Gör FLsh is an angry French-Canadian metalhead, who’s also passionate about electronic music. In the past he played in a number of metal and hardcore bands and this attitude is carried over in Gör FLsh’s sound and style. Aggressive, uncompromised and brutally beautiful, Gör FLsh doesn’t care about or follow electronic music standards. He composes and plays the music he wants to hear, a mix between sludge, death metal, hardcore, electro and dubstep.

Gör FLsh "Forgotten Rites" LP (2020)

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1.Forgotten Rites (Intro) 02:09
2.Booze, Drugs And Other Good Habits 05:55
3.You're Next 03:34
4.The Brotherhood 04:02
5.No One 04:17
6.Rejected 03:40
7.We Are Wolves At Night 04:06
8.100 Years 04:23
9.My Body Is A Dead Machine 04:24
10.Still Wrong (Outro) 02:26

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