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Mancini was probably the most successful film composer of his time. Between 1958 and 1964, Mancini so dominated the television and film music scene that everything else seemed to be either an attempt to clone his sound or a reaction against it. The secret to his success was simple, though: he wrote catchy tunes. If you set aside Mancini's hit tunes like "Peter Gunn" and "Moon River," you find music that's not dramatically different from, say, Elmer Bernstein's. Nelson Riddle once quipped, though, that he'd take the royalties from one Mancini song over everything he'd ever earned on his own arrangements.

Mancini was raised in the mill town of West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. His father taught him the flute and piccolo, and after some initial resistance, gave him perhaps his biggest break ever by setting him up with lessons from Max Adkins. Adkins, a Pittsburgh concertmaster and jazz fan, was a major influence on local musicians, and among Mancini's fellow students were the great Billy Strayhorn and Joshua Feldman (later known as Jerry Fielding). Adkins encouraged Mancini's efforts and even introduced him to Benny Goodman as a potential arranger for Goodman's band. After graduating from high school, he decided to study music, and he attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology and later went to Juilliard in New York City. Among his jobs while attending Juilliard was ghosting for pianist and bandleader Vincent Lopez.

Drafted into the Army in World War Two, Mancini was able get switched from infantry to band and worked with singer Tony Martin and others. He also made connections with Glenn Miller's Army Air Corps band, although he did not serve with them. After the war, though, he was hired as a pianist and arranger by Tex Beneke, who was leading the Miller band on behalf of Miller's widow. In 1947, Mancini married Ginny O'Connor, a singer with the Miller band, who'd previously worked with Mel Torme's vocal group, the Mellolarks, and the couple settled in Los Angeles.

Mancini spent the next few years scraping by as a free-lance arranger and musician. He worked on radio shows, played in studio sessions, and took on the odd orchestration or conducting job. He even provided music for Billy Barty's vaudeville act. He hooked up with choreographer Nick Castle and provided backing arrangement for the nightclub acts of numerous Hollywood singers and actors. One such job led to his publishing the tune, "Soft Shoe Boogie" and earning his entry into ASCAP, the American Society of Composers and Performers, which would later name an annual award after him.

In 1952, Mancini was hired to do fill-in work for an Abbott and Costello movie, and ended up becoming a house arranger for Universal-International films. Much of the work was routine, but it proved an excellent school, as Mancini worked on over 100 films:

I once referred to the music department at Universal as a salt mine. But it was a good salt mine, and younger composers in film today do not have access to that kind of on-the-job training. Being on staff there I was called upon to do everything. I mean, everything. Whenever they needed a piece of source music, music that comes from a source in the picture, such as a band, a jukebox, or a radio, they would call me in. I would do an arrangement on something that was in the Universal library, or I would write a new piece for a jazz band or a Latin band or whatever. I guess in every business you have to learn the routine--in film scoring, the cliches--before you can begin to find your own way.

With his big band background, Mancini was tapped to be the lead arranger for the two best-known swing biopics, "The Glenn Miller Story" in 1954 and "The Benny Goodman Story" in 1956.

The real breakthrough came, though, on Orson Welles' film noir, "Touch of Evil," in 1958. Welles wanted a gritty, realistic tone for his film and insisted on using nothing but source music for the soundtrack. Although Mancini and Welles had virtually no interaction, the job inspired Mancini, and he convinced Universal to let him bring him some ace jazz performers--Shelley Manne, Conrad Gozzo, and Jack Costanzo--to supplement the studio players. Conflicts between Welles and his producer eventually led to the film being drastically altered from the director's cut, but Mancini always said that, "'Touch of Evil' was one of the best things I did in that period of my life. It's one of the best things I've ever done." It was also his last job for Universal.

A former editor at Universal, Blake Edwards, remembered Mancini's work on this film and asked him to write music for a television series he was now directing: "Peter Gunn." Since he was working on a small budget, Edwards asked Mancini to write for a jazz ensemble of 11 players.

Mancini's music--particularly the pounding, menacing theme--proved almost as popular as the series, and RCA rushed out an album featuring the title song and other pieces. Mancini credits Shorty Rogers for this opportunity, since he refused RCA, which first offered the recording job to him, and insisted they use the composer himself. Although television soundtracks had been released on albums before, Music from "Peter Gunn" was a phenomenon. It reached #1 on Billboard's chart, stayed there 10 weeks, and stayed on the list for the next two years. It was so successful, RCA put together a sequel soon after. Mancini received an Emmy nomination for the theme and won two Grammys for the album.

Edwards hired him to repeat the trick for his new series, "Mr. Lucky." Although the series failed, the album sold well, and Mancini won two more Grammys. The title trackm featuring a distinctive organ lead played by Buddy Cole became a popular instrumental. RCA gave him a contract to record under his own name, and his first release, Blues and the Beat, also won a Grammy.

With these successes, Mancini was able to operate as a freelancer. Beginning a long and very productive film partnership, Edwards hired him to do the music for his 1961 film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". He and lyricist Johnny Mercer wrote "Moon River" for a reflective scene with Audrey Hepburn, and the song became a huge hit. Andy Williams' cover outsold the original, and "Moon River" eventually became one of the biggest sellers of the 1960s, with over 500 covers.

Mancini and Mercer repeated the feat in 1962 with the theme song to Edwards' "The Days of Wine and Roses." Both songs won Oscars. Mancini then provided two memorable instrumental singles for the films "Hatari" ("Baby Elephant Walk") and "The Pink Panther" ("The Pink Panther Theme"). By early 1964, Mancini had become the best known and most successful film composer around.

Mancini's knack with songwriting often overshadowed his talents as a composer. He wrote for a wide variety of genres, from western to slapstick comedy, from sensitive dramas to musicals. He often experimented with unusual instrumentation, such as a steam-driven calliope for "Baby Elephant Walk," the cymbalum in "Experiment in Terror," sitars and fuzz guitars in "Arabesque," and aboriginal percussion in his score for the television miniseries, "The Thorn Birds."

He continued to concentrate on film scoring until the early 1980s. He scored all of the Pink Panther sequels and most of Blake Edwards' other films. He also became active as a conductor, appearing with a number of symphonies and leading the Fourth of July concert on the Capitol grounds through most of the 1980s. He also recorded over 40 albums for RCA until 1978, winning a total of 20 Grammys, 7 gold records, and 4 Oscars. His cover of the "Theme from 'Romeo and Juliet'" was the #1 single of 1969 and won the Grammy for Best Song for that year.

Mancini's work has inspired many of today's generation of lounge musicians. Over 20 bands collaborated on the 1996 tribute CD, Shots in the Dark, and bands such as Oranj Symphonette, Joey Altruda, and Combustible Edison have covered and paid their own tributes to Mancini's music.

Henri Mancini
Mr Lucky Goes Latin
RCA 1961

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Henri Mancini
RCA 1961

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Henri Mancini
The Pink Panther
Warner Bros 1963

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Henri Mancini
RCA 1962

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Henri Mancini
Hight Time
RCA 1962

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Henri Mancini
The Jazz Sound From Peter Gunn
Fresh Sound 1958

картинка, оставленная пользователем


Henri Mancini
RCA 1960

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Henri Mancini
Mr Lucky
RCA 1959

картинка, оставленная пользователем


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Henri Mancini
Mr Lucky
RCA 1959

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Cop Show Themes, The Henry Mancini RCA APL1-1896, 1976

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Henry Mancini, the composer responsible for adding the beat to film music through his 'Peter Gunn' scores, turns up the heat with this great collection of cover versions. The band includes funk heavyweight Harvey Mason and guitarist Lee Ritenour and a great, tight brass section. While not strictly a soundtrack album, this LP merits a mention as it includes the definitive funk version of the theme from 'The Streets Of San Francisco'. All of the other tracks on the album are pretty damn funky, and include all of the 1970s cop show favourites ('Kojak', 'SWAT', 'Baretta's Theme' and more).


credits : lutece


картинка, оставленная пользователем


Mancini salutes Sousa @ 320
The Blues and The Beat @ 320
Breakfast at Tiffany's @ 320
Experiment in Terror @ 320
Our Man in Hollywood @ 320
Uniquely Mancini @ 320
Dear Heart and Other Songs about Love @ 320
The Concert Sound @ 320
The Academy Award Songs @ 320
The Great Race @ 320
The Latin Sound Of.... @ 320
A Merry Mancini Christmas @ 320
The Aventures of The Great Mouse Detective @ 320
Touch of Evil
Symphonic Soul
Vision of Eight
Henry Mancini & Doc Severinsen
Big Screen Little Screen
Theme from Z
Mancini Country
Love Story
Darling Lilli
Six Hours Past Sunset
A Warm Shade of Ivory
The Party
The Big Latin Band of...
Two for the Road
Encore ! More of the Concert Sound
Mancini ' 67 @ 320
Music of Hawaii @ 320
What Did You Do In The War Daddy @ 320
Encore ! More of the Concert Sound @ 320
Gunn.....Number One @ 320

Credits: ???
Free Musiq
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Free Musiq
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The Best of Henry Mancini
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full size 57,25 Mb
bitrate 128kb/s
Tracklist included themes from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pink Panthera,Hatari, Charade


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Collection Henri Mancini-The Best Of Mancini, thankful in advance is necessary
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может кто залить Henri Mancini-The Best Of Mancini?
Hi guy, can you let me links to your collection of HM?
Very appreciated, DIG THAKS
please can someone reup

Henri Mancini
The Pink Panther
Warner Bros 1963

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Henry Mancini - (1990) Henry Mancini The Best of Movie Themes

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme
02. Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffany's (feat. James Galway)
03. Henry Mancini - Cinema Paradiso (Theme)
04. Henry Mancini - Dream a Little Dream of Me
05. Henry Mancini - The Godfather theme
06. Henry Mancini - Midnight Cowboy
07. Henry Mancini - (Theme from) Love Story
08. Henry Mancini - Misty
09. Henry Mancini - The Windmills of Your Mind
10. Henry Mancini - Love Theme From The Adventures
11. Henry Mancini - Evergreen
12. Henry Mancini - The Shadow of Your Smile
13. Henry Mancini - Medley - Days of Wine and Roses (feat. James Galway)
14. Henry Mancini - Raindrops keep Falling on My Head
15. Henry Mancini - Secret Love
16. Henry Mancini - Once Upon a Time in America
17. Henry Mancini - The Sweetheart Tree
18. Henry Mancini - The Mission - Gabriel's Oboe
19. Henry Mancini - As Time Goes By
20. Henry Mancini - The Untouchables
21. Henry Mancini - Love Theme form Romeo & Juliet
22. Henry Mancini - Moon River
23. Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk
24. Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn

Mp3-320 CBR / lame-3.97 / id3v2|id3v1 / Cover / ~ 181 mb


Henry Mancini - (1961) Breakfast At Tiffany's OST

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Henry Mancini - Moon River
02. Henry Mancini - Something For Cat
03. Henry Mancini - Sally's Tomato
04. Henry Mancini - Mr. Yunioshi
05. Henry Mancini - The Big Blow Out
06. Henry Mancini - Hub Caps And Tail Lights
07. Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffany's
08. Henry Mancini - Latin Golightly
09. Henry Mancini - Holly
10. Henry Mancini - Loose Caboose
11. Henry Mancini - The Big Heist
12. Henry Mancini - Moon River Cha Cha
13. Henry Mancini - Wait Until Dark (Bonustrack)

Mp3-320 CBR / lame-3.97 / id3v2|id3v1 / Booklet / ~ 96 mb

Собсна всё тут Henri Mancini

Henry Mancini - (1965) The Great Race OST

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Henry Mancini - Overture
02. Henry Mancini - Push The Button, Max!
03. Henry Mancini - The Royal Waltz
04. Henry Mancini - Night, Night Sweet Prince
05. Henry Mancini - They're Off!
06. Henry Mancini - The Sweetheart Tree
07. Henry Mancini - The Great Race March
08. Henry Mancini - He Shouldn't-a, Oughtn't-a Swang On Me!
09. Henry Mancini - Music to Become King By
10. Henry Mancini - Cold Finger
11. Henry Mancini - Pie-In-The-Face Polka

Mp3-VBR~251 kbps


картинка, оставленная пользователем

Days Of Wines And Roses [02:09] (2 MB)
A Shot In The Dark [02:34] (2,3 MB)
(Theme From) Love Story [02:54] (2,7 MB)
Raindrops Keep Fallin` On My [02:28] (2,3 MB)
Mr. Lucky [02:15] (2,1 MB)
Peter Gunn [02:08] (1,9 MB)
Experiment In Terror [02:21] (2,2 MB)
The Windmills Of Your Mind [03:01] (2,8 MB)
Henry Mancini - Dream A Little Dream Of Me [03:16] (3 MB)
Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing [02:30] (2,3 MB)
By The Time I Get To Phoenix [03:21] (3,1 MB)
Charade (Opening Titles) [02:11] (2 MB)
The Shadow Of Your Smile [03:02] (2,8 MB)
Evergreen [03:53] (3,6 MB)
Midnight Cowboy [02:10] (2 MB)
Till There Was You [02:39] (2,4 MB)
The Summer Knows [03:28] (3,2 MB)
Baby Elephant Walk [02:45] (2,5 MB)
(Theme From) Hatari! [02:58] (2,7 MB)
Blue Satin [02:37] (2,4 MB)
Moment To Moment [02:55] (2,7 MB)
The Pink Panther Theme [02:40] (3,7 MB)
Royal Blue [03:14] (4,5 MB)
Champagne and Quail [02:48] (3,8 MB)
The Lonely Princess [02:29] (3,4 MB)
It Had Better Be Tonight [02:00] (2,7 MB)
Charade [02:39] (3,6 MB)
Megeve [03:02] (4,2 MB)
Latin Snowfall [02:35] (3,6 MB)
Bateau Mouche [02:56] (4 MB)
Bistro [01:52] (2,6 MB)
Theme From `Hatari [02:59] (4,1 MB)
Baby Elephant Walk [02:47] (3,8 MB)
Night Side [03:27] (4,7 MB)
Your Father`s Feathers [03:34] (4,9 MB)
Sounds of Hatari [06:47] (9,3 MB)
Breakfast at Tiffany`s [02:50] (3,9 MB)
Something for Cat [03:12] (4,4 MB)
Sally`s Tomato [03:10] (4,4 MB)
Holly [03:23] (4,7 MB)
Latin Golightly [03:01] (4,2 MB)
Moon River [02:43] (3,7 MB)

часть 1
часть 2

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картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Это самопальная компиляция, или реальный сборник?
Если от меня то это "самопальная компиляция"
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картинка, оставленная пользователем
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Henry Mancini - The Ultimate Pink Panther (2004).
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. The Pink Panther Theme [from the Pink Panther]
02. Royal Blue [from the Pink Panther]
03. Champagne & Quail [from the Pink Panther]
04. The Village Inn [from the Pink Panther]
05. It Had Better Be Tonight [from the Pink Panther]
06. Piano & Strings [from the Pink Panther]
07. Shades of Sennett [from the Pink Panther]
08. A Shot In The Dark [from a Shot in the Dark]
09. The Shadow of Paris [from a Shot in the Dark]
10. Summers in Gstaad [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
11. So Smooth [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
12. The Greatest Gift [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
13. The Orange Float [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
14. Dreamy [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
15. The Wet Look [from the Return of the Pink Panther]
16. Main Title from the Pink Panther Strikes Again: The Pink Panther Theme
17. Bier Fest Polka [from The Pink Panther Strikes Again]
18. Come To Me (Tom Jones) [from The Pink Panther Strikes Again]
19. Until You Love Me (Instrumental) [from The Pink Panther Strikes Again]
20. The Inspector Clouseau Theme
21. After the Shower [from Revenge of the Pink Panther]
22. Hong Kong Fireworks [from Revenge of the Pink Panther]
23. Thank Heaven For Little Girls [from Revenge of the Pink Panther]
24. The Pink Panther Theme from Son of the Pink Panther (Bobby McFerrin)

VBR (224 - 320 kbps.)

pass: sharedmp3.net
no pass.

Enjoy! thumb.gif

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True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
Money..? What money?
Перезалейсте пожалуйста Arabesque и Breakfast at Tiffany's на www.mediafire.com
Не качает больше не откуда, а послушать диски ну оооочень хочеться
Не качает больше не откуда

Качает, только некоторым лень врубаться как качать с рапиды и лень смотреть рекламу посещая сайт спонсора при скачке с ifolder. Да и использовать любой менеджер закачек при скачке с ifolder им тоже лень (если они вообще знают что сие такое)

Ну а некоторым просто лень заливать на хостинг для одного лишь единственного человека, при том зная что эта ссылка через месяц сдохнет, а так же зная о том, что в топе есть рабочие ссылки, с которых пересилив лень и разобравшись - всё же можно скачать


Музыка Henri Mancini (много альбомов на ifolder/rapidshare), в том числе Arabesque и Breakfast at Tiffany's
Help: wanted Touch of Evil
Текущая подпись
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Henry Mancini - Touch of Evil (1958)

01. Main Title
02. Borderline Montuna
03. Strollin Blues
04. Orson Around
05. Reflection
06. Tanas Theme
07. Flashing Nuisance
08. Something for Susan
09. The Boss
10. Rock Me to Sleep
11. The Big Drag
12. Ku Ku
13. Son of Raunchy
14. Lease Breaker
15. Background for Murder
16. Barroom Rock
17. Pigeon Caged
18. Blue Pianola
19. The Chase

320 kbps.


Pass: kold9.com
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
Money..? What money?
Monica Mancini "The Dreams Of Johnny Mercer"

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Label: Concord Records
Format: mp3 /CBR 320kbps/ 44 KHz/ Stereo
Released: 2000
Time: 44:23
Size: 102 Mb
Genre: Vocal Jazz\Standards
Links: Deposit, Uploadbox, Letitbit


01. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
02. Something Tells Me
03. Skylark
04. The Weekend of a Private Secretary
05. With My Lover Beside Me
06. When October Goes
07. On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe
08. When the Meadow Was Bloomin'
09. It had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)
10. Love is Where You Find It
11. At Last
12. Just Remember

GiaZ и какое это имеет отношение к данному топику и данному разделу?
Ну, Моника жена Генри и вся музыка написана им. У меня всего два альбома ее и я подумал что зачем создавать отдельную тему.

Ultimate Mancini

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Format: mp3 /CBR 320kbps/ 44 KHz/ Stereo
Released: 2004
Time: 53:40
Size: 105 Mb
Genre: Vocal Jazz\Standards
Links: Deposit, Letitbit


1. Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme (4:14)
2. Henry Mancini - Charade (2:59)
3. Henry Mancini - Two for the Road (3:56)
4. Henry Mancini - Moon River (3:10)
5. Henry Mancini - Moment to Moment (3:26)
6. Henry Mancini - Days of Wine and Roses (4:15)
7. Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn Theme (2:07)
8. Henry Mancini - Dreamsville (3:19)
9. Henry Mancini - Dear Heart (2:42)
10. Henry Mancini - The Thorn Birds Theme (2:40)
11. Henry Mancini - Anywhere the Heart Goes (3:03)
12. Henry Mancini - Mr. Lucky (2:47)
13. Henry Mancini - Whistling Away the Dark (4:41)
14. Henry Mancini - Life in a Looking Glass (1:57)
15. Henry Mancini - Crazy World (2:23)
16. Henry Mancini - It's Easy to Say (2:54)
17. Henry Mancini - Music on the Way (3:07)


Еще Monica Mancini, но если я уж кардинально неправ, удалите эти посты, я создам новую тему.

Monica Mancini "Cinema Paradiso"

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Format: mp3 /CBR 320kbps/ 44 KHz/ Stereo
Released: 2002
Time: 49:20
Size: 119 Mb
Genre: Vocal Jazz\Standards
Links: Deposit, Letitbit


01. Cinema Paradiso (Remember) (4:34)
02. A Day in the Life of a Fool (Black Orpheus) (4:05)
03. The Summer Knows (Summer of '42) (4:53)
04. A Love Before Time (Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon) (3:45)
05. Soldier in the Rain (Soldier in the rain) (3:34)
06. Alfie (Alfie) (4:00)
07. Too Late Now (Royal wedding) (5:02)
08. The Shadow of Your Smile (The sandpiper) (5:14)
09. Baby Mine (4:28)
10. Senza Fine (Ghost ship) (2:46)
11. I'll Never Say Goodbye (The Promise) (3:49)
12. Over the Rainbow (The wizard of oz) (3:11)


Вроде бы дочь (Wiki).
Спасибо за альбомы )
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
Money..? What money?
Да вы что! А я думал что жена, не догадался посмотреть в вики, спасибо ))
перезайлейте пожалуйста the pink panter и все альбомы с первой страницы

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мне не понятно каким лешим манчини уместился на 3 траницах когда у срайной ройксоп их уже 100(!!!!!!!!)

выложите кто нибудь пожалуйста Cop Show Themes, The Henry Mancini !!!!!!

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nobody likes the records that i play((((((
VA - The Lounge Legends play Mancini

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Label: LLV
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Easy Listening, Instrumental
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps
Playtime: 58 min
Tracks: 25
Size: 123 mb

01 - Waldo Pepper March - Lalo Schifrin
02 - Dear Heart - Baja Marimba Band
03 - Experiment In Terror - Al Caiola
04 - It Had Better Be Tonight - Michael Buble
05 - Peter Gunn Mambo - Jack Costanzo
06 - Happy Barefoot Boy - Living Brass
07 - I Love You And Don't Forget It - Max Greger und sein Orchester
08 - A Shot in the Dark - Shirley Scott
09 - Moon River - Henry Jerome
10 - Dreamsville - John Pigneguy and the Sound of Horns
11 - Baby Elephant Walk - Les Baxter
12 - Mystery Movie Theme - Ray Conniff
13 - Thorn Birds Theme - Andre Rieu & Mirusia
14 - Odd Ball - Quincy Jones
15 - Theme for Three [From Wait Until Dark] - Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra
16 - The Days Of Wine and Roses - Peter Herbolzheimer
17 - Charade - Xavier Cugat
18 - Mr Lucky - Joey DeFrancesco
19 - The Sweetheart Tree - Anita Kerr Quartet
20 - The Pink Panther Theme - Hollywood Studio Orchestra
21 - Two for the Road - Gunter Kallmann Chorus
22 - Moment To Moment - Joe Pass w. Chet Baker
23 - Theme from Molly Maguires - Werner Tauber
24 - Swing March - Lalo Schifrin
25 - Tribute to Mancini - Ron Goodwin

I'm looking for 'Natalie', and 'Lujon'.

(And tracks in the same spirit...?)
Henry Mancini – Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Music from the Motion Picture (2013)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist : Henry Mancini
Album : Breakfast at Tiffany's
Year : 2013
Genre : Soundtrack
Quality : mp3
Bitrate : 320K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
RarPass : cs_75_v


1. Main Title (Moon River) (3:09)
2. Paul Meets Cat (1:25)
3. Sally's Tomato (5:00)
4. The Big Blowout (1:07)
5. Poor Fred (3:25)
6. Moon River (Cha Cha) (2:35)
7. Latin Golightly (3:07)
8. Something for Cat (4:51)
9. Loose Caboose - Part 1 (Ala Cha Cha) (3:25)
10. Loose Caboose - Part 2 (2:15)
11. Moon River (Vocal By Audrey Hepburn) (2:05)
12. Meet the Doc (with Organ Grinder) (1:38)
13. An Exceptional Person (2:59)
14. You're So Skinny (0:59)
15. Turkey Eggs (2:47)
16. Hub Caps and Tail Lights (2:18)
17. Rats and Super Rats (2:28)
18. The Hard Way (0:57)
19. Rusty Trawler (0:27)
20. Holly (1:58)
21. A Lovely Place (1:34)
22. Burmuda Nights (0:25)
23. The Big Heist (4:04)
24. After the Ball (1:14)
25. Just Like Holly (1:42)
26. Wait a Minute (0:46)
27. Feathers (1:16)
28. Let's Eat (1:41)
29. Where's the Cat? And End Title (Moon River) (3:58)
30. Moon River (Audrey Hepburn & Guitar) (1:39)
31. Moon River (Piano and Guitar) (1:40)
32. Moon River (Harmonica and Guitar) (1:38)
33. Meet the Doc (Without Organ Grinder) (1:40)
34. Piano Practice No. 1 (1:39)
35. Piano Practice No. 2 (1:49)
36. Piano Practice No. 3 (0:56)
37. Moon River (Demo) (2:01)
38. Moon River (Whistling) (0:15)

Total Playing Time: 79:06
Total Size : 183,7 MB



need Henry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus – moon river in 320
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Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror (1962)
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perpetuumbeats presents:
Bonus Track For Japan - Vol. 1-37
Henry Mancini - Romantic Piano And Orchestra: His Piano And Orchestra (1989)

01. Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany's) (2:22)
02. Evergreen (Love Theme From 'A Star Is Born') (3:35)
03. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (from Roberta) (2:43)
04. Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (2:26)
05. No Other Love (3:16)
06. Tenderly (2:34)
07. Long Ago (And Far Away)(from Cover Girl) (3:30)
08. Send In The Clowns (from A Little Night Music) (3:43)
09. Brian's Song (3:10)
10. As Time Goes By (from Casablanca) (2:21)
11. Theme From Love Story (2:53)
12. Misty (3:16)
13. Annie's Song (2:58)
14. Feelings (3:47)
15. Days Of Wine And Roses (3:19)
16. The Way We Were (3:53)
17. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (3:01)
18. MoonLight Sonata (3:04)
19. Song From 10 (It's Easy To Say) (3:27)
20. What I did For Love (from A Chorus Line) (3:03)

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