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ARTiST.......: Freshkills
ALBUM........: Raise Up The Sheets
GENRE........: Rock
YEAR.........: 2012
RiP.DATE.....: 2012-04-12
STORE.DATE...: 2012-03-12
SOURCE.......: CD
GRABBER......: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
ENCODER......: lame.exe -V0
SiZE.........: 76.18 megs
BiTRATE......: 264 kbps avg


1. Raise Up the Sheets 3:37
2. Why Are You So Unforgiving? 3:25
3. The Child We Almost Had 4:09
4. Frankie Johnny 3:31
5. Positive Vibes 3:30
6. The Wolves That Raised You 3:20
7. Hotels 3:23
8. Bigger Man 4:19
9. Try To Be Kind 2:58
10. New Folksongs For New Buildings 6:04

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ARTIST: Fresh Kills
TITLE: Creeps And Lovers
LABEL: Arclight Records
BITRATE: 200 kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2006-00-00
RIP DATE: 2006-03-27

Track List
1. Creeps and Lovers 3:08
2. Future in Publishing 5:30
3. Taste of Metal 4:40
4. Hot Ex-Wife Action 3:13
5. Is There Enough Cocaine in the 3:06
World to Make You Care About
6. If things Don't Change 3:48
7. Live In the City 5:42
8. Soda Water 3:24
9. Hands Up 5:52

Release Notes:

We can't sleep at night. We like Black Flag. We said some things we would later
regret, and ended up in a band. We'll put out a record when we are good and
ready. Which, as it turns out, will be on, I dunno, lets say June 2nd. It's
called Creeps and Lovers. Here's what some people that know some things about
stuff said about our last EP: Portland Mercury (
"Like a combination of the spazzy kid who threw desks and chairs at teachers and
the bully who pushed that same kid into lockers, Freshkills use a combination of
tech-y, frantic breakdowns and relentless pummeling to get their way.
Unpredictable and confrontational, the band doesn't "ask" or "compel" listeners,
they demand. The same giant hands that stretched out of the amps of the MC5,
Nation of Ulysses and At the Drive In have been shaking audience members to
within an inch of their lives at Freshkills shows for the last year in their
home of New York City. This West Coast tour with like-minded troublemakers Plot
to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower ought to leave entire crowds gasping and panic
stricken, and so glad for the experience." (Ethan Swan) Punk Planet

( "An outstanding EP from this new band out of New
York. While Drive like Jehu are an obvious influence, everything from Fugazi,
Wire, The Murder City Devils and Dave Allen's bass playing can be found on this
five-song EP. It's refreshing to hear a band with an idiosyncratic sound; just
when you think you got the FreshKills number, they change it up on you. The
group delivers rich song structure: when lead singer Zachary Lipez isn't belting
them out, the band doesn't abide by a typical pre-chorus or by the numbers
bridge. Whether it be their rhythm section playing in a dialect only they know
or angular guitars killing you like a drunk with a circular saw, there isn't a
slow spot on this record. Which leads me to this question: why can't all records
be this fulfilling." (RL) Big Takeover ( "Striking
out suddenly like some demented mangling of a B-52's song, the Fall, your
favorite emocore math-whatever anthem, and like some Jon Spencer nightmare,
Fresh Kills take that New York sound and darken it, stretch it,deepen it, and
make it actually rock out even more. It's full and fresh, it grows, it feeds. It
eats you alive, but you still have to listen to the next song. It's a five song
EP that almost feels like a full length album. Occasionally pulling out some
garage rocked Sonic Youth Death Valley-type noise and mayhem, but always
bringing it back to intensely driving songs that carry you out with well
disguised hooks." (JR Clearly, these people know what they're talking about. The
new record is even way betterrer.

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Freshkills - Creeps and Lovers (320 or FLAC)

Freshkills - Raise Up The Sheets (320 or FLAC)

Freshkills - Coextinction 6

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