Ocean Hills

Alt.Rock / Hard Rock / USA / Zoli Band / IGNITE / Pennywise /Misfits
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This is the official Facebook profile of the US Alternative Rock band Ocean Hills.
He has been the voice of melodic hardcore band IGNITE, but just left the band to pursue his passions in music and animal rescue. Zoli Téglás has also been the front man for the bands Pennywise and the Misfits. Téglás in addition has a nice resume of acting in Hollywood movies (Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), The Alienist (TV series - 2020), Spectral (2016), Tyrant (TV series - 2015, 2016) and is known as an activist for animal rights and environmental protection for many years. Now Zoli shows another interesting facet of his personality with the launch of his brand new US Alternative Rock band, OCEAN HILLS. “These songs come from the heart”. The upcoming album is everything Zoli was hoping to achieve musically. "The songs are great, the musicianship is amazing, the guitar solos are incredible, and the vocals are melodic and hard hitting. Rock anthem stuff!!!" Joining Zoli in OCEAN HILLS are, Peter Lukacs (guitar), Daniel Szebenyi (keys, bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (guitar) – all with integral contributions to the band’s songwriting. OCEAN HILLS is a daring new endeavor – a brand new start, but with the experience of countless tours and recording sessions. OCEAN HILLS‘ music feels like a vacation: it re-energizes, makes you reflect and feel good – but it’s not superficial or insignificant. There’s a subliminal, yearning element to the songs and it’s obvious that someone poured his heart and soul out to create this outstanding record. It’s just great rock n roll!


Zoli Téglás (vocals) (Zoli Band / IGNITE / Pennywise)
Lukacs (guitar)
Daniel Szebenyi (keys, bass)
Reinder Oldenburger (guitar)

Ocean Hills - Santa Monica (2020)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01. Bound
02. A Separate Peace
03. Death or Liberty
04. Like a Lady
05. Santa Monica
06. Budapest My Love
07. Hold Me
08. Angels Wings
09. Vampire
10. Christina
11. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
12. A Separate Peace (Extended Version)
13. Death or Liberty (Extended Version)
14. Santa Monica (Extended Version)

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