I'll be buying it even though it's now on here walkman.gif
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You'd have to be a cold hearted person to upload a charity album.  Glad to see that nobody has done so yet

1 Makoto

2 Kompakt

3 Future Garage

and U know what. I don't give a fuck.

it's not about charity, it's about fucking PR. if U wanna help save the world, stop destroying governments of south Africa and middle east countries.
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feel free to do it...the version posted in here "NOCAT" is a bandcamp rip thumb.gif
That's the stupidest and most cynical thing I've read today. Regardless of the motive behind it, the profits still go to a very worthwhile cause so what's the problem?

Fucking cretin.

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полный мастер трека 2005 года.полная версия.по всей видимости не выйдет нигде.

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Makoto - Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix 320 cbr


You're taught to stay in line. Are going to stay in line?
You're taught to be content with dying. Are you content with dying?
Гайс, подскажите пожалуйста что есть похожее в стиле makoto.
сильно нравиться Time feat. Cleveland Watkiss и Makoto & Vice Versa - Days Gone By
Makoto Ft Mc Conrad - Golden Girl

320 needed please wink.gif

Did you know that there are FIVE mixes for the Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix Serie by 5 great Japanese artists and not only the one by makoto that I showed here?!!!!
Anyway ... enjoy the sound!

5 tight drum'nbass mixes from Human Elements, Tokyo-based drum'n'bass label founded and run by the highly-acclaimed Japanese DJ / producer, MAKOTO, as to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the label's resident party on July 30th, 2011.

5 mixes by 5 Japanese DJs: VELOCITY, J.Z.T, LOWPLY, HEAVY1 and, of course, MAKOTO, featuring lots of exclusive tracks, mixes, etc.

-Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix Vol.1 by Velocity (DL link inside) ----> http://soundcloud.com/velocity7nine/he-anniversary-mix
-Humanelements 5th Anniversary Mix vol.2 J.Z.T ----> http://soundcloud.com/j-z-t/humanelements-...5th-anniversary
-Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix Vol.3 ----> http://soundcloud.com/lowply/human-element...5th-anniversary
-Makoto's Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix Vol.4 Heavy1 ----> http://soundcloud.com/heavy1/makotos-human...an-elements-5th
-Makoto - Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix ----> http://soundcloud.com/makoto-humanelements...an-elements-5th

some mixes are still downloadable others aren't available anymore!


You're taught to stay in line. Are going to stay in line?
You're taught to be content with dying. Are you content with dying?
Makoto-Keep Me Down ////// есть у кого?? плиз..)))
оооооо да)))))

Makoto “Souled Out”

Label: Human Elements
CatNo: HE002CD
Release Date: 2011-10-10 (JAPAN : 2011-10-05)
Formats: CD / Digital

‘Souled Out’ is a collection of various genres and styles, high-lighting Makoto’s incredible diversity and skill. ‘Souled Out’ explores the genres he loves while showcasing his flair as a modern drum&bass artist in an accessible and contemporary way.

1. Prelude
2. Magic Hour
3. Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph
4. Girl I’m Running Back 2 U feat. Christian Urich
5. Keep Me Down feat. Angela Johnson
6. In Between
7. Hi-Tech (Interlude)
8. Woe feat. Deeizm
9. Turning Points
10. Untold (Remix) feat. Deeizm
11. Bubbles
12. You’ve Got Sumptin’ feat. Paul Randolph
13. Flight Time feat. Root Soul
14. Travel (Interlude)
15. Room Enough feat. Cleveland Watkiss

More info -> http://makoto-music.com/makoto-souled-out/

Released by: Human Elements
Release/catalogue number: HE002CD
Release date: Oct 10, 2011
Makoto - Tower of Love (Extended mix) itunes

Could only afford the one track
So got extended mix smile.gif
прямо на мою днюху альбом :р
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Makoto - Souled Out
Artist: Makoto
Title: Souled Out
Label: Human Elements
Cat. Nr: HE002CD
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 10/10/2011
Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 Khz / Joint-Stereo
Source: WEB
Tracks: 15
Size: 144,7 MB

01. Makoto - Prelude (01:25)
02. Makoto - Magic Hour (02:21)
03. Makoto featuring Paul Randolph - Tower Of Love (Original Mix) (04:12)
04. Makoto featuring Christian Urich - Girl I'm Running Back 2 U (05:06)
05. Makoto featuring Angela Johnson - Keep Me Down (05:45)
06. Makoto - In Between (06:22)
07. Makoto - Hi-Tech (Interlude) (00:51)
08. Makoto featuring Deeizm - Woe (06:07)
09. Makoto - Turning Points (03:04)
10. Makoto featuring Deeizm - Untold (Remix) (04:44)
11. Makoto - Bubbles (05:47)
12. Makoto featuring Paul Randolph - You've Got Sumptin' (05:45)
13. Makoto featuring Root Soul - Flight Time (05:30)
14. Makoto - Travel (Interlude) (01:38)
15. Makoto featuring Cleveland Watkiss - Room Enough (04:30)

All fresh dnb & dubstep here - https://elektrobeats.org/

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