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Italy, Symphonic Progressive
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1978 - Trusciant

An italian prog band,with an oriented jazzy/proggy way,full of keyboards,and with true italian touch.
Very pleasant music.This Italian funky progressive/fusion album is absolutely charming and funny. The influences are so numerous that it is impossible to mention all of them. The miscellaneous keyboards and percussions are very nervous and complex; the keyboards can be also very floating and relaxing. There are rhythmic piano, moog solos a la Triumvirat, rhythmic organ, and the album has an obvious jazzy/funky influence a la Weather Report of the 70's. The VERY elaborated, precise and fast drums have a structured Phil Collins' or Bill bruford's style of the mid 70's. There are TONS of miscellaneous Latin & African percussions. The bass is quite loud and elaborated. The album is fully instrumental.

Track listing
1. Karwan (3:23)
2. Trusciant (5:39)
3. Falт (3:16)
4. Akua (4:03)
5. Flox (3:38)
6. Font'amara (7:26)
7. Vivo (4:18)

Total Time: 31:43

- Francesco Boccuzzi / electric & acoustic keyboards, electric & acoustic guitar
- Vanni Boccuzzi / electric & acoustic keyboards
- Tonio Napoletano / bass
- Piero Mangini / drums
- Luis Agudo / berimbau, cuica, agogo, African percussion
- Max Rocci / congas

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