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(1997) Saturday Teenage Kick
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01 - Underachievers
02 - Billy Club
03 - No Remorse
04 - Metrolike
05 - X-Panding Limits
06 - War
07 - Saturday Teenage Kick
08 - Dealing With The Roster
09 - Fight
10 - Melange
11 - Def Beat
12 - Future In Computer Hell

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lame 3.93.1|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|161.87 mb

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(1998) Saturday Teenage Kick (Special Limited Edition)
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01 - Future In Computer Hell
02 - Billy Club [Single Version]
03 - Bustin Like This [Previously Unreleased]
04 - Melange
05 - Metrolike
06 - X-Panding Limits
07 - War
08 - Saturday Teenage Kick [Single Version]
09 - Dealing With The Roster [Live]
10 - Fight [Live At Noorderslag]
11 - Def Beat
12 - Underachievers
13 - No Remorse
14 - Mulu
15 - 100 [Previously Unreleased]

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lame 3.92|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|167.78 mb

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(1999) Big Sounds Of The Drags
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01 - Check Your Basic Groove
02 - Action Radius
03 - Synasthesia
04 - Power Of Big Slacks
05 - Zerotonine
06 - Love Like A Razorblade
07 - Legion
08 - Dance USA
09 - Gettin' Lost
10 - Black Jack
11 - Next Plateau
12 - Future In Computer Hell (Part Two)
13 - Disco 2000
14 - Zerotonine (Junkie XL's Extended Neurotransmitter)

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lame 3.93.1|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|200+4.54 mb

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(2003) Radio JXL - A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin
CD1 - 3PM
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01 - Intro 3PM
02 - Crusher (Feat. Saffron)
03 - Don't Wake Up Policeman (Feat. Peter Tosh & Friends)
04 - Reload (Feat. Dave Gahan)
05 - Spirits (Feat. Saffron)
06 - Angels (Feat. Gary Numan)
07 - Perfect Blue Sky (Feat. Robert Smith)
08 - Between These Walls (Feat. Anouk)
09 - Access To The Excess (Feat. Chuck D)
10 - Catch Up To My Step (Feat. Solomon Burke)
11 - Never Alone (Feat. Terry Hall)
12 - Logos (Feat. Phil Mills)
13 - Configuring Audio System
14 - Nightmares (Feat. Infusion)
15 - Beauty Never Fades (Feat. Saffron)
16 - Rivers (Feat. Shelley Harland)
17 - Aqua Man (Feat. Infusion)
18 - Broken (Feat. Grant Nicholas)
19 - JXL Radio Technical Support

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lame 3.93.1|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|159.3 mb

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CD2 - 3AM
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01 - Intro 3AM
02 - Chilled
03 - Dubzilla
04 - Casio
05 - Angels (12 Inch Cut)
06 - Breezer (Featuring Sasha)
07 - Nudge
08 - Red
09 - Beauty Never Fades (12 Inch Cut)
10 - Cosmic Cure
11 - Rehsurc

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lame 3.92|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|169.16 mb

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CD3 - 7AM Ambient
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01 - Reload Feat. Dave Gahan
02 - Talk Tonight
03 - Streets
04 - Twilight
05 - Rivers Feat. Shelley Harland
06 - Tommy Dub
07 - Sphere
08 - All I Want
09 - Mogwai Feat. Paul Malone

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FGH|192 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|57.21 mb

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CD4 - 7AM Dance
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01 - Tennis
02 - Electro
03 - Angels Feat. Gary Numan (7Am Surreal Remix)
04 - Techno Ibiza
05 - Drubba Drub
06 - Destiny
07 - Egypt
08 - Heat
09 - Groovy
10 - See The Light

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FGH|192 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|stereo|99.35 mb

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(2006) Today
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01 - Youthful
02 - Mushroom
03 - Such a Tease
04 - Today
05 - Drift Away
06 - I've Got a Xerox to Copy
07 - Even in this Moment
08 - Yesterdays
09 - Honey
10 - We Become One

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Lame 3.93.1|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|full stereo
---> download from <---
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(2008) Booming Back At You
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01 - Booming Right At You
02 - Cities In Dust
03 - You Make Me Feel So Good
04 - Stratosphere
05 - Mad Pursuit
06 - More
07 - 1967 Poem
08 - Zage
09 - Clash
10 - New Toy
11 - No Way
12 - Not Enough

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Lame 3.92|320 kbps CBR|44,1 kHz|full stereo
---> download from <---
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some videos
Junkie XL Live @ Melkweg - Amsterdam (23.12.1999)
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thumb.gif Original upload by Artracer thumb.gif

p.s. кэпка на рэставрации teeth.gif

Цитата: (j0k3r)
Да, любое обновление - лучше, чем неактуальная информация thumb.gif

будет проще, но ссылки будут целы...

Это сообщение отредактировал brutalv4 - 12.01.14 в 14:32
if U see some broken links by myself, just PM me and I'll reup... Some trash have happend to my mediafire account..
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Junkie XL feat Peter Tosh & Friends - Don't wake up Policeman (Lizard mix)

Ok listen Close guys ;p just one Song But i Luv this band So much  thumbs-up.gif  ... tell me what u think about it and i can upload More ////

Two albumz and One Live

Dawn they are so good strange that there is nothing about Them wub.gif

JXL is very interesting musicians. I would like to get all of them, but can not find them anywhere.
„Научитесь от Меня, яко кроток есмь и смирен сердцем“
got the album "Saturday Teenage Kick" which is actually harder and not at all "trancy", sort of... rather big beaty, kind of like The Crystal Method or something, u know, really rockin' ! thumb.gif did not recognize Junkie XL's fat beat style first smile.gif but thx for posting!
hehe wink.gif hard to Find Rory

Yep Chief92 i agree with u

Sounds good when u speak of them tongue.gif

this title is different from they other tunes but i dunno if u listen already Big sound of the Drag
they Change indeed there way of Drop the sound ;p

anyway if we Luv it together we shoud Find a way to upload all ;p

Again little ;p
















Unfortunately, "Big sound of the drags" turned out not to become my favourite sad.gif but I've seen the track "Underachievers" in your post... and this stuff is helluva trippy cool.gif

Btw, what is your way to share files? Upload it somewhere or just looking out for links? (sorry for offtoping btw)
Mhhhh for me there is different possibility

I do twice ;p

i looking for a files and i keep the link

if i cannot find it on the web i upload on a http or Ftp server biggrin.gif

Last i pick up P2P ( Emule / Torrent / D2C )

But like the tools are improved now i can easly find what i want ;p

otherwise i go pick up the Record on a rent store

I Post or up a lot on the past but now its more harder to find Long Time ....follow the path of Ftp

Im not sure people here luv those kind of links ;p

The fact is i only post here 20% of the result cuzz u can have too much to class / or non adapted .

Takes time but i also been part of a team before so i keep the Reflex of share ;p

BtW im still wating that j0k3r allow me to upload Some Albumz Of Junkie on there Board

Here i am

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Radio JXL CD2

1. Intro 3am
2. Chilled
3. Dubzilla
4. Casio
5. Angels(12 Inch Cut)
6. Breezer(Featuring Sasha)
7. Nudge
8. Red
9. Beauty Never Fades(12 Inch Cut)
10. Cosmic Cure

Anybody have the CD1???

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1.Check Your Basic Groove
2.Action Radius
4.Power Of Big Slacks
6.Love Like Razorblade
8.Dance USA
9.Gettin' Lost
10.Black Jack
11.Next Plateau
12.Future In Computer Hell
13.Disco 2000

shaolin you are a master!!!
thumb.gif incredibles topics thumb.gif
txs a lot blink.gif
A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin is available to download
at www.audiofind.ru but... few tracks are not available to get. wink.gif

Shaolin - Thanx for the new album.

What are: login and password to the place where is "A Broadcast..."??
Slimx2 Thanks

killer77 Hehe Heu ;p yep will see what i can do ;p

For Audiofind i also think its a good web site but didnt publish link like those here ;p

Radio JXL - A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin (7AM)

Album consists of 2 MP3 files:
# 7am Ambient (40:36 running time)
# 7am Dance (1:11:16 running time)
Each file is a continuous mix of songs listed below.

Does anyone have it? Does anyone share it?

картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем

Ambient (40:36):
1-01 Reload (7AM Remix)
1-02 Talk Tonight
1-03 Streets
1-04 Twilight
1-05 Rivers
1-06 Tommy Dub
1-07 Sphere
1-08 All I Want
1-09 Mogwai

7AM Dance (71:16):
2-01 Tennis
2-02 Electro
2-03 Angels (7AM Surreal)
2-04 Techno Ibiza
2-05 Drubba Drub
2-06 Destiny
2-07 Egypt
2-08 Heat
2-09 Groovy
2-10 See The Light?

Junkie XL live@013 tilburg 09-25-2003.mp3 83789920


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