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real name : Matt Cutler

Nottingham / Manchester, Britain (UK)

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Everything is Changing Colour (2007) (vbr v0)
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01.duelling auroras
02.proper vivid
03.my eye
04.summer of summer
05.pure white light
06.drifting off too far
07.your lucky numbers
08.cat's eye
09.light from the heart nebula
10.piano happy
11.midnight feast
12.time was a spiral
13.a quadruple sky
14.number station
15.missing persons


Lemurian (2008) (320 kbps )
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01. Koran Angel
02. Cali Drought Wave
03. Interview At Honolulu
04. Banyan Drive
05. Green Sea Pageant
06. Girl
07. Orange Tree
08. Maya Codex
09. Atoll Mirrored
10. Sea Spray
11. Under Two Palms
12. Lens Flare Lagoon
13. Borea
14. Buried Coral Banks
15. Phthalo Blue
16. Sunken
17. Minor Suns

Ecstasy And Friends (2009) (320 kbps)
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1 To Be With A Person That You Really Dig
2 Sungrazer Cascade
3 Paradise Backyard Jam
4 Arcade
5 Waves Imagination
6 Endlessly
7 The Twilight Switch
8 Love Heads
9 Karen Loves Kate
10 Go Greenhills Racer
11 Apple Hi

Emerald Fantasy Tracks (2010) (320 kbps)
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01. Cloud 909
02. Aquamarine
03. Moon Beam Harp
04. Ultramarine
05. Re-Schooling
06. Rissotowe_4
07. Petrcane Beach Track
08. The Birds Don't Fly This High

singles & EPs
Cluster Dreams (2009) (320 kbps)
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01. Sharpest View of the Sun
02. Fly Fire Rainbow
03. A Ridge Between Mountains
04. Midnight Feast (Bibio remix)

Joyreel / Sunset Teens (2009) (320 kbps)
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2.Sunset Teens

Once In A While / Raptured (2010) (320 kbps)
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1.Once In A While
3.Once In A While (Sinden Mix)
4.Once In A While (Madland Mix)

Pineapple Crush / Angel Brain (2010) (vbr v0)
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1.Pineapple Crush
2.Angel Brain


as groups
Kids In Tracksuits
Get Your Kit On Ep (2006) (vbr v0)
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1.Get Your Kit On
2.Rock N Roll
3.Uprock Theme
New Kids Rock The Block E.P.(2006) (vbr v0)
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2.Head To The Woods
3.We Make It Rock
4.The Thing With Two Heads
5.Real Axe
6.Safe Place To Play
8.Uprock Theme
Zone Ft. Mr Lif / No Hook (2009) (vbr v0)
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1.Zone ( feat. Mr. Lif)
2.No Hooks (feat. Genetic)
Kona Triangle
Sing A New Sapling Into Existence (2009) (320 kbps)
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1.Heavens Gate
2.Shine Alight
4.Long Mountain
5.Astorias Ascent
6.Fresh Flowers Ahead
7.Craig Y Don Lightshow
8.Air Lock
9.Signs And Wonders
10.Nemgo Broadcast Co.
11.Mango Rubicon
12.Toybox (Kona Remix)
13.Mauna Loa


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Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks [2010 / 320 / 93 Mb]

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Matt Cutler has delivered impeccably produced beat music for a couple of years now, but its really in the last few months that he's found his feet drawn to a heavy, smudged style of House music. Infusing the warehouse rave heritage of his adopted home city Manchester with the same classic Chicago and NYC memes as his London counterparts, his signature feel for synaesthetically evocative melody has really started to pay dividends. 'Emerald Fantasy Tracks' is one of the most unapologetically ecstatic dancefloor albums we've heard this year, from the eccied AGCG delights of 'Aquamarine' to the pickled keys of 'Re-Schooling', he does to the current House scene what BoC did with HipHop and downbeat electronica in the late '90s. Tracks like 'Moon Beam Harp' or 'Cloud 909' feature titles that are in themselves enough to send your mind in the right direction, but it's his grasp of lushed-out and retro-futuristic electronics that make this album such an enjoyable experience, enveloping your senses with the fragrant wow and flutter of detuned synthlines and a sublimely tactile attention to polaroid-grainy and slightly decaying surface detail.

01. Cloud 909
02. Aquamarine
03. Moon Beam Harp
04. Ultramarine
05. Re-Schooling
06. Rissotowe_4
07. Petrcane Beach Track
08. The Birds Don't Fly This High




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niceness thumb.gif some1 can rip this1??
Here ya go, great tune thumb.gif


да, музыка Мэтта стала более денсиебл...но кто сказал, что это плохо?!
хороший альбом!
Oh its out! Thanks fellas..not as good as Lemurian..detroit is not my thing really unsure.gif
Illum Sphere / Lone / Krystal Klear (HOYA001)
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Nov 2010, Label:Hoya:Hoya, Catalog#:HOYA001
Manchester's Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub present the debut release on their newly minted Hoya:hoya imprint named after the much acclaimed Manchester club night of the same name. By far the highlight of the release is Lone's 'Let The Music Play', a unique sounding disco track with a thumping kick drum and distorted vocals layered to great effect before a rugged synthline takes everything down a notch. Illum Sphere, meanwhile, deploys a killer slowed down take on UK Funky which starts off with a trademark ambient wash and thudding drums before a synth reminiscent of his recent Titan 12" on 3024 takes over and the whole thing collapses back in on itself. Rounding off the twelve is Krystal Klear with a very 80s sounding piece of modern boogie complete with handclaps and those apt crystal synths. A seriously heavy twelve and a perfect start to what promises to be a label to watch.


01. Illum Sphere --- Sweat The Descent  (4:37)
02. Lone --- Let The Music Play  (3:36)
03. Krystal Klear --- Persuaded Me  (3:45)


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...artist : Lone
....title : Emerald Fantasy Tracks (MAGIC02EP)
....label : Magic Wire
..cat.num : MAGIC02EP
....genre : Electronic
.....year : 2010
.playtime : 41:00 min
......url : n/a

.rls.date : 11/2010
...source : WEB
..quality : 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
...tracks : 08
.....size : 93,10 MB

t r a c k l i s t

01 Cloud 909 05:34
02 Aquamarine 05:16
03 Moon Beam Harp 04:17
04 Ultramarine 06:17
05 Re-Schooling 03:37
06 Rissotowe_4 05:26
07 Petrcane Beach Track 05:26
08 The Birds Don't Fly This High 05:07

41:00 min

r e l e a s e n o t e s
Following up the huge debut release
'Pineapple Crush' comes 'Emerald Fantasy
Tracks' - an eight track mini album to
reawaken your senses.The opening track
'Cloud 909' sets the scene - a massive
slab of piano stab-lead Detroit inspired
Techno, which picks up exactly where
'Pineapple Crush' left off... Expect
primitive 808 State / Black Dog inspired
house to typical Lone styled sun bleached
euphoria, shot through the prism of wicked
compression techniques.



recovery record 3%
Какая там бомба? Так, до петарды не дотягивает. Послушал и забыл.
Не качайте!!!
для колхозников.
I close my eyes and I see you dancing!
Do you see me when you close yours too?
Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks

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Label: Magic Wire
Cat.num: MAGIC02EP
Genre: Electronic
Playtime: 41:00 min
Rls.date: November 2010
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 8
Size: 93 MB

1. Cloud 909 (5:34)
2. Aquamarine (5:16)
3. Moon Beam Harp (4:17)
4. Ultramarine (6:17)
5. Re-Schooling (3:37)
6. Rissotowe_4 (5:26)
7. Petrcane Beach Track (5:26)
8. The Birds Don't Fly This High (5:07)


для колхозников.

Очевидно, Вы специалист по колхозной музыке, раз так запросто в ней разбираетесь.
добавил новый релиз в шапку.
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Цитата: (BoB4a)
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при чем тут ограниченность то?вообще не в тему.релиз совершенно другого музыкального направления,я считаю его любили за хипхоп,а подобный дэнс лично для меня такая модная тенденция не представляет никого интереса,школьную дискотеку напоминает.некоторым наоборот это нравится,зачем принижать других и выставлять это так какбудто твой разум не имеет границ?
// things change //

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