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Great Empty - Desire the Creator [2010 / 320 / 73 Mb]

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There is no message.
There is no end, there is no beginning.
There is only being.

Everything will be all right forever, and ever, and ever.

"Words may deceive the self but music never lies."

What we create shall be a testament to that utterance. The great empty is the great big nothingness, which is everywhere and nowhere, and singularly pervades every corner of the mortal, infinite mind. It is about exploring the real by recognising the absurd. It is not about seeking contentment but finding solace through the pattern and the essence of music. It is about kissing joy on its cheeks as it passes by. Embrace impermanence. Freedom is a delusion, the truth never truly exists, and reason can't be grabbed as such. And so, the train goes on. The quest for meaning leaves one forever looking out. The ones looking in shall find the answer.


01. Intro (Pattern & The Essence)
02. Cringe
03. Quell The Guilty Heart
04. Upon Waves Of Promise
05. Slowly, Surely
06. Our Sense Of The Beautiful (feat. Seyra)



Круто играют.

Great Empty - [Desire the Creator #05] Slowly, surely
Особенно понравилась. Завораживающая музыка, теплая и добрая.
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Понравилось! Спасибо! smile.gif
Спасибо!!! thumb.gif
по майспейсу - качать! thumb.gif
we need to concentrate on more than meets the eye ©
очень хороши. меланхолично так, но не депрессивно

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