Solid Steel (27th October) In Hour 1 we welcome Helena Hauff, who releases her new EP "Have You Been There, Have You Seen It" today via Ninja Tune. Describing the mix, she told us "It’s a small selection of feel good electronic sounds from the heart of gentrified Hamburg” which means music from the likes of I-F, Hieroglyphica and Adapta. Highly respected for her energy, skill and unique selection, her profile has rocketed in the last two years as she has taken on a BBC Radio 1 Residency, delivered her debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, played a legendary B2B set with Ben UFO at Sonar 2017, graced the covers of Crack Magazine, DJ Mag and earned herself the #12 spot in Mixmag’s “Top 20 DJs of 2016”. Check out the new EP here:
Hour 1 - Helena Hauff

The Pulse Projects - Black Catalogue Rituals (Subapical 02)
Damcase ‎- PI03.1 (Pi Electronics)
Datasmok - 004 (Mord)
I-F ‎- Lost Tracks For Lost Minds (Atlantik Wall Records)
The Exaltics - Leave The Ship Now!!! (Bunker)
V_3.378 - Gateway (Acid Avengers)
Cestrian - Hearse (Human Shield Record Company)
Adapta - Kord Port (Frustrated Funk)
Q-Chip - Pleasure Anxiety (Solar One Music)
Hieroglyphica - Atomic (PSEUDO SCIENCE)
One Day In Metropia - Homeless (Credit 00 Rmx) (Rat Life)
Volruptus - Alien Transmission (bbbbbb)
N.F.D. - Robot (Mix-3) (D-Bass Records)
Exterminador - Aboriginal Nations (Exterminador Records)
Lowfish - Bitter (Satamile)
Subhead 021
Helena Hauff - Continuez Mon Enfant Vous Serez Traité En Conséquence
Мирный атом - в каждый дом!
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Helena Hauff – Qualm / No Qualms
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Helena Hauff - Qualm (2018) 320
Helena Hauff – Qualm (2018)

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01. Barrow Boot Boys
02. Lifestyle Guru
03. btdr-revisited
04. Entropy Created You And Me
05. Fag Butts In The Fire Bucket
06. Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg
07. The Smell Of Suds And Steel
08. Primordial Sludge
09. Qualm
10. No Qualms
11. Panegyric
12. It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was A Kid

Helena Hauff – Qualm (2018). К сожалению, она не только выпускает альбомы, но и миксы. На mixmag, по-моему, недавно вышел микс. Иногда всё-таки лучше на время лечь в наркологическую клинику и не мучить людей своим "творчеством" под веществами.
Helena Hauff – Qualm [FLAC] - re-up please!
Helena Hauff ‎/ Groove DJ Mix / 06.2018 / Groove ‎/ GROOVE 173 / CD 82

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People are all different, so we give them a choice!
Helena Hauff – Qualm (2018)

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