Michel Legrand
Album: Music and Cinema

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Artist: Michel Legrand
Album: Music and Cinema
Released: 1995
Style: Jazz, Classical
Number of tracks: 4
Time: 01:09:40
Format / Quality: mp3 / CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo

1.Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Suite Pour harpe et Orchestre)
2.Un Ete 42 (Concertino Pour Harpe et Orchestre)
3.Le Messager (Suite Pour Harpe, Clavecin et Orchestre)
4.Yentl (Suite Pour Harpe et Orchestre)

Symphony Orchestra
Catherine Michel - harpe
Michel Legrand - clavecin


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Artist : Michel Legrand Et Son Orchestre
Title : Archi-Cordes (1964)
Genre : Easy Listening / Jazz
Links: картинка, оставленная пользователем / Rapidshare
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 12
Label : Vadim Music / Philips
Length : 29:30 min
Size : 46,10 MB

01.di-gue-ding-ding 02:41
02.noix de coco 02:25
03.orange blossom special 02:50
04.come ray and come charles 02:38
05.hi girls 02:36
06.manhattan stroll 02:33
07.alcatraz 01:41
08.da-we-da 02:42
09.monkey business 02:45
10.come ride with me 02:07
11.motor-city 02:16
12.bandol 02:16
29:30 min


At the dawn of the 60’s, well before pop’s ascensionnotes
along with its given extravagances, a few turbulent
arrangers and other exceptionally gifted orchestrators
were already attempting out of the ordinary musical
experiences, amusing themselves by using major
orchestras in a fully-fledged laboratory capacity.

They would do so by using stereophonic effects,
exotic percussion and alternatively played instruments
to give their compositions strange colours and
audacious perspectives. Michel Legrand, a rapidly rising
young composer at this time and breaking with the
most complex writing techniques, was part of this
generation of untamed conductors with very big ideas
within which included a wide array of personalities from
Esquival, Les Baxter and Lalo Schifrin to Quincy Jones.

This fabulous record, with its killer energy was
rediscovered for the first time during the easy listening
revival of 1996, via the seminal English compilation “In
Flight” which included 2 tracks. “Archi-cordes”, is a
measure of Legrand’s excess and craziness which
destroys everything in its path and embodies a sumptuous
collection of instrumentals that are born and bred for the
dancefloor. Fevered twist, jerk, hully gully and Latin jazz
light an unprecedented rhythmic fire which steps up to
incessantly kindle attacks of tempestuous chords, while
flashes of blinding scat shoot through this musical inferno,
reminding us of Legrand’s love of jazz. Subtitled: “Di-gue-
ding-ding…danse,” this cult opus is a fantastic declaration
of love for all that is rhythm, dance and movement.



Fantastically fantastic stuff thumb.gif

Maybe You can recommend something similar- especially with the scat female vocals as on the " 05.hi girls " ?

Thanks wink.gif

Просто классный шестидисятнический джаззз, шедеврально, именно тот слиток того золотого времени освещающий потемки настоящего хауса и электропримитивизма!!!
sergrey79!!! Вы мне симпатичны))))

Волшебный, очень приятный анализатору, альбом! biggrin.gif
Очень приятная позитивная музыка, настраивает на позитив thumb.gif

...keep the real beats underground
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Rapida`s link is dead ph34r.gif
то есть ты купил эту пластинку на www.vadimmusic.com ?
спрашиваю потому как там есть Гензбур (для пополнения моей коллекции т.с.) ...но покупать как-то не очень охота... rolleyes.gif
northern_soul's rs.com mirror>

обновите пожалуйста шедевральный слиток золотого времени biggrin.gif

зы - сорри вопрос снят выше....как оперативно

Это сообщение отредактировал shupo62 - 04.07.09 в 14:46
Юнайт тунайт!!!
Ммм...))) Это волшебно...)))
Спасибо большое, очень понравилось.
very nice reccomendations thumb.gif

thank u 4 the good music!!!!
прелесть одна а не музыка!данке Шён!

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