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настоящее имя: Christopher Shively

I'm a 25 year-old DJ, producer, and record label owner, originally from Kansas City, although I now live in Chicago. I got started in electronic music pretty early--I began buying rave, jungle, and house 12"s in the early 1990s, and played my first DJ gig in 1995 (at the tender age of 13! what an adorable little munchkin I was). Since then, I've played at over 350 events in 10 countries, alongside electronic music legends like Juan Atkins, Plaid, The Bug, Ghislain Poirier, Aux88, DJ SS, Bong-Ra, Legowelt, Ssion, Remarc, Nookie, Kid606, Pinch, Istari Lasterfahrer, R.A.W, Dev79, Michael Foreshaw, Parasite, Enduser, Reid Speed, 0=0, and more.
As a producer, I first got attention through a lot of old-school-influenced neo-jungle tunes. My jungle stuff tends to be very heavy on drumwork and edits, with a lot of .....ta rap influence and a little bit of ragga influence (although I tend to shy away from full-on vocal tracks). After some successful jungle releases on Mashit, Clash, and some other labels, as well as a fair chunk of press exposure from XLR8R, Grooves, BBC Radio 1, Pitchfork Media, and loads of others, I founded my own label, Dead Homies, as an outlet for catchy, dancefloor-worthy, well-produced, forward-thinking jungle and dubstep.

Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007]

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Label: Dead Homies (OG006)
Released: 09 Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Source: Web
Url: http://www.beatport.com
Quality: 320kbps / Full Stereo
Tracks: 10
Size: 125,10 MB
Playtime: 54:58 min

Rlz Note: http://www.murderbot.net/

A remastered / remixed collection of Murderbot's jungle work to date.

# title duration
01. Dead Homies Anthem [04:06]
02. Inferno VIP [05:31]
03. Rubadub Soldier (feat. Nick C) [05:50]
04. Onlyworld [06:00]
05. More Guns [04:51]
06. Twilight Zone [06:10]
07. Bloodclot For The Sake Of Bloodclot [05:24]
08. Purple Skunk [05:58]
09. Murderbot Stands In Judgement [04:32]
10. Fi You VIP [06:36]</span>



пароль: funkysouls.com
Я модерирую когда захочу.
На narod скинь PLS!!!!
Artist: Murderbot
Album: Onlyworld/Purple Skunk
Label: Dead Homies
Catalog#: OG 002
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 25 Oct 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Notes: Limited to 1000 copies. Label art by John Dretzka of MK12.

A. Onlyworld (6:04)
B. Purple Skunk (5:56)


Artist: Murderbot
Album: My Streets
Label: Dead Homies
Catalog#: OG 004
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: Jul 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle

A. My Streets (6:55)
B1. Take Me Away (6:40)
B2. More Guns (4:49)


Artist: Murderbot
Album: Dead Homies Anthem/Murderbot Stands In Judgement
Label: Clash Records
Catalog#: CLASH008
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Netherlands
Released: 11 Oct 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Credits: Mastered By - Simon Davey

A. Dead Homies Anthem (4:04)
B. Murderbot Stands In Judgement (4:30)


that's all the murderbot i have... enjoy!

в каком качестве сии релизы?? smile.gif
"А голова - предмет темный и исследованию не подлежит" (с)
i dont speak russian... sad.gif
Oh, excuse me, could you tell us, what's the bitrate of these Murderbot's releases (Onlyworld/Purple Skunk, My Streets and Dead Homies Anthem/Murderbot Stands In Judgement)?
"А голова - предмет темный и исследованию не подлежит" (с)

CLASH008 -------> VBR (~205kbps)
OG004 -------> VBR (~190kbps)
OG002 -------> VBR (~220kbps)
перезалейти на ипапку плес, послухать охотэ +)

ой соре, я прозрел %)
пытошная жара
I think this one has not been posted..

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Murderbot - Wet Deck

Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007] - отлично! Глоток свежего воздуха среди засилия дарксайда. Даже Джетро Талл засемплил ))
Ставь лайк,
подписывайся на анал
CHRISSY MURDERBOT - Chrissy Murderbot ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007]

перезайлейте на айфолдер пожалуйста rolleyes.gif
Mestizo / Let It Spray / SECLUS024 / WEB / 2010
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artist: Mestizo
title: Let It Spray (SECLUS024)
label: Seclusiasis
cat.num: Seclus024
genre: Bass
year: 2010
playtime: 36:26 min
url: n/a
rls.date: 01/06/2010
source: WEB
quality: 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
tracks: 08
size: 83,5 MBb
t r a c k l i s t
01 Let It Spray (Produced By Rx) 04:19
02 Let It Spray (Instrumental) 04:19
03 Let It Spray (Acapella) 03:04
04 Let It Spray (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) 05:18
05 Let It Spray (Dev79 Remix) 03:27
06 Let It Spray (6blocc Remix) 05:15
07 Let It Spray (Siyoung Remix) 06:38
08 Let It Spray (Innaspace Remix) 04:06
36:26 min

---> ul.to
---> rs.com
---> ifolder.ru
njoy! teeth.gif
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Chrissy Murderbot / Womens Studies / ZIQ294 / WEB / 2011

ARTiST: Chrissy Murderbot
TiTLE: Women's Studies
GENRE: Electronic
CAT#: ZIQ294
LABEL: Planet Mu
ENCODER: Lame 3.93
YEAR: 2011
QUALiTY: 320kbps
MODE: Full Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 43:08 min
REL.DATE[ 05.13.2011
SiZE: 98,9 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 Break U Off 03:47
02 New Juke Swing (feat. Rubi Dan) 03:28
03 Bussin Down (feat. DJ Spinn) 02:51
04 The Vibe Is So Right (feat. MC ZULU) 04:00
05 Bump Uglies (feat. Popeye) 04:02
06 Pelvic Floor (feat. Rubi Dan) 03:43
07 Heavy Butt 03:21
08 Nice Lookin Bwoy (feat. Mungo's Hifi & Warrior Queen) 03:57
09 Sweet Thang (feat. Johnny Moog & Coool Dundee) 03:17
10 Jiggle 04:03
11 Under Dress (feat. Warrior Queen) 03:23
12 U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) (feat. Coool Dundee) 03:16

TOTAL: 43:08



Chrissy Murderbots first album for Planet Mu
is a collection of tracks that should come
with the warning "be prepared to sweat".
The last few years have seen Chrissy working
hard on the optimum formula for getting down
and having non-stop fun. 'Womens Studies' is
an album of party starting, populist mutations
with vocal contributions from the Dancehall
mcees MC ZULU, Rubi Dan and Warrior Queen,
plus rappers Popeye, Coool Dundee and Johnny
Moog. It's made with a brazen and unashamed
love for dance music, mixing energetic tropes
into a sticky tropical punch.
The influence of Ghetto House and Juke from
his chosen home of Chicago hangs over the
album. From the off, things get fleet-footed
on Break You Off with its night-time
atmosphere built from Rhodes chord
progressions and sexy vocals over tight,
subtle rolling footwork drums and bass; its
like a 160bpm musical massage. Later on
Bussin Down continues the footwork influence
with a sped-up grooving funk sample, over
which DJ Spinn gives the orders. Elsewhere
'Heavy Butts' seesawing bassline and 8-bit
melody gets the message across loud and clear,
while the impressionist footwork of 'Jiggle'
is probably the most jiggling piece of music
ever recorded.
Other tracks such as New Juke Swing mix
crunchy drums of the kind you might find on a
Teddy Riley production with a bassline of an
early grime record while Rubi Dan acts as
master of ceremonies The Vibe Is So Right,
featuring MC ZULU, pits chopped breakbeats
against big basslines at funky house speed,
which quickly intensify into sharp junglist
patterns. On Bump Uglies Chrissy mixes cute
girl vocals chopped up over a flat dancehall
beat while MC Popeye rides the rhythm making
his intentions clear, while the album's
poppiest moment Sweet Thang features Coool
Dundee and Johnny Moog in an inspired high
speed mix of jungle and electro with soul
vocals and mcing.
Things get decidedly early 90s with Warrior
Queen on Under Dress a strange amalgam of
acid and (more) New Jack Swing, with Warrior
Queen dropping some filthy lyrics. The 90s
revival continues with the U Got Me Burnin Up
(Club Cirque) which mixes high speed ravey
piano and diva samples with crackin 160bpm
juke and hip house vocals from Coool Dundee.
On 'Women's Studies' Murderbot manages to
twist underground music forms into a new kind
of high quality pop music that's a joy to
listen to.

---> ul.to
---> ifolder.ru
njoy! teeth.gif
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Chrissy Murderbot - Womens Studies

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MP3 320 CBR



хороший такой, ненапряжный, и более разноплановый по сравнению с предыдущим альбом
я убью тебя насмерть Ворга
Chrissy Murderbot - Womens Studies

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MP3 320 CBR



More Murderbot please, thanks in advance.
I'm A Everyday Junglist
Bass Music Mix 29 - Chrissy Murderbot
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Jumping Back Slash - Shosholozaaaaaa! (unreleased)
James Braun - ID (forthcoming Sleazetone)
Kill Light - Dumbo (LU10 Records)
P Money - Blackberry (Butterz)
Chrissy Murderbot & Johnny Moog - I'm a Asshole (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Cycheouts Ghost - CHG2 (ROMZ)
Cardopusher - Everybody (forthcoming DVA Music)
Traxman - Who Needs Forever (unreleased)
Clicks & Whistles with Cedaa - Topaz Bounce
Juketastrafe - Work Baby (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Squire of Gothos - Big Yellow Smiley Faces (Rag & Bone)
A Guy Called Gerald - This Is The Right Time (Juice Box)
Cloud 9 - Call My Name (Movin Shadow)
DJ Lil'Tal - Pop Yo Back (Mister Ries Remix) (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Gant-Man - I Nutted In You (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Nocturnal - Stay Down The Road (Murlo Roadmix) (unreleased)
Yo Soy Sauce - Chrissy Murderbot Bootybusted Remix
Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship (forthcoming Halo Cyan)
DJ Diamond - Rep Yo Clique (Remix) (Planet Mu)
Eprom - Twerkul8 (unreleased)
Slick Shoota - Love You You You (unreleased)
Chrissy Murderbot - Braaain (Planet Mu)

DSNT Podcast 010 – Chrissy Murderbot
The Living Graham Bond & Shooting Horses – Premier (forthcoming Party Like Us)
Kush Arora & MC ZULU – Full Time Love (Top Billin)
Kush Arora & Lady Chann – Wid Dem (Top Billin)
Kry Wolf – Crossfire (forthcoming Party Like Us)
Jumping Back Slash – Want (Your Touch)
James Braun – OD (Sapriori Remix) (forthcoming Sleazetone)
Supratech – 3AM (DeepClass Records)
DOM – Blakelock (Donga + Blake Dub Mix) (forthcoming 877 Records)
Skinnz – Get On It (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Cardopusher – Then What (forthcoming Frijsfo Beats)
702 – You Don’t Know (Universal Motown)
Seiji – More Of You (Seijimusic)
DJ Lil’Tal – Pop Yo Back (Star Eyes Remix) (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Squire of Gothos – Chewing Minnows (Rag & Bone)
Altern8 – Respect is Due (Breakbeat Hysteria Mix) (Network)
Royal-T – Butterz Ones (Butterz)
Walton – Aggy (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Akira Kiteshi – Transmission (forthcoming Afterglo)
Aquadrop – Evolution (L2S Recordings)
Machinedrum – Gbye (Planet Mu)
Chrissy Murderbot – Break U Off (Mystica Tribe Remix) (Planet Mu)
Cedaa & Slick Shooter – Windbreaker (B.YRSLF Division)
Sunshine Productions – Above the Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) (Just Another Label)

req: chrissy murderbot - i'm a asshole ep
The Fat! Club Mix 028 – Chrissy Murderbot
Trim vs Art of Noise – Moments in Trim (Chrissy Murderbot Blend) (unreleased)
Royal-T – 1UP (Butterz Supersonic VIP Mix) (unreleased)
Walter Ego – Calm Down (Murlo Iceskating Remix) (unreleased)
Terror Danjah & D.O.K. – Morph2 (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Chrissy Murderbot & Young Live – The Call of Booty (Loose Squares)
Submerse – Need To Know (Famous Eno Remix) (Sounds of Sumo)
Lenkemz – Hotline Riddim (unreleased)
Drums of Death – I Can’t Take It (unreleased)
DET Only vol 7- Jits Time (White Label)
DJ Lil’Tal – Pop Yo Back (Loose Squares)
Yung Smoke – Wouldn’t Get Far (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Sarantis – Cell33 (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Chrissy Murderbot – Bionic Penguin (forthcoming Halo Cyan)
Remarc – R.I.P. (Phillip D Kick Remix) (unreleased)
Machine Drum – U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (unreleased)
Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Suburban Base)

Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship EP [2012]

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Скрытый текст / Hidden text
Label: Halocyan
Cat#: PHC007
Source: WEB
Quality: 320kbps

01. Bionic Penguins
02. Friendship
03. Bionic Penguins (Sumsun Remix)
04. Friendship (Legowelt Remix)

а 2007 года альбом очень неплох был... unsure.gif
Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is massive
Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits [2013]
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1. Get Wet Baby
2. Slang It
3. What Should I Do
4. What You Are To Me
5. Pew Pew
6. Why
7. Pew Pew (Star Slinger remix)
8. What Should I Do (Slick Shoota remix)
9. Why (Cardopusher&Pacheko remix)
10. What Should I Do (Pixelord remix)
11. Get Wet Baby (D.J.Fulltono remix)
12. Slang It (Sidney Looper Refix)

320 kbps:

Цитата: (Nik_Metal)
Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits [2013]

оперативненько. Спасибо!
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Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits ★★★★★ / FLAC / zippy
Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz Mix) FLAC
Kevin McPhee - Version One FLAC
Citizen - Glastique FLAC
Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship EP [2012]

can someone upload that again? or just bionic penguins?
Цитата: (blaggard95)
req: http://hyperboloid.ru/album/all-right

Неужто даже своих соотечественников жалко поддержать на 160 рублей (это 2 бутылки пива)? Русский же лейбл, да и нереально крутое EP, за такое совершенно не жалко отдать смешные деньги.
Chrissy Murderbot - All Right EP (HYPR022) - 2013
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Release Date: 10/06/2013
Label: Hyperboloid
Cat.#: HYPR022
Style: Electronic
Ganre: Footwork, Juke, Braindance
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 55 Mb

1. Alright (05:52)
2. Bay Bay (04:15)
3. Hornet's Nest (Call My Name) (03:53)
4. Bay Bay (Lockah remix) (04:18)
5. Alright (Calculon & Austin Speed remix) (05:49)

Listen/Buy: hyperboloid.ru
Download: rapidgator.net

Chrissy Murderbot mix (July 2013)

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Baadman - Stab (Cardopusher Remix) (Kitsuné)
DJ Stoney - I Have a Dream (Chrissy Edit) (D-N-T Records)
Nehuen - Build & Release (unreleased)
Speedy J - Something For Your Mind (Plus 8)
Houz'Mon - The Message (Hard West Entertainment)
Dom 877 - Mansion (877 Records)
Underground Resistance - Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix) (UR)
chris e. pants - We're Movin (Altered Natives Remix) (forthcoming Mr. Kim's)
DJ Rolando aka Aztec Mystic - Jaguar (UR)
DJ Deeon - Let Urr Booty Shake (Pro-Jex)
Flava D - Home (Butterz)
Doctor Jeep - Ghost Dance (Hot Mom USA)
Mr. Mitch - On The Blob (Hot Mom USA)
Nick Hook & Vin Sol & Matrixxman - I Can Feel It (Classicworks)
Umbertron - Shykagho Tek (unreleased)
DJ Nasty - Directions (Motor City Electro Company)
Chrissy Murderbot - Bay Bay (Hyperboloid)
Ticklish - Miscommunication (Slick Shoota Remix) (Loose Squares)
Blame - Music Takes Me (CL Moons Edit) (unreleased)
ASC - Karma (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (HaloCyan)
Sarantis - Hallucinator (forthcoming Loose Squares)
DJ Diamond - Perk 2012 (Liquorish Dubz)
Druthers & Drips - Hit Em (Sinistarr Remix) (forthcoming Loose Squares)
Chrissy Murderbot - Pew Pew (Makumba Sound Remix) (Murder Channel)


Highcast #020 - Chrissy Murderbot

Jean Nipon & Koyote - R.M.S. (to Steve) (Sound Pellegrino)
Jack Master - Bang The Box (Jack)
Houz'Mon - Let There Be Houz (Orchid Records)
Disco Nihilist - Midnight to St. John (Don't Be Afraid)
Matrixxman - Credentials (Fifth Wall Records)
Jammin Gerald - Aw Shux (Dance Mania)
DBX - Blip (Accelerate)
Maelstrom - Lux (BNR Trax)
DJ Q - Come With Me (Q Recordings)
Iggy Azalea - Bounce (Starkey Remix) (unreleased)
JME - Serious (Run the Road Remix) (Boy Better Know)
Murlo - Hydra (unreleased)
Mark Pritchard f. The Ragga Twins - 1234 (Warp Records)
DJ Trajic - Pants R Saggin (Underground Construction)
Was Master Maurice - Freak (Dance Mani)
Jody Finch - Jack Yo Big Booty (BHQ Acid Vocal) (Let's Pet Puppies)
DJ Slugo - To The Flo (WIDE Records)
Waxmaster - Jump Down (Dave Luxe Remix) (unreleased)
Chrissy Murderbot - Bay Bay (Lockah Remix) (Hyperboloid)
DJ Eskilate - Ice (Slick Shoota VIP) (unreleased)
DLX - Coming Correct (Austin Speed & Calculon Remix) (unreleased)
DJ Roc - Get Your Back Off the Wall (Supraman 2013 Flexx) (unreleased)
Age of Love - Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (unreleased)
Chrissy Murderbot - The Original (Calculon & Austin Speed Remix) (unreleased)
Om Unit - Grey Skies Over Chicago (Metalheadz)
Sarantis - Shootout (Loose Squares)
Ticklish - NeverEver (unreleased)
DJ Paypal - Whisper Zone (unreleased)
Sidney Looper - Soundin So Mean (unreleased)
Slick Shoota - Juxtapose (unreleased)
Chrissy Murderbot - Get Wet Baby (Murder Channel)

Chrissy Murderbot - The Original (SHOOT001)


Chrissy Murderbot - The Original (Calculon & Austin Speed Remix)

REQ: "Waffle House"
Цитата: (jpsiby)
Chrissy Murderbot - All Right EP (HYPR022) - 2013
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Release Date: 10/06/2013
Label: Hyperboloid
Cat.#: HYPR022
Style: Electronic
Ganre:  Footwork, Juke, Braindance
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 55 Mb

1. Alright (05:52)
2. Bay Bay (04:15)
3. Hornet's Nest (Call My Name) (03:53)
4. Bay Bay (Lockah remix) (04:18)
5. Alright (Calculon & Austin Speed remix) (05:49)

Listen/Buy: hyperboloid.ru
Download:  rapidgator.net 

reup on another filehoster please
thx in advance

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