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artist : Larry Heard
title : Sceneries Not Songs. Volume One.
year : 1994
genre : House
label : Black Market International

grabber : EAC
encoder : Lame 3.93.1
quality : 192kbps / 44,1Khz / Full Stereo
source : CDDA

01.Dolphin Dream 08:33
02.Tahiti Dask 07:55
03.Midnight Movement 10:25
04.Snowcaps 05:28
05.Summertime Breeze 07:44
06.Winter Winds & Chill 03:17
07.Caribbean Coast 05:22
08.One Three Five Seven 05:21
09.Question Of Time 05:20

Pass: superfunk
Larry Heard: 25 Years From Alpha EP (2008)

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The legend that is Larry “Mr Fingers” Heard returns to his own label - Alleviated with a 3 track EP of textural, deep and quite electrofied (in a 80’s synth kind of way) house music. Packed full of lusciously warm textures and smooth funk, “25 Years From Alpha” is almost, dare I say, trance like! The melodies float majestically and the synthesizers are those from the 80’s, throughout these 3 pieces of sublime music where Larry combines melody, synth, keys & strings to great effect.

Starting with the extended 15+ Minute of “25 Years From Alpha” which is a meandering melting pot of rich textures, trancey synths and some jazz -funk keys. It glides along with the up most composure, combining long synthlines with a consistent up beat funky jazz riff which in turn is underpinned by a more melodic key riff. The synths are so light that if they got any lighter they would literally float away, quite trance like and very hypnotic. It’s got groove and movement and is very enjoyable from start to finish.

“Feathers Floating” shows more of Larry’s Jazz side of with a cool laid back jazz affair. Larry melts playful and quite exquisite keys with warm aural textures & slow - groove filled percussion. The keys are at times funky and quite rich then at others they’re melodic and twinkling, what Larry does, & to great avail, is combines both together by underpinning them quite effortlessly. The track moves across the floor like a ballet dancer, each move is perfect and quite amazing. You will be captured in the music & it will refuse to let go.

Mercurian Funk is the most up beat funk filled affair on the EP, rolling in with plucked strings, jazzy key riffs and those emotional - trancey synths. Moving more faster than the previous two, “Mercurian Funk is house music from another place and time, maybe even another planet. Each component working with each other quite effortlessly, it has these jazzy key riffs every now and again which break up the piece just nicely, & like “25 Years”, its trancey and hypnotic. The textures are something else, combining strings, synths and keys and creating this melodic-midtempo/jazz hybrid shows us just exactly why Larry Heard is one of the all time greats.

year. 2008
genre: House
subgenre . Deep House
labe: Black Market
cat: ML2226
URL : http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/1370632-02.htm


01 25 Years from Alpha (15:17)
02 Feathers Floating (7:44)
03 Mercurian Funk (6:12)

Mr. Fingers - Back To Love
Mr. Fingers - Introduction
Larry Heard - Missing You
Anyone plz
Очень красивый микс
A Mr. Fingers Music Mix, Atlanta (03.22.07)

А вобще - http://www.deephousepage.com/search_results.php
Larry Heard: 25 Years From Alpha EP (2008) - 320 anyone?
Mr. Fingers - Washing Machine
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Label: Trax Records
Catalog#: TX127
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 1986
Genre: Electronic
Style: House
Credits: Producer - Larry Heard
Rating: 4.8/5 (201 votes) Rate It

A1 Washing Machine (4:24)
A2 Can You Feel It (5:45)
B Beyond The Clouds (7:55)

Larry Heard****Where Life Begins (Life Line, 2003)

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Size: 87 мб
Bitrate: 192/kbs

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Larry Heard****Ice Castles (Mecca Recordings, 1998)

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Size: 94 мб
Bitrate: 192/kbs

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Mr. Fingers - Back To Love (I DONT HAVE THIS ONE)

Mr. Fingers - Introduction

Larry Heard - Missing You

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Larry Heard****Loves Arrival (Track Mode, 2001)

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Size: 107 мб
Bitrate: 192/kbs

Artist: Larry Heard
Release: Alien
Label: Black Market International
Cat. number: BMI 031 CD
Released: 1996

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Sorry, no tracks available
Size: 65 мб
Bitrate: VBR

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