Feral Children


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ARTIST: Feral Children
TITLE: Second to The Last Frontier
LABEL: Sarathan
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 183kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 46m total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-07-08
RIP DATE: 2008-07-17

Track List
1. Spy/Glass House 4:32
2. Billionaires vs. Millionaires 4:07
3. Jaundice Giraffe 5:53
4. Ex-Blindman 2:43
5. Me, Me, Just Me 2:53
6. Baby Joseph Stalin 2:35
7. Cannibal Prison 4:29
8. Lost in the Woods 7:15
9. Saint 3:14
10. Space Face 3:10
11. The Beast = Goldmine 2:11
12. Zyghost 3:26

Release Notes:

Not without its bloated moments of dissonance and white noise, Feral Children's
Second to the Last Frontier an eclectic blend of noise rock, Animal
Collective-style psych-folk, Northwest indie rock and New York No Wave is
grounded by an abundance of organic elements such as acoustic instrumentation
and tribal percussion. Daydream Nation this is not, but it doesn't need to be.
The album never crosses the line from homage into plagiarism and the lyrics are
honest, sharp and visceral. Whether it's the record's infinitely layered sonic
landscapes, the tumultuous punch of two drum sets (a hardly original concept
that is both unnecessary and effective), or the Seattle quintet's palpable
chemistry, Last Frontier demands a devoted audience: If you're not paying close
attention, you're liable to miss some happy accident that is simultaneously too
small to notice casually and too perfect to ignore. While Last Frontier is
jagged, ragged and ambitious, it's also rooted in reality. Not content to simply
challenge their audience with off-time squeals and static opuses, Feral Children
hides a heart in the wreckage, bringing forth charm and child-like naivety with
awkward lyrical passages and the occasional traditional song structure. The band
finds a balance that melds the fantastical with the mundane, the high-concept
with the crude. It's a nasty little dance, but you'll find it hard to stop
tapping your toes.



очень не понравился субж...

еле 2,5 песни прослушал, вокал....ещё хуже музыки(всё это имхо)

ps.инди оч люблю
ага, с первого прослушивания так себе 8/
очень понравилось, наверно потому, что сам немного похоже экспериментирую))
Хороши,не отягощающи и беззаботны!!!
отлично просто! классная экспериментальщина!
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Feral Children - Brand New Blood (2010) V0

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01. Kid Origami
02. Castrato
03. Group Home
04. Rivers Of Forever
05. On A Frozen Beach
06. Conveyor
07. Universe Design
08. Inside The Night
09. Woodland Mutts
10. Enchanted Parkway

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