MOD SUN-Dylan Smith (Derek Smith
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Who: Not long ago, Dylan Smith quit his gig drumming for a screamo band and decided to rap. Now he hopes to popularize hip-hop with a new crowd – perhaps his former audience, hardcore-punk fans. "I'm bringing a bunch of people into the genre who wouldn't have touched it before," he says.

MOVEMENT in dreams stand for NONE "I think the suns comin 'out," said 22-year-old Derek Smith, he is positive he positivity will bring him something positive " The two things I base my life and continues to keep the passion is music and "The Secret" I know that thinking about what you want, you ... whatever you want I know what I want and I know I'm going to get what I want, when I figured out there was not much to be unhappy, I am not kidding when I say that I am never not happy I've always I smile and people notice that they literally tell me that I make them feel good just being some I do not think there is a better compliment With my music I take it there SENSan and turn it into a sound I know I could write "break up" songs or "the world's got me down" songs, but I honestly do not think about these things I just think happy thoughts ... and I can promise you it works, "Derek has put the music on a serious level since age 14" My first instrument was a Fender Strat dad got me for Christmas when I was 9 I did not really know anything about music at that point so the guitar did not interest me much, I am quite serious when I say this ... band "HANSON" get full credit for getting me into the music I grew up with an older sister and I remember all her friends to come over and go crazy over these dudes zac Hanson (drummer) seemed to get Than theMost girls are so natural ... I chose to play the drums From that moment all I wanted to do was play music and tour, I played in a lot of bands growing up (semester marginalize heroes ...) and then went "Four Letter Lie" We signed off when I was 18 and did nothing but lucky I love drums, but I've always wanted to interact with the audience more while touring, I started to freestyle I'm funny guy, so to make people laugh was never a problem I could go on forever just rhymin regardless was ahead of me People started tellin me to record some songs and the rest is history "

Mod Sun's recently released a free mixtape for download, entitled" Let Ya Teeth Show "There are 11 great new songs" It 'sfick party anthems dreams-come-true songs to get high track and really just captures that "the sun's out!" vibe "Click to download" LET YA teeth show "
Mod Sun released their first full length CD entitled" I'm gonna buy me "31 January 2009 It featured 11 songs that were all beats made by Dylan songs were written and recorded over an eight- month span from May to December 2008 Every song was recorded in his bedroom and produced by him and only him, he did it all by himself ... of which the name of the disk

"I downloaded some software bought a keyboard bought a microphone and began to walk on what was about four years ago Along the way I did not "create" my sound I found my sound "

MODERN SUNSHINE CLOTHING Modern Sunshine clothes are merchandisefor MOD sun most of the designs have quotes from MOD SUN songs others just look good, a whole new line of clothing and accessories will be released summer of 09 "Visit online for more info (wwwmodernsunshinebigcartelcom)

for Jamz songs and shows: http: / / wwwmyspacecom / modsun

His name is Derek Smith, but he often goes Dylan Smith

^^^For Info CLICK UP HERE^^^


Mod Sun - I'll Buy Myself [2009]
Mod Sun - Let Ya Teeth Show [2009]
Mod Sun - How To Make A Mod Sun [2010]
Mod Sun - Health, Wealth, Success, & Happiness [2010]
Mod Sun - Blazed By The Bell [2011]
Mod Sun - The Hippy Hop EP [2010] [Ep]
Mod Sun - In Mod We Trust [2011] [EP]
Mod Sun - Happy As Fuck EP [2012] [EP]

музыку скачать можно ниже
free mixtape and other downloadable for free at links below

от себя: легкий поп репчик, с налетом зелени и привкусом всеобщей радости.
слушается без напряженности. ввиду обилия материалов чего-то слишком выдающегося отметить не могу.
p.s на записях кстати замечены такие люди и группы вроде pat brown(sing it loud), jonny craig (dance gavin dance, emarosa), the ready set, good problems, t. mills, shwyze, g-eazy, schooboy q

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if someone interested it's my band list of year'13
Anyone have his full length he just released called "Look Up"?
Mod Sun – Look Up (2015)

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Artist: Mod Sun
Album: Look Up
Released: 2015
Style: Hip Hop
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
Size: 208 Mb


01 – Look Up
02 – Headed Home
03 – Free Love
04 – Goddess (feat. G-Eazy)
05 – Did It Again Last Night
06 – Howlin’ At the Moon
07 – My Hippy (feat. Dizzy Wright)
08 – Shoot ‘Em Down (feat. Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear)
09 – My Favorite Shirt is My Skin
10 – Never Quit (feat. Travis Barker)
11 – 1970
12 – Not That Bad (feat. Jody Highroller)
13 – Modivation
14 – Mushrooms
15 – Same Way (Pt. 2)
16 – Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 1)
17 – Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 2)
18 – Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 3)
19 – Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 4)
20 – Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 5)

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у черного мишки кста неплохая р-н-бишка на альбоме wink.gif
по делу пока ток 1, 7 и 10 вкатили thumb.gif
новый клип: Mod Sun – "Shoot 'Em Down" (feat. Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear)

свежая видеоработа на трек "Two"

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MOD SUN – BB (2017)
CBR 320 kbps
74 MB
01 #Noshirton
02 happyBB
03 Address On the Internet
04 trippyBB
05 Hey Mom, I’m Okay
06 f̶r̶e̶e̶s̶t̶y̶l̶e̶ freesmileBB
07 Grow Thru What U Go Thru
08 Poundzzzzzz
09 Train Hopping In Hippyland
Mod Sun - Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne) (2021)
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mp3, 320 kbps
Mod Sun - Internet Killed The Rockstar (2021)
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Время: 0:30:30
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 70.30 Мб

01. Karma (2:39)
02. Bones (2:49)
03. Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne) (2:31)
04. Betterman (2:59)
05. Prayer (2:42)
06. TwentyNUMB (2:16)
07. Smith (3:30)
08. Rollercoaster (2:33)
09. Annoying (3:19)
10. Pornstar (2:33)
11. Internet Killed The Rockstar (2:39)
поклонникам последнего альбома MGK должно понравится biggrin.gif
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
в целом проходнячок, до релиза MGK ему далековато
Почему же? Песни правильно построены, звук хороший, мелодика тоже рисует. Качественно :thumb: Явного хита нет, по мне так чуток лучше чет MGK

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