Living Dead Girl

Alt.Metal / Female Vocal / Canada / Similar To: New Years Day
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Canadian alternative metal band set to release debut album with
critically acclaimed producer Mitchell Marlow
Molly Rennick — vocalist of Toronto-based modern metal
band Living Dead Girl — was born to perform.
At four years old, she confidently informed her parents that
she was going to be a rock star one day.
While still relatively unknown outside of her native
Canada, the talented 21-year-old Rennick performs like a
seasoned professional.
The aptly titled band name has real life connotations, as
the vocalist came into this world with grayish-blue skin and
not breathing.
By the exact medical definition, Molly was stillborn.
“My mom basically told me that when I was born, there
were no signs of life,” she explained. “When I was 15, I
formed my first band. I just thought that Living Dead Girl
was so perfect because it was both personal to me as well
as a good representation of what kind of music it is. I think
right off the bat when you hear Living Dead Girl, you know
it's a female-fronted metal band.”
Formed in 2017, Living Dead Girl has released three
singles independently, while performing shows throughout
the Toronto area.
Living Dead Girl’s musical stew is a unique combination of
Marilyn Manson meets fellow Canadian frontwoman Avril
Lavigne, possessing an amalgam of genres including
goth, rock, metal, industrial, pop and punk rock.
Rennick slyly reveals that she may have two different
“One wears baby pink and Hello Kitty and listens to pop
music,” she begins. “And the other one is a goth girl in
fishnet stockings who listens to Marilyn Manson.”
The contrast between the two extremes is highly
In addition, the dichotomy between Rennick’s amazing
vocal range sees her seamlessly switching from taunting,
high-pitched croons, to menacing, harsh barks, to
haunting growls with relative ease.
Recently, Rennick just completed recording her highly-
anticipated debut full-length album entitled
prolific producer Mitchell Marlow (In This Moment, All That
Remains, New Year’s Day).
Working with Marlow was an eye-opening experience for


Molly Rennick
John Ellis
Jordan Storring

Living Dead Girl - Alive (Single) (2020)
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Living Dead Girl - Exorcism (Single) (2021)
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Living Dead Girl - Escape (Single) (2021)
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На кого это рассчитано? Реплика Тайлер Момсен и разукрашенные эмо играют доисторический альтрок и ставят на сиськи и клипах. Shame!
«C белочками эта земля не так пустынна...»
Living Dead Girl - Poltergeist (Single) (2021)
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Release 21th May
Living Dead Girl - Poltergeist (Single) (2021)
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Living Dead Girl - Exorcism (2021)

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01. Alive (3:32)
02. Beautiful (3:31)
03. Give Up (4:14)
04. Exorcism (3:53)
05. Dirty Liar (3:38)
06. Poltergeist (3:27)
07. Villain (3:26)
08. Escape (3:34)
09. At The Edge (3:01)
10. Worship Me (3:44)
11. Stronger (4:43)

320 kbps

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