Me And My Army / M.A.M.A

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Artist.........: Me and My Army
Title..........: Me and My Army EP
Genre..........: Indie
Year...........: 2010
Label..........: EMI Sweden n/a
Source.........: WEB mp3-file(s
Quality........: 320 kbps
Size...........: 42,6 MB
Playtime.......: 18:33 min nov-21-2010


01. Me And My Army (Radio Edit) 03:39
02. Anthem 03:07
03. Thank God For Sending Demons 03:09
04. Epilogue 04:33
05. I Fought The Law And I Won 04:05

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картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Artist : Me And My Army
Title : Thank God For Sending Demons
Genre : Indie
Label : EMI Music
Catnr : 50999-949462
Type : Album
Ripped : Feb-18-2011
Released : Feb-16-2011
Source : CDDA
Quality : VBRkbps
Size : 61,7 MB

::t r a c k l i s t :::

01. Anthem 03:07
02. Thank God For Sending Demons 03:09
03. Far, Far Away 02:53
04. The Only One 03:24
05. Little One 02:52
06. Epilogue 04:33
07. Me And My Army 05:16
08. Just Like Before 03:42
09. Note To Self 04:09
10. Chemicals 03:45
11. To Belong 02:24
12. What I've Been Told 01:58
13. I Fought The Law And I Won 04:05


R E L E A S E I N F O R M A T I O N:

A guitar duel followed by a nice dinner and
loads of whine is the reason why Andreas
Kleerup put electronic music aside and started
looking into the realms of indie rock

When fellow bandmember Niels Nenkler started a
guitar show-off, Kleerup wasn't late to answer
by challenging for a duel. When the rest of
the people around started playing bass and
drums, a collective conclusion was made - this
should be a band The result comes here in
terms of Me And My Army, starring Kleerup as
frontman and the natural 'Me

Consisting of Joel Hammad Magnusson, John
Ronneklev, Andreas Kleerup, Helena Arlock,
Patrik Herrstrom and Niels Nankler - Me And My
Army is now releasing their full length album
"Thank God For Sending Demons

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ерунда какая то mad.gif пробежался по всем стилям

А мне наоборот, понравился релиз. Особо первая его половина, а так же интро и кватро.
В целом удачная работа.
Ковер украли с обложки сингла "Hard to Explain", немного видоизменив! Плагиаторы.
очень неоднозначное мнение об альбоме, не цельный какой -то
Очередные лентяи-нытики с гитарами)))

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