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Richard Loudin (vocals) | Sylvain Bégot (guitars) | Benoît Blin (guitars) | Olivier Defives (bass) | Rémi Brochard (guitars) | Matthieu Marchand (keyboards) | Thibault Faucher (drums)
https://www.facebook.com/monolithedoom | http://monolithedoom.tumblr.com

2003 - Monolithe I
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01. Monolithe I

2005 - Monolithe II
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01 Monolithe II

2007 - Interlude Premier (EP)
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01. Monolithic Pillars

2012 - Interlude Second (EP)
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1. Harmony Of Null Matter - Part I
2. Harmony Of Null Matter - Part II

2012 - Monolithe III
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01 - Monolithe III

2013 - Monolithe IV
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01 - Monolithe IV

2014 - Monolithe Zero
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1. Also sprach Zarathustra 03:05
2. Monolithic Pillars 19:35
3. Edges 06:44
4. Harmony Of Null Mater 36:00

2015 - Epsilon Aurigae
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01. Synoecist
02. TMA-0
03. Everlasting Sentry
When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies
It's an internet-only release so you can dl it from their website..
Monolithe III [November 16th, 2012]

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1. Monolithe III
Thnx for the reminder thumb.gif

320kbps, CBR


Hf with it thumb.gif

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Artist: Monolithe
Album: Monolithe III
Year: 2012
Rel. Date: 2012-12-30
Genre: Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Source: CD
Type: Album
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

The third full-length from French doomsters
MONOLITHE follows a familiar pattern to its
predecessors, comprising one epic song sprawled
out over an incredible 52 minutes. There the
similarities end: "Monolithe III" introduces a
bigger, bolder and more sophisticated incarnation
of this internationally-acclaimed act, which has
forged a solid reputation for itself as a
genre-defining entity. Teeming with powerful,
crushing, dark-yet-melodic Doom Metal, "Monolithe
III" ushers the listener on a journey through time
and space, introducing a plethora of moods and
twists along the way. Following on from the themes
explored on previous releases, this new
full-length follows the fate of mankind in a
distant, remote future, where everything is
possibly known and done. MONOLITHE's trademark
sound has been honed and perfected, a seamless
union of heavyweight rhythm guitars, twin leads
and dark layers of keyboards all contained within
a mystic, grandiose atmosphere. A landmark release
for band and label alike, "Monolithe III" soars
timelessly, forging a unique link between the
prehistoric past and an uncertain future. The
quintessential listening experience; live it.

1. Monolithe III 52:00

Переиздание дебютного альбома MONOLITHE выйдет в августе
В конце августа будет выпущено переиздание дебютного альбома французской группы MONOLITHE, "Monolithe I", которое выйдет в дигипаке и будет снабжено новой обложкой Robert'a Høyem'a.

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In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
Monolithe - Zeta Reticuli (2016)
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Время: 0:45:00
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 103.27 Мб

01. Ecumenopolis
02. TMA-1
03. The Barren Depths

rusfolder - uploaded
Monolithe - Nebula septem (2018)
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1. Anechoic Aberration (07:00)
2. Burst In The Event Horizon (07:00)
3. Coil Shaped Volutions (07:00)
4. Delta Scuti (07:00)
5. Engineering The Rip (07:00)
6. Fathom The Deep (07:00)
7. Gravity Flood (07:00)

MP3 vbr v0
MP3 cbr 320 kbps
FLAC (tracks)

Release date: January 26, 2018
When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies
Капец скукота, еле дослушал dry.gif
А мне в самый раз happy.gif изысканный французский монолит.
седьмой альбом из семи треков по семь минут biggrin.gif
а альбом так, среднячок как по мне
In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
Некоторые треки слушались так, будто их насильно выжимают звучать подольше, дабы удовлетворить "идеи". Но, в целом же, альбом как альбом. Не сказать что удивительный чем-то, но вполне ничего.
Monolithe - Okta Khora (20.01.2020)
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01. Okta Khora (Part 1)
02. Onset of the Eighth Cycle
03. Dissonant Occurrence
04. Ignite the Heavens (Part 1)
05. Ignite the Heavens (Part 2)
06. The Great Debacle
07. Disrupted Firmament
08. Okta Khora (Part 2)

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