интересная группа. еще и в настроение очень вкатила. меланхолично так.
apart from drinking, there is absolutely nothing to do here.
волшебная музыка rolleyes.gif
Неплохой трек, но он уже был в прошлогоднем промо-ролике. Про дату релиза ничего неизвестно?
new album???
Kscope are pleased to announce the latest addition to their roster, Mothlite.

Mothlite is the brainchild of Daniel O'Sullivan. A prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist, O'Sullivan is a member of Ulver (also signed to the label) and a regular collaborator with Sunn O))), Guapo, Æthenor, Miracle and Grumbling Fur.

Mothlite allows him to move in different musical directions to those taken by his other projects, recalling the deepest remnants of 80's sounds (Talk Talk, Japan, Cocteau Twins) and fusing it with an innovative, forward-thinking approach to programming and sound design. The result is a grandiose gothic-pop euphoria that retains a subliminally progressive musical depth and O’Sullivan’s songwriting collaborations with The Big Pink and Ulver are apparent in Mothlite’s keen sense of production and lush atmospheric arrangements.

Mothlite transcend any obvious reference point and follow a most novel path of paradoxes. Love, death, death of love, self-loathing, megalomania. All dipped in a thick treacly molasses of ecstatic melody.

The debut album, 2008’s Flax of Reverie, was described as ‘an album propelling listeners down the rabbit hole into a world of wilderness and weird that is at once English and entirely other’ and Dark Age, the follow up to this, will be released on Kscope in early 2012.
anybody have this album ?
Mothlite - Dark Age [2012]

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01 Wounded Lions
02 Disappear
03 Seeing In The Dark
04 The Blood
05 Something In The Sky
06 The Underneath
07 Zebras
08 Dreamsinter Nightspore
09 Milk
10 Dark Age
11 Red Rook
cbr 192

Mothlite - Dark Age / 2012 / 320

Narod / ifolder

Artist: Mothlite
Album: Mathair
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Psychedelic
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 55,17 MB

Track listing:
01.Dawn Lake
02.Mother Spider
03.The Tree With Red Fruit
05.Seeing In The Dark (Grumbling Fur Entity Reunion Mix)

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