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Lakes - Photographs (EP)-2006-MP3

Artist - Lakes
Album - Photographs
Label - The Militia Group
Street Date - 09/05/2006
Release Date - 07/29/2006
Genre - Rock

01. Indian Lover 04:01
02. Love Or Grain 04:41
03. Photographs 03:37
04. Latersss 04:26
05. White Flag 04:01

20:46 min
29,7 Mb



Featuring Seth Roberts of Watashi Wa, with special guest
vocals by Aaron Marsh of Copeland (Track 3) and Mike Herrera
of MXPX (Track 5).
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Seth Roberts (of Watashi Wa fame) emerges with his latest project, Lakes. Featuring a melodic indie rock sound in the same vein as bands like Mae and labelmate Copeland, Roberts diverges from Watashi Wa musically, while retaining a songwriting style that focuses on life, love, and hope.

Photographs EP was officially released in Spetember of 2006 on The Militia Group. The 5 song EP features Aaron Marsh (Copeland) and Mike Herrera (MxPx) singing background vocals on Photographs and White Flag, respectively.

Lakes - Photographs EP [2006/mp3/213 (VBR)]
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Track listing:
1. Indian Lover
2. Love Or Gain
3. Photographs
4. Latersss
5. White Flag


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COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...
Lakes - Photographs (EP)
Lakes - The Agreement - 2010
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Artist: Lakes
Title: The Agreement
Quality: CBR 192 kps
Encoder: FhG
Size: 72,71 mb
Play Time: 00:51:57 min

01. Broadlyn
02. The Heart Is An Anchor
03. Oh Lovely
04. The Ghost and the Man
05. The Feeling
06. Back In Your Head
07. Sweet Dream
08. Loose Fix
09. The Tree
10. When We Were Younger
11. It's You, It's Me
12. Lifting Me Up
13. The Agreement Song
14. I Was There

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симпатичная обложка у нового творения - ищем творческих людей!
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Lakes - Photographs (EP) - 2006
"Там больше гномов, там меньше гномов. Там ровно столько же гномов"

Fire Ahead [2014]
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Label: Parlour Blue
Source: WEB
Release date: 22.07.2014
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC 873 kbps
Total Time: 00:52:28
Total Size: 121,1 Mb / 328,7 Mb
01. Fire Ahead A.
02. 1992
03. Hold On
04. Hide Away
05. My Misery
06. Santa Ana Winds
07. Yellie
08. Holiday
09. Armacost Avenue
10. Diamond Eyes
11. Goodbye Santa Monica
12. Fire Ahead B.



FLAC (log + cue)

Lakes is an American indie rock band, formed in June 2006 in Atascadero, California, consisting mainly of the former band members of Watashi Wa. They are signed to The Militia Group and on September 5, 2006, released a five song EP named Photographs EP.

On August 11, 2010, Lakes announced the release of their full-length album, The Agreement. The album was released on September 3, 2010 and featured 14 tracks.

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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
Lakes - Photographs (EP) (2008)
Lakes - Fire Ahead (2014)
Lakes - Michigan (Single) (2018)
Lakes - Tahoe (EP) (2018)
Lakes - Geneva (EP) (2019)
mp3, 320 kbps:
Lakes - Start Again (2021)

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01. Blind
02. No Excuses
03. Matches
04. Windermere
05. Mirrors
06. Peace
07. Start Again
08. Talk!
09. Get Better
10. Taupo
11. Retrograde
12. Animals

320 kbps

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