Лучшие релизы 2020 / Best releases of 2020

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Вспоминаем всё услышанное за 2020 и выбираем лучшее!

Формат прост:

Исполнитель - Альбом (или EP)

п.с. списки треков и плейлисты в учёт не идут, только полноценные релизы.
High Contrast - Notes From The Underground
let me think. we had huge releases. gonna pick my favs in random order.

Many eps on Overview (Violet, Azure, Placid, Objection and Exo all stunning works to me)
Alix Perez - Without End (1985 music)
Dogger and Mindstate - The time is yours (1985 music)
Headroom - Now i see (4 Corners music)
Amoss & Fre4knc - Watermark vol.2 (Dispatch recordings)

Arkaik - Fate determined (Flexout Audio)
...and that's it, not into many lp this year lol if u would like to recommend me some lps i'll be thankfull
Прям уж шедевров на века в этом году не услышал, однако, несколько приятных релизов выделить могу:

The JDs - The Texas Chain Store Manager

Классный эйсид/брейкор, лучшее, что из ломанного в этом году было для меня:
Stazma - Fluorhydrique EP
Stazma - Shapeshifter

На Tech Itch несколько стильных вещей вышло, в особенности трайбл-днб Indidjnous / Centaspike

Бывший танцор выпустил несколько норм штук:
Leeroy Thornhill - Evolve
Leeroy Thornhill - Evolved EP
Leeroy Thornhill - Back To Me
Цитата: @debiasio

Arkaik - Fate determined (Flexout Audio)
...and that's it, not into many lp this year lol if u would like to recommend me some lps i'll be thankfull

What about the Alix Perez LP ?
Цитата: @etfreek
Цитата: debiasio

Arkaik - Fate determined (Flexout Audio)
...and that's it, not into many lp this year lol if u would like to recommend me some lps i'll be thankfull

What about the Alix Perez LP ?
too short, it's a long ep
Diasiva - Microplastic
Arkaik - Fate Determined
Ground - Regain
Klinical - Unconscious
Pessimist - Atyeo
" the liner notes contain no lyrics; only the phrase "these songs are about a space man." "
from my 'top2020' playlist collected during the year
Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued)
S.P.Y - Step & Flow (VIP)
Vorso - Constellation
Magnetude - Falling
Delta Heavy - Show Me the Light (feat. Starling) [VIP]
Delta Heavy - Take Me Home (feat. Jem Cooke) [Protostar Remix]
Delta Heavy - Here with Me (feat. Modestep) [The Prototypes Remix]
Culprate - No Words (Dexcell Remix)
REAPER - Barricade
Mob Tactics - Eject
Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Nais Remix)
Fourward - Let Me Down (feat. Charlotte)
Technimatic & A Little Sound - Lakota
Zombie Cats - No God (The Clamps Remix)
IHR & TR Tactics - Light Hammer
Dimension & Sharlene Hector - Saviour
DC Breaks - Back for More
DC Breaks - Pickett Line (Technimatic Remix)
Metrik - Closer
Metrik - Dying Light (feat. ShockOne)
DJ Marky, Pola & Bryson & Javeon - Trouble
Unknown Artist - Lovely
Cartoon & Asena - Howling (Andromedik Remix)
Spor - Beam Cannon
Villem & Leo Wood - We Had a Song
Dimension - Hatred
Culture Shock - Visions
Merikan - Give Me Something
Kanine - Stand Up (feat. Emily Makis)
Smooth & Disaszt - Triumphant
North Base - Light It Up (feat. The Melody Men)
Tom Walker - Wait for You (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
MUZZ - Star Glide (feat. Cammie Robinson)
MUZZ - Salvation (feat. Bloodhounds)
MUZZ - The Warehouse (feat. PAV4N & Miss Trouble)
Basta - Я поднимаюсь над землей (Krot Remix)
Баста & Zivert - Неболей (PRHL Bootleg)
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Emperor Re-Nicks) /* dunno maybe it was released in 2019 */
Elon Musk - Don't Doubt ur Vibe (Netsky Bootleg)
Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (TC Bootleg)
Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (Gydra Bootleg)
DC Breaks x ELO - Blue Sky Set Up V.2 (Featurecast Mashup)
Vorso Vs David Guetta Vs Dr Dre - Cold Day Crisis (Featurecast Mashup)
Gridlok - Germ (Misanthrop Remix)
Unknown Artist - Need to Feel Loved (Dnb Remix)
Unknown Artist - She Ever Hold Me (Dnb Remix)
Bensley - Vex
Machinedrum - 1000 Miles (feat. Sub Focus)
RL Grime & Juelz - Formula (IMANU Remix)
Hugh Hardie - Learning to Fly
Circumference - Midsommar
Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams (Jimi Needles Edition)
Telomic & Anastasia - Window Light
Break - Who Got Da Funk VIP
Fred V - Atmosphere (feat. Lottie Jones)
Millbrook - Echoes (feat. Eviya)
would pay some $$$ for proper:
Absolute Zero - The Code (Blokhe4d Remix)
Calyx & Teebee - Make Your Choice (Spor Remix)
Noisia - Spinosa Ledje
Mystic State - My Own Private Island
Phillip D Kick - As We Continue
Earl Grey - Infinite Loop
Subjects - DAT027
Law & Kola Nut - R?-?WHITES Vol. 1
Dgohn - Monega
Tim Reaper
Thugwidow – Pump Up The Feeling EP
Hyped on Acid – Terminate
Fiesta Soundsystem. - Rites Of Passage
Sonic – The Eye of Jupiter
Rq - Solar Wind EP
Amalgam - AboveTheLine
High Contrast - Notes From The Underground


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Fatboy Slim - Back to Mine

High Contrast - Notes From The Underground

The Vanguard Project - The Vanguard Project

Machinedrum, Holly - Berry Patch

Muffler - Yellow Leaves

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Counterstrike - Million Fucking Pieces EP
Technical Itch - Find Your Darkness
Voodoom - Sacrificial Artefacts
Dom & Roland - Lost In The Moment
dgoHn - Undesignated Proximate
Calibre - Shelflife Six
Limewax - Settime LP
dgoHn - Undesignated Proximate
ASC - Isolated Systems
Calibre - Shelflife Six
High Contrast - Notes From The Underground
Albums: Sub Focus & Willkinson - Portals
BCee feat. Charlotte Haining & Etherwood - Little Bit Lighter [Spearhead]
DJ Marky X Pola & Bryson - Trouble (feat. Javeon) [Shogun Audio]
Flowidus, Trei & Linguistics - Don't Breathe In [Elevate Audio]
Metrik - We Are The Energy [Hospital]
Rene LaVice & Future Cut - Nine Strings [Metalheadz]
Shapeshifter - Break Me Down (Flowidus Remix) [Elevate Audio]
Taxman - Can't You See [Playaz]
Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Gydra Remix) [Bad Taste]
Dkn - The Peak [Subtitles Music]
Habit - Lil' Roller [Program]
Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Enter Night [EMI]
Zerozero - Shake Your Booty [Program]
Flite - Run Away [Viper]
Hugh Hardie - Learning To Fly [Hospital]
Zero T & Beta 2 - In My Head [Metalheadz]
The Vanguard Project feat. DRS - Everyday Is Stolen [Spearhead]
FD - The Creatures From Planet 9 [The North Quarter]
Kumarachi - Old Skool Style [Chronic]
Netsky & Rudimental feat. Afronaut Zu - Blend [Hospital]
The Vanguard Project - D.I.T.U. [Spearhead]
Metrik - Requiem [Hospital]

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