Hoshiko Yamane

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Hoshiko Yamane(山根星子)is Japanese Berlin-based classically trained violinist and composer. She is current member of Tangerine Dream.
“Her violin sings with the positivity of direct, youthful sunlight. Radiant and energetic, but well-paced and sensitive of its place, her violin is blown as if on the lightest of spring winds; an unraveling series of dawn-lit notes which take flight as soon as the sun rises.”

Hoshiko Yamane - Threads (2018)
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01. Flutter
02. Threads
03. Repose
04. White Feathers
05. One's Destination
06. Tangled
07. Unraveling
08. Fly Away
09. Go Over
10. The Genial Sunshine
11. What We Should Protect

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Release Date: June 15, 2018

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2020: DVSR - West Technique - total fuckin` destroy


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