The Golden Road (1965–1973), 12 cd box-set
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CD01 - Birth Of The Dead - The Studio Sides
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01. Early Morning Rain
02. I Know You Rider
03. Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)
04. The Only Time is Now
05. Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)
06. Can't Come Down
07. Stealin' (Instrumental)
08. Stealin' (With Vocals)
09. Don't Ease Me In (Instrumental)
10. Don't Ease Me In (With Vocals)
11. You Don't Have To Ask
12. Tastebud (Instrumental)
13. Tastebud (With Vocals)
14. I Know You Rider
15. Cold Rain And Snow (Instrumental)
16. Cold Rain And Snow (With Vocals)
17. Fire In The City (With Jon Hendricks)

CD02 - Birth Of The Dead - The Live Sides
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01. Viola Lee Blues
02. Don't Ease Me In
03. Pain In My Heart
04. Sitting On Top Of The World
05. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
06. I'm A King Bee
07. Big Boss Man
08. Standing On The Corner
09. In The Pines
10. Nobody's Fault But Mine
11. Next Time You See Me
12. One Kind Favor
13. He Was A Friend Of Mine
14. Keep Rolling By

CD03 - The Greateful Dead
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01. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
02. Beat It On Down The Line
03. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04. Cold Rain And Snow
05. Sitting On Top Of The World
06. Cream Puff War
07. Morning Dew
08. New, New Minglewood Blues
09. Viola Lee Blues
10. Alice D. Millionaire
11. Overseas Stomp (The Lindy)
12. Tastebud
13. 13 - Death Don't Have No Mercy
14. Viola Lee Blues (Edited Version)
15. Viola Lee Blues (Live)

CD04 - Anthem Of The Sun
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01. That's It for the Other One
02. New Potato Caboose
03. Born Cross-Eyed
04. Alligator
05. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)
06. Alligator (Live)
07. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) (Live)
08. Feedback (Live)
09. Born Cross-Eyed (Single)

CD05 - Aoxomoxoa
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01. St. Stephen
02. Dupree's Diamond Blues
03. Rosemary
04. Doin' That Rag
05. Mountains Of The Moon
06. China Cat Sunflower
07. What's Become Of The Baby
08. Cosmic Charlie
09. Clementine Jam
10. Nobody's Spoonful Jam
11. The Eleven Jam
12. Cosmic Charlie (Live)

CD06 - Live/Dead
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01. Dark Star
02. St. Stephen
03. The Eleven
04. Turn On Your Love Light
05. Death Don't Have No Mercy
06. Feedback
07. And We Bid You Goodnight
08. Dark Star
09. Radio Ad

CD07 - Workingman's Dead
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01. Uncle John's Band
02. High Time
03. Dire Wolf
04. New Speedway Boogie
05. Cumberland Blues
06. Black Peter
07. Easy Wind
08. Casey Jones
09. New Speedway Boogie (Alternative Mix)
10. Dire Wolf (Live)
11. Black Peter (Live)
12. Easy Wind (Live)
13. Cumberland Blues (Live)
14. Mason's Children (Live)
15. Uncle John's Band (Live)
16. Radio Ad

CD08 - American Beauty
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01. Box Of Rain
02. Friend Of The Devil
03. Sugar Magnolia
04. Operator
05. Candyman
06. Ripple
07. Brokedown Palace
08. Till The Morning Comes
09. Attics Of My Life
10. Truckin'
11. Truckin' (Single Version)
12. Friend Of The Devil (Live)
13. Candyman (Live)
14. Till The Morning Comes (Live)
15. Attics Of My Life (Live)
16. Truckin' (Live)
17. Ripple (Single Version)
18. Radio Ad

CD09 - Grateful Dead
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01. Bertha
02. Mama Tried
03. Big Railroad Blues
04. Playing In The Band
05. The Other One
06. Me & My Uncle
07. Big Boss Man
08. Me & Bobby McGee
09. Johnny B. Goode
10. Wharf Rat
11. Not Fade Away , Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
12. Oh, Boy!
13. I'm A Hog For You
14. Radio Ad

CD10 - Europe '72
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01. Cumberland Blues
02. He's Gone
03. One More Saturday Night
04. Jack Straw
05. You Win Again
06. China Cat Sunflower
07. I Know You Rider
08. Brown-Eyed Woman
09. Hurts Me Too
10. Ramble on Rose
11. Sugar Magnolia
12. Mr. Charlie
13. Tennessee Jed
14. The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)

CD11 - Europe '72
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01. Truckin'
02. Epilogue
03. Prelude
04. Morning Dew
05. Looks Like Rain
06. Good Lovin'
07. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)
08. Who Do You Love
09. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)
10. Good Lovin'
11. Bob's Dog Story

CD12 - History of the Grateful Dead, Volume I (Bear's Choice)
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01. Katie Mae
02. Dark Hollow
03. I've Been All Around This World
04. Wake Up Little Susie
05. Black Peter
06. Smokestack Lightnin'
07. Hard To Handle
08. Good Lovin'
09. Big Boss Man
10. Smokestack Lightnin' (Version Two)
11. Sitting On Top Of The World


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Jerry Garcia stayed extremely busy in the fall of 1993. The Grateful Dead spent much of September playing multi-night stands at Boston Garden, New York’s Madison Square Garden, and the Spectrum in Philadelphia, and a little over a month later the guitarist was back in some of the same rooms with his eponymous side band. A gem from that lengthy arena trek, which turned out to be the Jerry Garcia Band’s final East Coast tour, is unearthed in the new live set GarciaLive Volume 11, November 11th, 1993, Providence Civic Center, which will be released July 12th via Round Records.

Capturing an entire two-set show at the Rhode Island venue, the latest installment in the archival series mixes staples from Garcia’s solo catalog with a handful of interesting covers. A wide-open, 13-minute take on Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate” premieres today at Rolling Stone Country.

In Garcia’s hands, Dylan’s dusty folk tune, originally found on 1975’s Blood on the Tracks, gets reimagined as a patient, celestial ballad. In between verses, Garcia delivers colorfully melodic guitar runs, accented by twinkling keyboard fills from steadfast collaborator Melvin Seals. Around the seven-minute mark the bandleader cedes the spotlight to bassist John Kahn, who rumbles through an extended improvisational solo more typically found in a jazz club than an arena rock show.

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Flashback: John Mayer Plays With Bob Weir for First Time, Giving Rise to Dead & Co.

The Grateful Dead ceased to exist the minute Jerry Garcia died on August 9th, 1995, but they still had an enormous audience and the remaining members spent the next two decades trying to find ways to keep the music alive on the road. They called themselves everything from the Other Ones to the Dead to Furthur as members of the original band came and went, but the one constant challenge was finding a frontman. Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes, John Kadlecik, and Trey Anastasio all gave it a shot, but they were all temporary fill-ins.

It took a series of completely random events for the Dead to find a singer-guitarist that could bring them back to stadiums and keep them there summer after summer. The first one took place around 2011 when John Mayer happened to come across their 1980 classic “Althea.” He was only vaguely familiar with their music, but something about it touched him deeply. “It came up on some Pandora algorithm,” he told Rolling Stone in 2015. “I don’t remember who the artist was. It was a total, blind taste test.”

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See the Grateful Dead Perform ‘Eyes of the World’ in 1991

To say the Grateful Dead had a terrible Nineties would be an understatement. Keyboardist Brent Mydland died of an overdose in 1990, followed by Jerry Garcia’s fatal heart attack five years later after years of abusing his own body. The years in-between challenged the band like few eras had before. But they still rallied and made the best of a shaky situation, and one of those periods was the band’s summer 1991 tour.

By then, the Dead had incorporated not one but two replacements for Mydland: former Tubes keyboardist Vince Welnick and, on a part-time basis, pianist Bruce Hornsby. Hornsby’s animated piano in particular harked back to the work of the late Keith Godchaux in the Seventies but also egged the band on into jazzier, more experimental terrain. The result was a number of standout shows that year, including one at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 17, 1991.

That performance is the subject of the ninth annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies on August 1st, when the complete footage of the gig will be shown in movie theaters around the country. Recorded on 48-track analogue tape, the show features performances of standards like “Uncle John’s Band” and “Truckin’” along with deep cuts like “Saint of Circumstance” and “Loose Lucy,” and the multi-camera footage captures the band from various, often intimate angles.

That’s particularly true during the show-opening “Eyes of the World,” the luminous Wake of the Flood track that has always been a showcase for the band’s various keyboardists. (In the current Dead & Company incarnation, Jeff Chimenti takes the song to especially lofty heights.) In this exclusive preview of the 1991 movie, we see the way both Hornsby and Welnick newly enliven the song, especially when they and Garcia trade solos midway through its 15 minutes.

As Garcia told Rolling Stone that year, discussing Hornsby, “Well, he’s certainly been pushing me. He’s got great ears. And I also have a hard time losing him. I try, ‘Hey, Bruce, follow this.’ But he’s there all the time. He also has a good sense of when not to play. And he’s got a great rhythmic feeling.” That summer, the band again, briefly, had its eyes on the prize.


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Вот версия с предыдущего дня в том же месте

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Grateful Dead Tease ‘Giants Stadium’ Box Set With ‘Uncle John’s Band’

The Grateful Dead deliver a standout performance of one of their concert staples, “Uncle John’s Band,” at their June 17th, 1991 show at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. That entire show is one of five previously unreleased concerts — all recorded at Giants Stadium — that will be released on the new box set, Giants Stadium: 1987, 1989, 1991, out September 27th. The band announced their latest archival box set on what would have been Jerry Garcia’s 77th birthday.

This rendition finds the Dead moving easily through the familiar groove of “Uncle John’s Band,” creating a particularly exhilarating moment when they all belt in harmony, “Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?/Their wall are built of cannonballs, their motto is ‘Don’t tread on me.’”

In a statement, Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux said of this particular performance, “Usually a second set centerpiece, this rendition from Giants Stadium 6/17/91 finds the band locked into one of the Dead’s most beloved melodies, all seven of the band members playing spectacularly well, completely focused and in the moment. One of the many highlights of one of the best shows the Dead ever played, this ‘Uncle John’s Band’ emerges from another Workingman’s Dead standout (‘New Speedway Boogie’) and segues into the holy grail of Dead songs, ‘Dark Star.’”

Giants Stadium: 1987, 1989, 1991 captures a unique moment in the Dead’s story: Having outgrown their theater shows of the late Seventies, they were now big enough to fill stadiums thanks to the scores of fans they’d accumulated during years of touring, plus a new generation brought in by the success of their 1987 hit “Touch of Grey.” The five Giants Stadium concerts on the new box set were recorded July 12th 1987, July 9th and 10th, 1989 and June 16th and 17th, 1991, and they chronicle the evolution of the Grateful Dead stadium experience.

Lemieux added that the gigs “include music from three very distinct peaks in the Grateful Dead’s performing career. The first show finds the Dead on top of the world, carrying the renewed energy following Jerry’s return to performing in late 1986. Two years later, the Dead returned for their first two night run at Giants Stadium, beginning a sustained nine month run of excellence for the band. In 1991, a very different Grateful Dead returned to the Meadowlands, widely considered one of the most inventive, inspired, and creative lineups of the band. What they brought to the stadium in 1991 is still the stuff of legend.”

The Giants Stadium box set is available to pre-order and production of the box set is limited to 10,000 copies. Of those, 4,000 will be released as a 14 CD/two DVD set for $149.98, and 6,000 copies will be available as a 14 CD/Blu-ray set for $159.98. Audio from the sets will also be available via the Dead’s website as a digital download.


И да, Джерри сегодня 77

Flashback: The Grateful Dead Play ‘The Wheel’ at Farm Aid in 1986

The show took place just six days before Jerry Garcia went into a diabetic coma that nearly killed him


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Grateful Dead Album Guide

America’s most expansive band — from kaleidoscopic psychedelia to homespun country rock to epic live jams and beyond

Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead Collaborator and Lyricist, Dead at 78

Robert Hunter, the poet and writer who provided the Grateful Dead with many of their vivid and enduring lyrics, died Monday night. He was 78. No cause of death was provided.

“It is with great sadness we confirm our beloved Robert passed away yesterday night,” Hunter’s family announced in a statement. “He died peacefully at home in his bed, surrounded by love. His wife Maureen was by his side holding his hand. For his fans that have loved and supported him all these years, take comfort in knowing that his words are all around us, and in that way his is never truly gone. In this time of grief please celebrate him the way you all know how, by being together and listening to the music. Let there be songs to fill the air.”

Considered one of rock’s most ambitious and dazzling lyricists, Hunter was the literary counterpoint to the band’s musical experimentation. His lyrics — heard in everything from early Dead classics like “Dark Star” and “China Cat Sunflower” and proceeding through “Uncle John’s Band,” “Box of Rain,” “Scarlet Begonias,” and “Touch of Gray”— were as much a part of the band as Jerry Garcia’s singing and guitar.


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Grateful Dead: Unreleased Tracks Highlight New Live LP ‘Ready or Not’

A new Grateful Dead LP collects previously unreleased live songs from the early to mid-Nineties that envisioned a potential track list for an unrecorded final studio album.

Band archivist David Lemieux curated the nine-song Ready or Not, which arrives November 22nd on CD, limited-edition double-LP and digital formats. will offer an exclusive colored vinyl edition of the 2-LP (with one red and one blue disc), limited to 2,000 copies.

Ready or Not features late-period Grateful Dead songs debuted onstage in 1992 and 1993 by their final lineup: singer-guitarist Jerry Garcia, drummer Mickey Hart, drummer Bill Kreutzmann, bassist Phil Lesh, singer-guitarist Bob Weir and then-new keyboardist Vince Welnick. The versions on the LP run up through April 1995, four months before Garcia died from a heart attack.

Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart Remembers Robert Hunter: ‘You Can’t Replace Him’

In 1961, a young Jerry Garcia met another struggling artist: writer and musician Robert Hunter. For more than 30 years until Garcia’s death in 1995, the two were friends and songwriting partners; with Garcia supplying the music and Hunter the lyrics, out came most of the Grateful Dead’s most enduring songs: “Dark Star,” “Uncle John’s Band,” “Truckin’,” “Touch of Grey,” “Ripple,” “China Cat Sunflower” and so many more. Hunter also wrote with bandmates Bob Weir (“Sugar Magnolia,” “Playing in the Band”) and Phil Lesh (“Box of Rain”). Hunter died of natural causes at age 78 last month. Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, who remained close to Hunter and collaborated with him on several of his post-Garcia projects, spoke with Rolling Stone about Hunter’s life and legacy.

Behind the Scenes With Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead

Jay Blakesberg saw the Grateful Dead for the first time over Labor Day weekend 1977, when he was 15 at New Jersey's Meadowlands. "This was a legendary show on many levels," Blakesberg says. "Over 100,000 attendees, scorching 100-plus degree heat, and a classic ’77 show for the ages!" It was also the first of four big east coast labor Day weekend shows on the east coast."

Blakesberg became hooked, photographing the band, many times for Rolling Stone, over the next nearly 30 years. He was at the "Touch of Grey" video shoot, and took personal photos of Garcia at the Grateful Dead's office, at David Grisman's house, and more. He compiles his best images in Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams, a 200-plus page coffee table book, which includes quotes from Garcia's late bandmates, plus John Mayer, Trey Anastasio, Garcia's daughter Trixie and more. "Thank you Jay Blakesberg," Trixie writes in a moving essay, "for sharing these photos of my father." Here, Blakesberg narrates some of his greatest Garcia images.

Bob Weir Announces 2020 North American Tour

Bob Weir has announced 22 tour dates across the U.S. for early 2020, together with Wolf Bros. The tour will kick off in Miami on February 28th and run through March.

Pre-sale registration begins Tuesday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and the pre-sale officially begins Thursday at 10:00 am. General on-sale will open Friday, November 15th at 10:00 a.m.

Bob Weir 2020 North American Tour Dates
February 28 – Miami, FL @ Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater
February 29 – Orlando, FL @ Bob Carr Theater
March 1 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Live
March 3 – Durham, NC @ Durham Performing Arts Center
March 4 – Asheville, NC @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
March 6 – Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theatre
March 7 – Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
March 8 – Louisville, KY @ Palace Theatre
March 10 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Fillmore
March 11 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
March 12 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
March 14 – Kansas City, MO @ Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
March 15 – Omaha, NE @ Orpheum Theater
March 17 – Des Moines, IA @ Hoyt Sherman Place Theater
March 18 – St. Louis, MO @ Stifel Theatre
March 20 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theatre
March 21 – Columbus, OH @ Palace Theatre
March 23 – Albany, NY @ Palace Theatre
March 24 – Syracuse, NY @ Landmark Theatre
March 25 – Burlington, VT @ Flynn Theatre
March 27 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre
March 28 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre

That Time Joe Smith Sent the Grateful Dead a Letter Complaining About Their Work Ethic

Music industry legend Joe Smith was, to say the least, a hands-on guy. He wrote the Grateful Dead a letter complaining about their work ethic. He sent the Eagles a rhyming dictionary so the extremely particular band could finally finish The Long Run. He also had to cope with Van Morrison’s temper, James Taylor’s intense shyness and all manner of artist tantrums. Smith died Monday at the age of 91, leaving a legacy of not only forging legendary record deals, but dealing with legendary egos.

Smith worked his way up from promo man to president of Warner Brothers Records before becoming chairman of Elektra/Asylum in 1975 and, later, president of Capitol-EMI in 1987. Some of his most colorful adventures were with the Grateful Dead, with whom he had a like-hate relationship — from the time he signed them to Warner Brothers in 1967 (when he was a vice president before his 1972 promotion to head) until they left the label in 1972.

In 2012, I interviewed Smith about his time with the band for my Dead biography, So Many Roads. Here’s the longer, unedited version of that conversation.


Owsley Stanley’s ‘Sonic Journals’: Inside the Tape Vault of a Psychedelic Legend

Owsley Stanley was known as the foremost underground LSD chemist of the 1960s. But he was also an exacting pioneer of live concert sound, a man who helped invent both monitor systems and high-fidelity amplification. When he died in 2011 at the age of 76, Stanley left behind a breathtaking array of some 1,300 reels amassed between 1966 and 1982. Buried inside are lost concerts by legends like Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Tim Buckley, and dozens of others, alongside the San Francisco psychedelic bands Stanley is most often associated with, such as the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

An ongoing project by the 501©(3) nonprofit Owsley Stanley Foundation aims to preserve the reels and release the best of what Stanley called his “sonic journals.” Available for preorder now is Dawn of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, a five-disc set capturing the Grateful Dead’s stoner-country offshoot during their formative years in 1969 and 1970. Formed as an outlet for Jerry Garcia to learn pedal-steel guitar, the New Riders would develop a life of their own as a successful proto–outlaw-country act.

“I really liked Bear,” says New Riders guitarist David Nelson of their sound engineer. “And evidently he liked me, because every once in a while he would call me over in private and say, ‘Here, put this in your pocket and use it one drop it at a time,’ and he’d give me a Murine bottle with Owsley acid drops. I was just like, ‘For me?! Holy shit, yeah.’”

Ого, не знал такого

Спасение от «мертвецов»: как группа Grateful Dead помогла баскетбольной сборной Литвы попасть на Олимпиаду 1992 года

...команда вошла в историю не только благодаря результату, но и из-за обстоятельств поездки на Игры: американская рок-группа Grateful Dead проспонсировала спортсменов после распада СССР и помогла им с формой — цветастыми футболками со скелетами, ставшими легендарными.

Dead & Company Map Summer Tour Dates

On the heels of performing three nights at Mexico’s Playing in the Sand event, Dead & Company have announced a 2020 summer trek.

The band will kick off two nights at Boulder, Colorado’s Folsom Field on July 10th and 11th. They’ll then hit major cities, including two evenings at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. They’ll wrap up with two nights at Boston’s Fenway Park on August 7th and 8th.

Dead & Co Tour Dates
July 10 — Boulder, CO @ Folsom Field
July 11 — Boulder, CO @ Folsom Field
July 13 — Maryland Heights, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater – St. Louis
July 15 — Noblesville, IN @ Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center
July 17 — Atlanta, GA @ Truist Park
July 18 — Raleigh, NC @ Coastal Credit Union Music Park/Walnut Creek Amphitheater
July 20 — Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center
July 22 — Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
July 24 — Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field
July 25 — Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field
July 27 — Cuyahoga Falls, OH @ Blossom Music Center
July 29 — Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium
August 1 — East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
August 3 — Saratoga Springs, NY @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 5 — Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Live
August 7 — Boston, MA @ Fenway Park
August 8 — Boston, MA @ Fenway Park


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