tape.
Failure Drummer Kellii Scott Is ‘Recovering Well’ From His Cancer Battle

This past spring saw Failure drummer Kellii Scott reveal that he had been diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer. He has since undergone treatment and several surgeries for it and continues to be on the mend. In a newly-released video for his creative and recording techniques, Failure frontman Ken Andrews said of Scott‘s current health.

“I’m happy to report that Kelli Scott, the drummer of the band Failure, is totally recovering well from his cancer surgery. So in my world, everything’s very upside down with schedules and what we can do, but we’re all healthy so that’s the main thing.”

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