"Neldoreth was formed in the winter of 2001 by Mattia and Guido. Previously the two guys were involved in a old style black metal band (Proximus Morti). Technical skills of both Mattia and Guido were low, then before to record anything, they chose to engage themselves in their rehearsal place for about 7 months. In July 2001 they enter the studio to record a MCD consisting of four tracks: Unfortunately things didn't go well, it was a dreadful period for both of them. The studio wasn't up to band's level and besides there was a negative feeling in Milan. When the mix was finished the job seem satisfactory. Thus Matt print the master in 500 unities. The MCD get excellent reviews in webzines, magazine, etc. But unfortunately they didn't get a deal with any label or distro. In the following months Guido and Matt started to compose the new stuff and look around for a bassist to help them in the live performances. In the summer 2002 the band finished to write its first full-lenght: it consisted in 6 tracks + a Marduk cover. They found a new fulltime, motivated bassist (Andrea). Mattia succeed to get in touch with Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre's drummer), the owner of Outersound studios, to book a week for the recording sessions. Not long ago it has been completed "peghera-journey along the paths of the north", the first full-length demo from Neldoreth. In Winter 2005 former member Guido left Neldoreth due to personal problems and have been replaced by Roberto."

Neldoreth - 2002 - Peghera, Journey Along The Paths Of The North (Demo)

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01. Peghera (Intro)
02. Sepulchral Forest
03. Journey Along The Paths Of The North
04. I Felt Above Everything
05. Metamorphosis
06. The King On The Throne Of Inferno's Lake
07. Darkness Is Shall Be (Marduk cover)

All music by Guido. All lyrics by Mattia
Except track 7, music and lyric by Marduk
Total playing time 39:28



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I haven't heard of them before neither and give it a try wink.gif
Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
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In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools

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