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Please can someone post a different link for these Huxley EPs, particularly Outside the Box, the Media Fire account has been shut down, Cheers

+1 / second this!!

Espeically huxley party no stop remix.
Maxxi Soundsystem - Stella’s Way
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Label: Ellum Audio
Catalogue#: ELL008
Style: House / Nu-Disco
Rls Date: 05 November 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
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Fat and filthy basslines and a nod to old school UK garage is the order of the day at Ellum Audio for debut single on the label from Brighton wonder boy Sam Watts aka Maxxi Soundsystem. Stellas Way is a glorious slice of big room fun and it comes equipped with a pair of tasty remixes from he-can-do-no-wrong-Huxley and the rising Shall Ocin. The original mix of Stellas Way is destined to be a club monster much like any given Maxxi Soundsystem track due to the producers innate ability to make propulsive music with giant hooks, where lively percussion is injected with heavy dose of low end. Sampling an old UK garage classic, a vocal that feeds in and out of the rolling pumpy groove, the track builds with a bubbling barrage of synths and a twisting acid bassline. Self-confessed garage head and contender for artist of the year Michael Dodman aka Huxley steps up for the first remix delivering a choppier affair with a down and dirty rattling groove and garage bass stabs. Huxley has spent the past year becoming a household name with massive releases on Leftroom, Hypercolour, Tsuba and 2020 Vision as well as co-running the label Saints and Sonnets. Argentinian born Nicolas Abalos aka Shall Ocin lends a different spin to Stellas Way, working into the mix, some euphoric synths, intricate drum beats and melodic and muscular bassline. Sam Watts aka Maxxi Soundsystem is another mega talent for UK house and has been reaping more and more fans ever since he first exploded onto the scene with Criticize in 2011 and later with a string of addictive releases on Futureboogie, Needwant and Nurvous. Ellum Audio extends its family a little wider to welcome this kindred musical sprit.

1. Stella’s Way (Original Mix) 7:01
2. Stella’s Way (Huxley Remix) 7:03
3. Stella’s Way (Shall Ocin Remix) 7:03
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℗ mercenary (spb) 2014-2019
Huxley - No Matter What [TSUBA063]
1 No Matter What
2 Can't Sleep
3 No Matter What (MK Mix)
4 No Matter What (MK Dub)
320kbps | turbobit | uploaded |

PlayStation:4 Pro, VR, 3, Vita. Xbox:One X, 360. Nintendo:Switch, Wii U, Wii, New 3DS XL, DS.
Huxley - No Matter What (Tsuba) [2012]

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01. No Matter What
02. Can't Sleep
03. No Matter What (MK Mix)
04. No Matter What (MK Dub)

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anyone got rudimental - not giving in (huxley remix) ??
Crazy P – Heartbreaker (Remixes) (2012)
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Label: 7pm / BMG
Catalog#: CRAZYP 009
Source: WEB
Release date: 10 December, 2012
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 46 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House / Nu Disco

1. Heartbreaker (06:37)
2. Heartbreaker (Huxley remix) (07:56)
3. Heartbreaker (Mark E remix) (06:56)


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Out of Box EP ???

Alll media fire links in OP are DEAD.

Huxley - Out Of The Box [2012]
anybody reup please
what is House music ?? unique form of music
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Huxley - Out Of The Box EP [2012]
Release Info
Label: 20:20 Vision (VIS219)
Released: 22 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz
Time: 30:35 min
Size: 70 mb
Incl.: cover

01. Box Clever
02. Atonement
03. Out Of My Mind
04. Feel What You Want
Я модерирую когда захочу.
Free Download from Apparel Music

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Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz Mix) FLAC
Kevin McPhee - Version One FLAC
Citizen - Glastique FLAC
Deep Kolours 1
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Label: Azucar
Catalogue#: KRDAZ 1
Style: House
Rls Date: 11 December 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
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01. Rhythm Plate-Dirty 06:44
02. Pol on-Hope to See You There 06:38
03. Huxley & Jonny Cade-Light Up 05:49
04. Delano Smith-I Fly 06:52
05. Soul Minority-Six-Nine 08:09
06. Audio Soul Project-What Youve Been Missing 08:05
07. Hustle N Flow-Mixed Signals (Busy Remix) 06:35
08. Aki Bergen-October 14 08:20
09. Soul Minority-When The Summers Gone 09:30
10. Mikkael-Southwest (Sun City Hustlers Remix) 06:13
11. Huxley-Dark Bourbon (Special Bonus Track) 08:25
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℗ mercenary (spb) 2014-2019
Jordan Peak - Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub) ?
Can someone re-up the "Let It Go" EP?
would be very appreciated!

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TiTLE...[ Black Label 93
GENRE...[ House
CAT#....[ CPT4103
LABEL...[ Compost
ENCODER.[ Lame 3.97
YEAR....[ 2013
QUALiTY.[ 320kbps
MODE....[ Full Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 39:09 min
REL.DATE[ 02.09.2013
TRACKS..[ 06
SiZE....[ 89,7 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 B-Sax 'N' MPC 06:48
02 B-Sax 'N' MPC (SHOW-B & Thomas Herb Edit) 06:48
03 B-Jammin' (Huxley Remix) 06:24
04 B-My MPC 'N' Me (Original Mix) 05:52
05 B-Jammin' 07:21
06 B-Jammin' (Black Label Edit) 05:56

TOTAL: 39:09


DJ quotes: Huxley can't do no wrong! ||
Deetron Wicked , will play for sure ! || Ian
Pooley Sax 'N' MPC is sex for me! || Steve Bug
Huxley remix is dope! || Sasha Yes! || Sleazy
McQueen SAX original is excellent --- will
play a lot || Laurent GarnierSweet action!!!
|| Mr. White Huxley remix is spot on. || Matt
Tolfrey Lovely! || Kraak & Smaak I really like
what Show-B has been doing lately!. This one
is dope too! || Trickski (Daniel) Perfect! ||
Andre Lodemann The original is a very strong
builder and the Huxley remix rocks || Roual
Galloway Some nice music here || Melon
Excellent release, all the mixes deserve to be
played. Its deep and it strong mentaly on the
dancefloor ! Full support || Fabrice Lig
SHOW-B & Herb Remix is jackin' !! Awesome EP.
Full support. || Llorca / Art Of Tones Another
amazing Show-b record. will be played by us!
|| Catz n Dogs Sax n MPC original is my fav
here! Go Show-B! || Nuno dos Santos Jammin is
An Amazing Track...Can't Wait To Play It! ||
DJ Pippi / Kebra Huxley mix for me! || Justin
Miller (DFA) Info: SHOW-B is back with
electrifying house, a solid package of
gorgeous tracks, down to earth and uplifting,
coupled with a cool Huxley Remix on the
flipside. After his debut EP Compost Black
Label #49 back in 2009, some productions for
Robert Owens album Art in 2010 and his recent
collaboration with DJ mate Thomas Herb (Black
Label #85) earlier this year, he s now finally
back with his very own Black Label release. We
ve seen the highly acclaimed Moory / Keras
clubhits in several best of- playlists of the
year 2009. Although you could consider Compost
as his homebase, he also left some striking
marks on imprints such as Poker Flat,
Peppermint Jam, Delusions Of Grandeur (as
Pattern Select with production partner Milton
Jackson) or Smoke N Mirrors, where he did a
fine remix job on Ian Pooley's Know What s Up.
He recently proved again his energetic remix
skills on Boris Dlugosch s Knalldrang EP on
Poker Flat. In the near future he ll be found
of course in the studio working on projects
with Martin Landsky, Ian Pooley, Milton
Jackson etc. Or he s touring around as DJ,
alone or with his partner in crime Thomas Herb
with him he s also hosting the weekly Compost
Black Label Sessions Radioshow. www.show-b.de

ifolder / turbobit
VA - Tsuba Loves...Huxley (Tsuba) [2013]

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Huxley - No Matter What (Moodtrap Mix)
02. Huxley - Take No More
03. Huxley - Can't Sleep
04. Huxley - Get Your Own
05. Ethyl & Huxley - Reflexions
06. Ethyl & Huxley - Mother Tongue
07. Ethyl & Huxley - Slims
08. Huxley - Cobourg
09. Huxley - Get Your Own (Kevin Griffiths Basement Dub)
10. Huxley - No Matter What (MK Mix)

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