My Little Radio


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ARTiST : My Little Radio
ALBUM : My Little Radio
LABEL : Independent
GENRE : Rock
RELEASE : 2007-08-21
STREET : 2007-02-02
ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 215kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 53.12 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:34:19

1. Leave The Light On 3:56
2. All You Wanted 3:27
3. Lost My Cool 3:19
4. Beginning Of The End 3:07
5. Miss You 3:51
6. Waste Another Night 3:46
7. Walk Away 3:37
8. Centurion De La Noche 2:51
9. Drive Through Diary 3:13
10. Don't Go Home 3:12





“It is what it is…” Simple words that are well suited for the way
My Little Radio came together as a band. After years of playing
music in and around the city of Boston, the members of MLR
seemed to simply find each other by chance.

Through various last ditch attempts to find like-minded band mates,
Christian Hidalgo is the founding member of the band. With the exception
of bassist Will Lopez, each member of MLR was found by shear coincidence...

“The fact that, aside from the music, we were virtually unknown to each
other really made things interesting. When you can sit down, and totally
click with another person just based off of what is being created… that’s
the best feeling in the world”, says guitarist Nick Twohig.

“We each realized that we’d come to the point where we’d rather be playing
music than doing anything else”, says Kate.

MLR released their debut full length, My Little Radio (2007), on February 2 ,
2007 to a sold out crowd at TT The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, Ma. It was
produced by legendary British producer/engineer/all-around-amazing-person
Matthew Ellard ( Weezer, Converge, Mighty Mighty Bostones, Elliott Smith,
Between the Buried and Me, etc).

MLR has kept busy in the last year or so playing at such venues/festivals as
Milwaukee Summerfest, The Halifax Pop Explosion, The International Pop
Overthrow, The NEMO Boston Music Awards (nominated for best local rock
band, best local female vocalist), CBGB’s, NXNE, and many more.
Thanks milkit, more intresting music along with the other one Levy - Glorious [2007] two good d/ls thanks m8.

Listening to anything and everything since 1981!
not bad. I like it =)
will check it out thumb.gif thanks milkit thumb.gif
thanks, was looking for it a while ago!
такой college power-pop from USA
но блин вокал чуть подводит
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Случайно услышал одну песенку по независимому интернет радио, и цепануло... Отличный альбом! thumb.gif
Thanks tongue.gif
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Kate Radio - Vocals
Christian Hidalgo - Guitar
Nick Twohig - Guitar
Will Lopez - Bass
Will Tully - Drums

Kate Radio Myspace

2007 - My Little Radio
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01. Leave The Light On 3:56
02. All You Wanted 3:27
03. Lost My Cool 3:19
04. Beginning Of The End 3:07
05. Miss You 3:51
06. Waste Another Night 3:46
07. Walk Away 3:37
08. Centurion De La Noche 2:51
09. Drive Through Diary 3:13
10. Don't Go Home 3:12

Miss You
When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies

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