Man Of Booom / Figub Brazlevic / Teknical Development / JuJu Rogers

Figub Brazlevic (Figub Brazlevič) / Oldschool Future - 2012

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1.My Advice To You 02:20
2.Carjacking 01:16
3.In Frequency With The Universe 02:23
4.Clarification 01:41
5.Different Playgrounds 01:03
6.Forward Steps Back 02:49
7.On The Run 02:27
8.Discover The Soulbrother 02:35
9.The Liquid Red Eye Rider 02:14
10.Rallye Cars 02:05
11.Queen Of The Day 02:13
12.Rock Steady (Skit) 00:50
13.Oldschool Future 02:24
14.Escapism (The People Of Berlin) 02:05
15.Hardship 01:37
16.I Lost My Dreams 01:27
17.A Date With The Devil In Africa 03:16
18.Timecode 01:58
19.Drunken, Stoned & Wasted 00:59
20.Nic La Police 01:31
21.Wholecar In The Mainstation 00:46
22.The Beauty Of Catastrophy 02:18
23.General Paranoia 03:06
24.Horns Of The Elephants 01:08
25.Anxious Dog 01:17
26.Ultimate Warrior 03:13
27.Flyin' Dyin' 02:05
28.Empty Fridge (Skit) 00:30
29.Aw Yeah 02:43
30.Silent Lava 01:56
31.Last Exit 01:36
32.Doin' The Dishes (Skit) 00:27
33.Cold Sun 01:57
34.Moonlight District 02:43
35.Der Beste Marder Im Parkhaus 03:07
36.Mellow Crip Groove 03:25
37.Crime Process 02:14
38.Forgotten Misfit 01:22
39.Inner City Tribe 03:11
40.Soul Caliber 9mm 02:13
41.Easy Come Easy Go 01:20
42.When It Rains From The Ground Up To The Sky 01:32


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ARTiST:...Suff Daddy & Figub Brazlevic
ALBUM:....Beatgeeks To Go 002
LABEL:........Jakarta Records
ENCODER:.....Lame 3.98
PLAYTiME:....07:09 min
SiZE:........12,2 MB
QUALiTY: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo

01. Suff Daddy - Moog Shit [00:52]
02. Suff Daddy - Where's My Henny [03:17]
03. Figub Brazlevic - Ueber Wasser Halten [03:00]
07:09 min
12,2 MB

Beatgeeks is a producer night in
Berlin, Germany created and curated
by producers Suff Daddy, Hazeem and
Party promoter & vinyl selecta LeBob.
From Jazz to Glitch, Bleep to Hip
Hop, all genres and varieties of high
quality instrumental music captivate
the listeners each and every time.
Numerous producers stop by and
display their sets and create a very
unique and authentic vibe since 2011
every 1st & 3rd tuesday of the month.

Berlin based label Jakarta Records in
collaboration with BeatEvolution Rec.
now releases several small 7inch
editions. Starting of with "Beatgeeks
- to go" a rare and dope beat-
collection of producers that have
been part of this event thus far.
Each episode will be pressed as a
limited edition of 200 7" vinyl.
In Episode I and II well-known
producers and regular guests to the
event Dexter, Suff Daddy, KutMasta
Kurt and Figub Brazlevic do the
honors of exposing their latest

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Man Of Booom (Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and JuJu Rogers ) - Back To The Booom

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1. Introoom 00:34
2. Back To The Booom 03:42
3. Catch The Beat 03:52
4. Bathroom Blues (Skit) 00:36
5. Howeedoo feat. Maniac 03:44
6. Headnod Jazz Compadres feat. Madame Fleur 04:06
7. B.O.O.M 03:43
8. Elevator Jazz Trouble (Skit) 00:37
9. Booom Steppers ft. Sandra Amarie 03:14
10. Sneaky 02:56
11. Moment Of Truth (Skit) 00:29
12. From Now To Then (No Words Can Explain) 04:50
13. Electro Baggypant (Skit) 00:38
14. Fire In The Air feat. Rob Real & DJ Hypercutz 04:29
15. No More Comebacks 02:31
16. Rock'n'Roll Neighbourhood (Skit) 00:25
17. Booom This Way!!! 03:30
18. Get Out feat. Madame Fleur 02:53
19. Melody Spells feat. DJ Scratch Dope 02:14
20. Backstage Stories (Skit) 00:28
21. Circus (Feel The Booom) 03:53
22. Booomstrumental #1 feat. Madame Fleur (7" Bonus) 03:16
23. Booomstrumental #2 (7" Bonus) 03:40
24. Booomstrumental #3 (7" Bonus) 02:59
25. Booomstrumental #4 feat. Madame Fleur (7" Bonus) 03:27


take free & enjoy


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Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and JuJu Rogers are Man Of Booom - a three-headed body of music that has its roots in the golden era of honest and positive hiphop. The ‚Back To The Booom‘ LP brings listeners along on a redisco- very of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90‘s sound - its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a paral- lel universe where the fundamental focus lies on positivity and establishing human connections through musical creation.
From the bedroom studio in Moabit, Berlin to the streets of London, ‚Back To The Booom‘ and beyond, Back To The Booom is a musical dedication to a culture and a state of mind that seemed to have been forever lost in the endless hallways of records companies and radio stations. - Man Of Booom brings it back.

© bandcamp

*2013 / v0
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Man of Booom - Back to the Booom

01. Introoom (:34)
02. Back To The Booom (3:42)
03. Catch The Beat (3:52)
04. Bathroom Blues (skit) (:36)
05. Howeedoo (ft. Maniac) (3:44)
06. Headnod Jazz Compadres (ft. Madame Fleur) (4:06)
07. B.O.O.M (3:43)
08. Elevator Jazz Trouble (skit) (:37)
09. Booom Steppers (ft. Sandra Amarie) (3:14)
10. Sneaky (2:56)
11. Moment Of Truth (skit) (:29)
12. From Now To Then (No Words Can Explain) (4:50)
13. Electro Baggypant (skit) (:38)
14. Fire In The Air (ft. Rob Real & DJ Hypercutz) (4:29)
15. No More Comebacks (2:31)
16. Rock'n'Roll Neighbourhood (skit) (:25)
17. Booom This Way!!! (3:30)
18. Get Out (ft. Madame Fleur) (2:53)
19. Melody Spells (ft. DJ Scratch Dope) (2:14)
20. Backstage Stories (skit) (:28)
21. Circus (Feel The Booom) (3:53)

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Спасибо! Это а*уенное. Качает как в 90х
Waterfall Inside Me
прям слезы навернулись, как будто в прошлое вернули thumb.gif thumb.gif
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Лучший хоповый релиз в этом году, не? ph34r.gif
отличный, да
бек ту зе рутс такой

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Лучший хоповый релиз в этом году, не?  ph34r.gif

Не. ph34r.gif
старый добрый хип-хоп как он должен быть
на ум сразу приходят такие легенды как dilated people и Jeru The Damaja
отличные треки для предстоящего зимнего сезона biggrin.gif
there is a little 2Pac in all of us

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Marco Polo

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