Neil Young With Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

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Label: Reprise
Genre: Rock
StoreDate: Oct-25-2019
Source: CDDA
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme: Lame 3.100 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size: 90.08 MB
Total Playing Time: 50:24


01. Think Of Me 3:02
02. She Showed Me Love 13:37
03. Olden Days 4:04
04. Help Me Lose My Mind 4:14
05. Green Is Blue 3:48
06. Shut It Down 3:44
07. Milky Way 5:59
08. Eternity 2:45
09. Rainbow Of Colors 3:35
10. I Do 5:36
Очень хорошо
Нил Янг выпустит неизданный альбом 1975 года

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado (2019) Lossless

Жанр: Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock
Формат / Битрейт: FLAC, (tracks+.cue) / Lossless
Размер: 269 Mb
Время: 00:50:28

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Вестник коронавируса

Neil Young Drops Coronavirus-Themed Video for ‘Shut It Down’

Neil Young has released a new version of “Shut It Down” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The track, originally released off last year’s Colorado with Crazy Horse, has been renamed “Shut It Down 2020.”

Young and his wife, actress Daryl Hannah, made a striking new video to accompany the song. It features clips of the band at Colorado’s Studio in the Clouds — where they shot the Mountaintop documentary — interspersed with scenes of the world in crisis.

Healthcare workers are seen wearing masks and stacking boxes of medical supplies in England, as packed beaches in Florida flash across the screen. “People tryin’ to save this earth/from an ugly death,” Young warns. “Have to shut the whole system down/all around the planet.”

The “Shut It Down 2020” video was made “as a document of Earth’s reaction to 2020’s pandemic,” Young wrote on his Archives site. It was inspired by fans, who submitted letters to the site to express that the track has taken on a new meaning in this difficult time.

“Ignore the actions of world leaders who are too vain to wear masks,” Young wrote. “They are not leading. Putt your own vanity away for the good of your fellow man; wear a mask in public to stop the spread.”

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Вестник коронавируса

See Neil Young’s Third ‘Fireside Sessions’ Acoustic Concert

Neil Young has posted the third concert from his ongoing Fireside Sessions series. Like the two others, it’s a 30-minute acoustic show directed by Daryl Hannah at the home they share in Telluride, Colorado. Watch it at the Neil Young Archives.

Keeping with tradition, the set eschews obvious hits in favor of beloved albums cuts like “New Mama” and “World on a String” from Tonight’s The Night, “See The Sky About to Rain” from On The Beach, the Buffalo Springfield tune “I Am a Child” and “Throw Your Hatred Down” from Mirror Ball, the 1995 LP he made in collaboration with Pearl Jam. The latter song had never previously been performed on the piano. Young also played a moving version of the CSNY classic “Helpless.”

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Neil Young Releases Never-Before-Seen 1971 ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ Performance

Neil Young has dug into his archives and unearthed an acoustic performance of “Cowgirl in the Sand,” filmed at the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, Connecticut, on January 21st, 1971. The never-before-seen footage is available Monday in the Neil Young Archives.

The gig took place just three days after his historic homecoming show at Massey Hall in Toronto, a performance that was released as an official live album back in 2007. “Over the years, I always remembered Massey Hall as being the best performance of that tour,” Young recently wrote. “I [recently] found that I liked the Stratford show even better than Massey Hall, even though Massey Hall was the emotional high point of my life.”

There’s only an audio document of Massey Hall, but the Stratford gig was filmed by Dutch photographer Wim van der Linden. It is one of Young’s earliest concerts captured on film. Young played two gigs at the theater that night, but this “Cowgirl in the Sand” rendition comes from the early one. “This is a song I wrote about a dream I had,” Young says before playing it. “It was snowing outside. It was the kind of snow that sticks on your nose.”

Young plans on releasing a 50th-anniversary deluxe edition of After the Gold Rush later this year. The package may include the complete Shakespeare Theater concert.

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Flashback: Neil Young and Phish Play an Epic, Weed-Fueled ‘Down by the River’

Phish have been dropping Neil Young covers into their live set ever since they first played “Cinnamon Girl” at Gallagher’s Bar & Grill in their native Vermont back in 1989. Over the years, they added “Albuquerque” and “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” into the mix, but they never got a chance to hang with him until they showed up at the New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois, for Farm Aid on October 3rd, 1998.

It was an overwhelming day for Trey Anastasio that’s forever burned in his brain. It began when he got the chance to go onto Willie Nelson’s bus where they got “obliterated” on weed and made plans to perform “Moonlight in Vermont” together. “I’m like, crippled,” he told the crowd at a Nashville concert in 2019, “trying to get off the bus, trying to find the door. ‘Ok. ‘Moonlight In Vermont …’ I gotta learn this song, learn the chords.'”

He then walked over to Neil Young’s bus and found that Woody Harrelson was there too. “So there I get high on Neil’s bus,” he said. “Now I’m getting more crippled.” But despite being stoned out of his mind, he managed to make plans to bring Young out during Phish’s set later in the day so they could play “Powderfinger” together. “I start walking off the bus,” Anastasio says, “and just as I’m walking off, Neil says, ‘You know, I don’t like to … I’m not that good at plannin’ stuff.'”

They learned what he meant when they watched his set from the side of the stage and he closed it out with “Powderfinger.” Anastasio took that as a sign that Young had changed his mind about a jam, but midway through Phish’s set he heard someone else start playing guitar.

“I turn around, and Neil had heard this jam and was kinda really into it and was like, ‘Wow, that’s a cool jam,'” he said. “He just walked out onstage behind me and picked up my spare guitar and plugged it into the amp and just started rocking out on whatever we were doing. And I think we went into ‘Down by the River,’ or something; we just made something up.”

They not only went into “Down by the River,” but they played it for nearly 20 minutes. Phish had never played the song before and the entire show was airing live on CMT. “Everybody’s standing over at the side, and he started kinda getting mad because this was going on for a long time,” he said. “We were supposed to stop. This is, like, a TV show, you know? Anyway, what did I learn from that? Never plan anything.” (Check out the entire glorious performance right here.)

Two weeks later, Phish played Young’s Bridge School Benefit where they teamed up for “Harry Hood” and “Helpless.” Once again, it was a perfect merging of jam worlds. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they have not shared the stage since that night. But in 2017, Phish finally found a chance to play “Powderfinger” when it was “powdered donut” night during their Madison Square Garden Baker’s Dozen residency. Better late than never.

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Neil Young Plans to Beat the Bootleggers With His Own Series

Neil Young is taking a page from the Bob Dylan playbook by creating his own version of the Bootleg Series. He has yet to roll out exact details, but the plan is to take famous concert bootlegs, track down the actual master recordings and release them himself via his website.

“We have ripped off all of the original art from the bootlegs,” he wrote on the Neil Young Archives. “No expense will be spared. The only difference will be the radically better sound from our masters.”

First up is a solo acoustic show taped February 1st, 1971 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. The bootleg label Rubber Dubber, in flagrant violation of U.S. copyright law, released it on vinyl under the name I’m So Happy That Y’all Came Down back in the Seventies. Young plans on bootlegging the bootleggers by using artwork from the original release. Frank Zappa did something very similar with his Beat the Boots! series in the early Nineties.

“We are going full bore with our series right now, so write letters in to me with your favorite bootlegs and we will find them and use the best audio we can locate, either from the NYA vaults or somewhere else,” he wrote. “Watch for this coming soon. We are building it starting today.”

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Neil Young Drops Blazing New Track ‘Vacancy’

Neil Young has released “Vacancy,” the latest offering from Homegrown, the previously shelved 1975 album he’s finally releasing on June 19th.

One of the seven unreleased tracks on the album, “Vacancy” opens with a churning guitar riff, as Young sings “Who are you?/Where are you going to?” He then addresses an old lover: “I look in your eyes and I don’t know what’s there/You poison me with that long, vacant stare.”

Recorded at Young’s Broken Arrow Ranch Studio in January 1975, the track features Stan Szelest on Wurlitzer organ, Ben Keith on lap slide guitar, bassist Tim Drummond and Karl T. Himmel on drums.

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Neil Young’s Great, Lost 1975 Album ‘Homegrown’ is Finally Here. It Was Worth the Wait

One Los Angeles evening in 1975, Neil Young gathered a few friends together at the Chateau Marmont to play them some music. He had two new albums in the can, and wasn’t sure which one to release. Sitting inside the same bungalow that John Belushi would die in just seven years later, Young’s friends — which included some of his Crazy Horse bandmates and Rick Danko and Richard Manuel of the Band — listened to two wildly different records.

First up was Tonight’s the Night, a grueling, Tequila-engorged meditation on fallen friends and the death of the Sixties. The other record, Homegrown, was harder to pin down; on the surface, it recalled the relaxed country rock that had made Young a star, but that warm exterior hid some of his most personal writing — so personal, in fact, that it was never released. “By listening to those two albums back to back at the party,” he told Cameron Crowe in 1975, “I started to see the weaknesses in Homegrown.”

But there was a bigger reason he didn’t want to release the record. Homegrown was written during his split with Carrie Snodgress, an Academy Award-nominated actress who was the mother of his first child, Zeke. Their relationship had been tumultuous and bitter, and as it dissolved Young channeled his pain into songs that pulsated vulnerability, insecurity and self-doubt. “I’ve never released any of those,” he said. “And I probably never will. I think I’d be too embarrassed to put them out.”

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Artist........ Neil Young
Title......... Homegrown
Label......... Silver Bow Productions, Inc.
Genre......... Rock
Rip date...... 2020-06-18
Retail date... 2020-06-19
Runtime....... 35:16
Tracks........ 12
Size.......... 83.21MB
Quality....... CBR 320kbps 44.1kHz Stereo
Codec......... MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
Encoder....... LAME


01. Separate Ways 03:32
02. Try 02:49
03. Mexico 01:40
04. Love Is A Rose 02:17
05. Homegrown 02:47
06. Florida 02:58
07. Kansas 02:11
08. We Don't Smoke It No More 04:51
09. White Line 03:13
10. Vacancy 03:58
11. Little Wing 02:12
12. Star Of Bethlehem 02:48
Neil Young’s ‘Homegrown’ Is Now Streaming

Neil Young’s long-lost 1975 album Homegrown finally drops on Friday, but you can stream it now in full on his Archives site.

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‘Homegrown’: A Track-by-Track Guide to Neil Young’s Unearthed Masterpiece

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