symphonic progressive rock from Spain
GOTIC is a very good symphonic band that remind me of CAMEL. Lots of flute, lots of cool melodies, and a great deal of Spanish culture are evident. The basic lineup is piano, flute, bass and drums, with guests on acoustic guitars, synthesizer, and percussion. In general, the instrumentation here is dominated by classical piano and guitar, with bright and distinctive flute melodies leading the way.

"Escenes" is a good example of CAMEL-like melodic instrumental prog which is steeped in a plesantly jazzy, symphonic quality. The album is dominated by keyboards and flute providing the lead melodies and solos most of the time. A more than worthy addition for anyone exploring that scene. Again: very highly recommended

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Gotic - Escenes (1978)

Track listing
1. Escenes de la terra en festa I de la mar en calma (4:02)
2. Imprompt I (5:53)
3. Jocs d'ocells (3:33)
4. La revolucio (4:08)
5. Danca d'estiu (3:30)
6. I tu que ho veies tot tan facil (5:39)
7. Historia d'una gota d'aigua (10:14)

Total Time: 36:59

- Rafael Escot? / bass, gong, claps
- Jordi Mart? / drums, percussion, claps
- Jep Nuix / flute, piccolo, claps
- Jordi Vilapriny? / keyboards, synthesizers
+ Jordi Codina / classical guitar (7)
- Josep Albert Cubero / acoustic & electric guitars (2-6-7)
- Jordi Vidal / effects

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