Jonathan Wilson - Gentle Spirit(2011)

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Calming music routinely attracts scorn. We can probably lay the blame with new age music or its 90s descendant, chill out, the genre of sonic ointment with which clubbers still salve themselves, their critical discernment abandoned, like lip balm, by the club sinks. Calming music never quite gets the respect that euphoric music, or troubled music, attracts. It's puzzling, because the ability to bring about the momentary, salutary suspension of disbelief in the harsh realities of life requires skill.

To say that the second album by North Carolina native Jonathan Wilson feels a bit like getting a free reflexology treatment and a small dose of diazepam combined is, accordingly, no criticism. This immersive double-length album is so languid that it might have its own gravitational field, pulling you earthwards to examine the sky in some detail, growing your hair out with every slowly unfurling guitar line. Even if you care nothing for the culture of Laurel Canyon, the Los Angeles crucible of stoned country-rock back in the 70s and Wilson's recent stomping ground, his unhurried, backward-glancing Gentle Spirit might speak to you, in a whisper laden with effects.

"A hundred blowin' up in the headlines/ We've seen it all before/ The powers are killing the paupers/ For some idea of God, or whatever," begins the title track, in the first and final acknowledgment that there is a world beyond Gentle Spirit's sprawl of vintage analogue equipment and bongs. Well, perhaps not the very last. The title of "Can We Really Party Today?" suggests a faint guilt at detaching oneself so completely from it all. But Wilson – strumming, dreaming – has things he wants to show us. His native rural Carolina, for instance, "where the wagtail flies, where the honeysuckle's on the vine". The world can wait.

Wilson's prescription for our ills is simple: flutes, pianos, organs, guitars (acoustic and electric, and lots of them) and guests (even more of them). This album grew – very slowly – out of regular Wednesday night jam sessions that Wilson hosted at his old Laurel Canyon base. If you Google him, he Guardian's football writer Jonathan Wilson hogs the first few results, but this other Jonathan Wilson is a producer, guitar-maker and veteran of Robbie Robertson's, Jackson Browne's and Elvis Costello's bands. Wilson's fellow Canyon noodlers included Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes (who doesn't appear on the album), plus a Jayhawk, bits of the Steve Miller Band and Andy Cabic of Vetiver, another bunch of psychedelically leaning longhairs, all of whom do.

Not that you notice them individually. Gentle Spirit is one of those group effort records where musicians' edges smudge and no one showboats – except, perhaps, Wilson, who occasionally reels off the kind of distant, contemplative guitar solos so lacking in aggression that they sound like they were recorded the next canyon over.

If the impression of lank-haired musos living in the past becomes too all-pervasive and a little repetitive (and, at 13 long tracks, it does), it's worth noting that, like Bon Iver before him, Wilson doesn't cleave exclusively to some idea of folky asceticism. "Desert Raven" plays out as a hazy 70s soft rock reverie, but it begins with staticky analogue burbles. "Canyon in the Rain", meanwhile, uses the pitter-patter of rain, shimmers and vocal effects to get to a place of restful succour that is, ultimately, hard to resist.

Страна: United States (Los Angeles)
Битрейт: 238 kbps avg
Размер: 134 Mb


01. Gentle Spirit 6:27
02. Can We Really Party Today? 6:41
03. Desert Raven 7:58
04. Canyon In The Rain 6:27
05. Natural Rhapsody 8:21
06. Ballad Of The Pines 4:00
07. The Way I Feel 4:07
08. Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler 3:47
09. Woe Is Me 6:22
10. Waters Down 3:46
11. Rolling Universe 3:25
12. Magic Everywhere 6:26
13. Valley Of The Silver Moon 10:32



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Artist: Jonathan Wilson

Album: Gentle Spirit

Released: 2011

Style: Indie Folk, Progressive Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 176 Mb


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Artist: Jonathan Wilson

EP: Pity, Trials And Tomorrow’s Child

Released: 2012

Style: Folk Rock, Progressive Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 35 Mb


01 – Isn’t It A Pity
02 – Trials Of Jonathan
03 – Tomorrow’s Child

I became familiar with Jonathan Wilson via a post on Aquarium Drunkard where he covered Madge’s La Isla Bonita. It was simply amazing and had me immediately downloading his LP Gentle Spirit. Its like a blend of Deep Dark Woods and Phosphorescent.

His new EP is a collection of three covers. Pity Trials & Tomorrow’s Child opens with a cover of George Harrison’s “Isn’t It A Pity,” featuring guest vocals by Graham Nash. It’s followed by a rousing take on Happy Traum’s “Trails Of Jonathan,” and a richly layered, blissed out “Tomorrow’s Child” from legendary Japanese psych-rockers Apryl Fool.

I have become infatuated with his work and this EP is doing nothing to dull that infatuation. It is stellar.

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Харрисона как сладко перепел на ипихе!!! и вообще Крутой паря! ждем пластинку!
New album is up on the torrents.
Can someone get it?

It's called Fanfare

Thank you

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Artist: Jonathan Wilson
Album: Fanfare
Bitrate: 231kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Downtown
Genre: Rock
Size: 136.45 megs
PlayTime: 1h 18min 16sec total
Rip Date: 2013-10-11
Store Date: 2013-10-15

Track List:
01. Fanfare 7:05
02. Dear Friend 7:19
03. Her Hair Is Growing Long 4:53
04. Love To Love 4:09
05. Future Vision 5:54
06. Moses Pain 6:38
07. Cecil Taylor 6:30
08. Illumination 6:38
09. Desert Trip 4:26
10. Fazon 5:38
11. New Mexico 6:40
12. Lovestrong 6:32
13. All The Way Down 5:54

Release Notes:
2013 sophomore album from the singer/songwriter, a grandiose and highly
ambitious production that builds upon the success of his Bella Union debut.
Hailed as updating the classic Laurel Canyon sound, in reality Jonathan Wilson
is a far more complex, idiosyncratic entity. Sure, there are shades of that
pastoral early 70s sound and even Psychedelia, but the West Coast artist seems
to continually play between influence and identity, tradition and possibility.
Featuring contributions from Graham Nash, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Josh
Tillman (AKA Father John Misty), Wilco's Patrick Sansone, Dawes' Taylor
Goldsmith and more, Fanfare certainly reaches for a lush sound.

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Красота! Ненавязчиво, грамотно и красиво! Слушать и наслаждаться)

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...Well, I'm a lucky man with fire in my hands


Jonathan Wilson:

My new song "Loving You" is out now wherever else you listen to tunes: Spotify, Apple Music, etc

One day one of my musical heroes Larajji came into my studio to just experiment and record some music. I had the ditty “Loving You” lying around. It was a song I wrote from a feeling or inflection of a word I heard John Lennon emote in one of his songs. I then put down a simple little drum machine beat along with the piano and vocal that you hear now. Larajji then beautifully chanted over the song, one take... then he played his cosmic zither, undulated gracefully with his iPad, and truly shaped the scope of the track. I added a specific drum/cymbal treatment used throughout Rare Birds, my funky Crumar bass, Lana Del Rey, a few other things, and boom - that was the genesis of the new album Rare Birds. That song set the tone.

...Well, I'm a lucky man with fire in my hands

Jonathan Wilson - Rare Birds (2018)

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1 - Trafalgar Square [6:25]
2 - Me [4:50]
3 - Over the Midnight [8:16]
4 - There's A Light [4:57]
5 - Sunset Blvd [5:44]
6 - Rare Birds [5:27]
7 - 49 Hairflips [5:10]
8 - Miriam Montague [4:42]
9 - Loving You [8:31]
10 - Living With Myself [6:46]
11 - Hard To Get Over [6:31]
12 - Hi Ho to Righteous [6:10]
13 - Mulholland Queen [5:21]

Total Playing Time: 78:55
Total Size : 181,7 MB

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LABEL: Bella Union
GENRE: Indie
RUNTiME: 78:43
SIZE: 181m
QUALITY: 320Kbps 44.1kHz

- T R A C K S -

01. Trafalgar Square (06:24)
02. Me (04:49)
03. Over the Midnight (08:16)
04. There's a Light (04:56)
05. Sunset Blvd (05:44)
06. Rare Birds (05:26)
07. 49 Hairflips (05:10)
08. Miriam Montague (04:41)
09. Loving You (08:31)
10. Living With Myself (06:46)
11. Hard To Get Over (06:30)
12. Hi Ho the Righteous (06:10)
13. Mulholland Queen (05:20)
10, 11, 13 - понравились более-менее.

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