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- Release Info -

Artist: Josephine Collective
Album: We Are The Air
Label: Warner Bros
Playtime: 35:26 min
Genre: Rock
URL: http://www.myspace.com/josephinecollective
Rip date: 2008-06-27
Street date: 2008-08-00
Size: 58.52 MB
Type: Advance
Quality: 219 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -

The members of Josephine Collective are living the dream. A couple of years
ago this Johnson County, Kansas-based groupwhich consists of co-founders and
vocalists Dillon DeVoe and Alex Sandate as well as guitarist/vocalist Martin
Swank, bassist Colby Logback, guitarist Damon Baltuska and drummer/vocalist
Jared Bondwere tirelessly writing their own songs, going to high school and
listening to their favorite bands such as Brand New, Jimmy Eat World and
Taking Back Sunday for inspiration. However everything changed when less than
six degrees of separation from producer John Feldmann (The Used, Story Of The
Year) fused with their persistence to achieve musical success. Songs from
their MySpace page caught the attention of Feldmann who immediately got in
touch with DeVoe.

I was first introduced to Feldmans work with the Used when I was fifteen
and I remember thinking he was great, explains Sandate, still sounding
surprised when discussing the bands relationship with the Goldfingers
frontman. I remember thinking back then that it would be something amazing
to work with Johnand when he actually got in touch with Dillon, we couldnt
believe it was happening. Working with him was everything we could have hoped
for. The result is the bands full-length debut We Are The Air, an album
that effortlessly merges elements of pop, punk, screamo and hardcore into an
impossibly catchy amalgam of music that is sure to be the soundtrack of 2008.

Recorded last spring with Feldmann in three distinct sessions, the album
contains a remarkable amount of variance, from the opening anthem Living to
the emotive ballad Its Like Rain and, yes, even the hip-hop inflected,
Leave Me Love, which would sound just as apt on the dance floor as it
inevitably will on the Warped Tour. I usually sing the lower parts because I
have a lower register voice and Alexs voice just sounds really cool singing
the choruses, DeVoe responds when asked about the bands songwriting
process. I love the fact that if I give Alex a line to sing, hell improvise
on it and change the melody up and it comes out as something cooler than I
even had in mind, he adds. It just adds more dynamics into the equation.

These dynamics are even more evident when the band perform these songs live,
as anyone whos seen Josephine Collective onstage will readily attest to.
Our live show is one of our strong points for sure, Sandate explains. We
recently recorded a couple of live songs and I think it really shows that
were very at home onstage. While one might assume that having all six
members onstage at once would be overwhelming, each musician has his own
distinct role in Josephine Collective, which separates the band from their
peers and has helped them carve their own unique niche in the scene. This was
overwhelming evident when you consider the enthusiastic reaction the band got
while on tour alongside the Used last year, a virtually unprecedented
accomplishment for such a young band.

Lyrically, DeVoe prefers to leave his writing up to interpretation instead of
mapping out what each song is about. I was just really digging in when we
were writing and demoing these songs in a friends basement, he explains. I
really wanted to make sure these songs meant something to me down the road
and not just right now. I was just exploring past life experiences and trying
to capture that feeling of being hopeless and stuck in this small town and
how cool it felt to get out and start to feel like youre figuring out the
world. While Josephine Collective are still growing and trying to figure out
their place in the world, at the rate theyre converting fans to their sound,
it certainly wont take long for their voice to be heard.

The band plan on spending most of the year on the road promoting We Are The
Airhowever no matter what happens in its wake, the most important thing
remains to be the members friendships. Were best friends and even when
were not on tour were constantly hanging out together, explains DeVoe,
adding that some of the members have known each other since they were
thirteen. Honestly I cant imagine doing this with anyone else. This is the
band I love and I want keep working with these guys as long as I possibly

- Track List -

01. Living ( 3:12)
02. Crack My Heart ( 3:46)
03. Lye ( 2:56)
04. Clementine ( 3:18)
05. Scarlet ( 3:33)
06. Leave Me Love ( 3:32)
07. Its Like Rain ( 4:06)
08. Ivy League ( 3:43)
09. Let Go ( 3:39)
10. Pray For Rain ( 3:41)


Awesome album!!! thumb.gif thanx again!
хороший альбом thumb.gif
nice albom...
(2008) We Are The Air thumb.gif
Shut Up & Smile!
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Клевая группа, очень порадовала. We Kill.. моя персональная любовь
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Перезалейте Josephine-Every_Scene_In_Vibrant_Green-(EP)-2005 и Josephine Collective -Living-EP (2007)-UID тоже rolleyes.gif плиз

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перезалейте кто может все, что у них выходило. можно одним архивом)
22/05/04... I Want to Return to That Day.
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Josephine Collective -Living-EP (2007)-UID

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