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Artist : Hanne Kolst°
Album : Stillness and Panic
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2013
Label : Jansen Plateproduksjon
Cat# : JANSEN032
Source : CDDA
Bitrate : 242Kbps
Size : 73,16 MB
Runtime : 41:53 min
: http://hannekolstoe.com/

- Tracklist -

01. Vertical Split 05:13
02. The Clinch 03:01
03. One Plus One Makes One Out Of Two 03:16
04. Shiftswitch 03:26
05. Our Time Is Up 05:01
06. Someone Else 04:24
07. Nothing Out Loud 04:38
08. Don't Remember I Forgot You 03:17
09. Meiosis 03:51
10. Stillness And Panic 02:45
11. Untitled 03:01

- Release notes -

Hanne Kolst° maintains her frequency and releases her third
solo album in three years. She also keeps the core of her
music, the musical landscape in which everything is allowed:
electronica, noise, acoustic guitar, loops, sounds of burning
rubber and her father's brass band in Sykkylven, Norway. This
enchanting ugly-beautiful sound has made her a favourite with
the critics, and also landed her a nomination for the
Norwegian Grammy award in the "Best pop album in 2012"

Stillness and Panic was recorded with old marching band
instruments and pianos in her childhood home and the chapel
where she once started as a soloist in the children's choir.
The soundscape is bigger than on any other Kolst° record, but
her voice and lyrics are indisputably at the core of her

This music was written after Kolst° moved to the west of
Norway, to Sunnm°re, and took a few months off from her
otherwise continuous touring during the past few years. The
silence, and the reflections made on long, solitary hikes
alone in the alps of Sunnm°re, western Norway, are apparent in
deeply personal lyrics and in the albumÆs title.


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Есть два ее альбома из айтюнса, могу выложить, елси надо
желательна сцена
недавно познакомился с ее творчеством
норвы радуют очень
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Есть два ее альбома из айтюнса, могу выложить, елси надо

нет, не надо
не, сцены нет, сорри smile.gif
Если есть возможность - залейте на файлообменники.

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Stillness And Panic в 320 есть ли у кого? Сделайте доброе дело)
Hanne Kolstø - While We Still Have Light (2015)
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Label: Jansen Plateproduksjon
Genre: Indie Pop, Electronic
Quality: MP3 320
Total Time: 54:05 min
Total Size: 124 MB


01. Bordermind
02. While We Still Have Light
03. Only One
04. I Hate You Don't Leave Me
05. The Circle
06. Mysterious
07. Mono
08. I Like You
09. This Town
10. White Noise Static

Hanne Kolstø - While We Still Have Light (2015) 320.rar

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очень круто, браво!
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